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  1. swampymonster

    Selling: Piles of OPALS

    I sell them for 315% I have plenty on my avatar and in my shop on Rocktropia. I CAN deliver - but my asking price for delivery is +18 peds for my round trip to your destination and back. I guess its worth it if you buy a lot. If not you can come to RT and pick them up :)
  2. swampymonster

    Selling: King Kong Snubnose tier 5.9

    Bought this guy 4 months ago and I skilled up with it and now its time to move on! I am looking for tt+2400 for this beast of a gun! Maxes at lvl 30 BLP takes beast amp perfectly I also have beast to sell as package...
  3. swampymonster

    Buying: Corrosive Attack Nanochip V Ten Edition

    Any Tier! (will pay any tier costs including mu you have spent!) offering tt+1700 for tier 0 will pay tier costs for anything above tier 0
  4. swampymonster

    South End Shop (ROCKtropia)

    It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my new shop on ROCKtropia The South End Shop! LOCATION: South End Shop is Located In the town of Tangerine on Planet Rocktropia at Grid Coordinates 134354 , 83456 DIRECTIONS: To get to our Shop the easiest way is teleport to the Ballister TP...
  5. swampymonster

    Buying: Alternative, Long Island, Dreams, (L) Shotguns (Rocktropia)

    [Alternative Ingot] 118% [Dreams] 130% [NEVERDIE - NEVERDIE SINGLE] 115% [Green Cassette] 110% [Large Striped Carpet (C)] tt+5 Rocktropia only
  6. swampymonster

    Selling: Tier 0.9 adjusted maddox

    Sooooo I just bought this gun but a good opportunity came up for me to be a shop owner on rocktropia, but I'm short on peds. Selling the gun for what I bought it for tt+4.5k I'm on vacation atm and can do the deal January 1st or maybe December 31 depending on my car ride home.
  7. swampymonster

    Buying: Small Rocktropia Shop in Tangerine

    Please let me know if you have one for sale :D Budget: 12k Ped I can pay in pure ped, or I can trade in some hunting gear if you are looking for some hunting gear Adj Maddox Adj Resto Chip King Kong Snubnose Heal Chip VII
  8. swampymonster

    Playing eu on android (remote desktop)

    Anyone have experience playing eu from Android? What software do you use to access your desktop remotely I really wanna get more hours in the day on eu
  9. swampymonster

    Buying: King Kong Snubnose

    Let me know if you have one for sale and your price please! I have maddox IV but am 5 or so levels behind maxing it. Trying to skill up with a blp weapon like this one
  10. swampymonster

    question about EWE EP-41 Military Adjusted turn in mission

    When you do the mission - do the L guns have to be full tt? or can you shoot them out then do the turn ins?
  11. swampymonster

    Buying: Adj Military or Adj Maddox

    not interested in higher tiered versions of the pistols below, unless you are cool with my offer price Adjusted Military Offering tt+3.7k Adjusted Maddox Offering tt+4.5k BOUGHT A MADDOX THREAD CAN CLOSE
  12. swampymonster

    Selling: 127.73 tt esi

    Got this sucker off a dragon on rocktropia - and its up for sale! Selling atm for 900% Markup Willing to to a trade with the following items Mark.5b Plates Ozpyn RSB S1X1 Corrosive Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition Lokabhu Electrifier Sword
  13. swampymonster

    Ares Imp Faster Reload - On VSE

    Do you guys think it improves the reload on the VSE? IF not sure, any suggestions on how to test this? thanks!
  14. swampymonster

    Selling: Rocktropia Hunting Loot and Ores/Enmatter

    If you are on RT and need any of this stuff hit me up :) I will update this post often. I am usually online from 1200 to 2200 MA TIME everyday Monday through Friday all prices can be sold for below auction markup! Sweat is 2 Ped per 1K Willing to do trades for Dreams, and Long Island Iced Tea...
  15. swampymonster

    Buying: Road Crew Axe Unlilmited

    Anyone got this guy for sale? Maybe some info on price as well?
  16. swampymonster

    Selling: Sweat, Mind Essence, Grunt Shin Guards, Rover Pet

    Selling up to 9k [Vibrant Sweat] 1.6 Ped per 1k [Grunt Shin Guards (M)] tt+1 [Mind Essence] 23.20 PED TT 125% [Fido Pet] LVL 7 - 80% Fed 200 PED I am located on rocktropia and looking to broker a trade on Rocktropia
  17. swampymonster

    Buying: Arkadia Underground Deeds

    Got them all for now
  18. swampymonster

    Buying: Khorum Ice Dagger

    Hello! Buying this little shortblade to help me do some skilling. please let me know if you one have for sale. I prefer low tier, but ofc will pay more for higher tier since the work was done tiering it
  19. swampymonster

    [Lai Tung Pai Pet]

    hi - what should i try to sell this for? got one on the 1st of july when I do my monthly deposit. it looks like the rare dog is like 200 peds is the panda the same? or should I like try to sell it for 50 ped? ty for any help :) i am lost in the world of pets
  20. swampymonster

    Buying: A106

    Hello! Buying this amp for my tagger for my hunting needs. gotta be more eco! I see the markup is normally around 1500 peds these days. I can offer 1475 so u save some auction fees, and I save some peds too! thanks got it - ty :)
  21. swampymonster

    Selling: Fido Level 4

    HI am selling FIDO He is level 4.79% right now and he is at 84% fed. At level 20 he gets a buff that reduces crits by 2% I am going to switch to a bunny instead for the speed so unfortunatly i don't need the crit protection. My loss tho can be someone else's gains. I bought him for 330 ped...
  22. swampymonster

    Buying: Imp Ares

    hollar if you got one for sale! offering tt+4.8K (updated price to 4.8k) Got one bought it for 4950
  23. swampymonster

    adjusted restoration chip service

    Thinking of starting a service on the side with this chip. I was wondering what everyone thinks I should charge. Or should I not even do this service? Here is my thought. I would do Adj Resto Chip + Medkit (L) - from rocktropia to spot heal. I would charge 5 ped an hour. Is this too crazy...
  24. swampymonster

    Selling: Dante

    Hello! Selling my dante amp , now that gold week is over for me. Selling it for tt+1800 For today that is 30 ped under auction Accepting AUDS as trades at the rate of 57 ped an AUD
  25. swampymonster

    President NEVERDIE - can you please develop a wolf pet from RT?

    Hello, I was wondering if you would make a wolf pet from RT? Maybe an old wolf or city wolf you could tame? Can the passive ability also please be increase avatar regeneration? for a small energy per hour cost? Something so it could be just as eco as fapping with SI heart, but just like 1...