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  1. aVaLON_52

    Imposter? Received odd message

    Someone messaged me this. Looks like a fake account though..
  2. aVaLON_52

    Revisiting the loot discussion

    Wanted to revisit the discussion as nothing is set in stone per se and everything is up for discussion. The reason I want to revisit the discussion. Well I would like to believe everything I hear but you might think I'm a bit naive if that were the case. What got me wondering about this topic...
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    Sub Warp Drive 2 (L)

    may be available on auction for a moment
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    Compilation of Generic Fuse clips: ◘ Repair Drone ◘ L5 Mokhat ◘ L4 Mokhat Will add more as I find them, feel free to reply with finds
  5. aVaLON_52

    Buying: Halloween Ring 2020

    pm me if you've got one for sale. thanks! (willing to trade tier 5 zorra) Avalon Butterfly Erupter
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    Has anyone else been getting D/C'd throughout the day?

    I've been getting disconnected a lot throughout the day... has anyone else been experiencing this? My internet isn't cutting out... I thought maybe it was due to server congestion, but it's to the point where I just don't want to log in and maybe come back tomorrow..
  7. aVaLON_52

    Hire someone to regulate Rookie chat or get rid of it

    It appears or Rookie chat has been hijacked by people purporting their political views, bong obsession, foul language, vile disrespect for Entropia, impudence, rude behavior etc. This is a sad default channel to show players who just joined Entropia. It's a shame this channel has become so...
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    Force Merge Unlocked

    Just unlocked force merge !! :yay:
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    AVAWarp ⚜️ Just a warp away

    Warp services available in game ◘ PM Avalon Butterfly Erupter For service specifics click here or on image. See FAQ for skilling runs and send me a PM if you'd like to join our skilling crew.
  10. aVaLON_52

    Buying: Thunderbird (F) Set

    Looking to buy Thunderbird (F) Set or Parts. Please PM here or in game, Avalon Butterfly Erupted Thank you!
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    1808 @ Sentosa's Reach

    Clip can be seen here. Craziest part is the timing with what I was saying. The whole time I was there that was the only time I ever made a comment like that. Actually, loot had not been so great until that second when I changed my attitude, also from that point on globals were consistently...
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    There is an imbalance here. Shrapnel drops in loot frequently. It turns into universal ammo at a 101% conversion rate. This universal ammo only benefits players who expend it via mining or hunting with weapons that consume universal ammo. Melee users are left to sell their shrapnel at TT or...
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    Selling: Combat Mace | Pulsar | Updated Daily

    Click item link for more details Halloween Ring 2020 for rent Easter ring 2019 BO+14K King Kong Snubnose Tier 5.40 TIR 140 BO+3600 Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 4 Tier 8.22 TIR 132 BO+8K Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 5 Tier 4.47 TIR 129 for rent Aakas Fire Dagger Tier 3.04 TIR 175 BO+450 Polaris...
  14. aVaLON_52

    Help: Petition to make VICEROY tradeable/auctionable

    This petition is to make all VICEROY (regular/adj/imp/mod) tradeable/auctionable. • If you agree reply +1 • If you disagree reply -1 One reply +1/-1 reply per player. Comments/suggestions welcome. Keep it clean. Thank you for participating.
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    Selling: Xeno Scratcher + Trauma 7

  16. aVaLON_52

    Selling: Vigilante Adjusted (F)

    Nice TIR #s BO +2000
  17. aVaLON_52

    Selling: SOLD

  18. aVaLON_52

    Buying: Improved // Modified Restoration Chip

    PM Offer or contact in game.
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    Selling: Armor Plating Mk. 8A, SGA Edition

    SB+700 BO+800 one unlimited plate
  20. aVaLON_52

    Selling: Avalon Clothing Line

    DARK PURPITE COAT 200 PED COAT ONLY QAFFAZ BLUE SET 180 PED coat & pants included just not the horns, worked too hard for those. ARBARESQUE COAT TT+90 shown with RIFI leggings SHAMON DRESS 400 PED ♦ ♦ ♦ excellent fit for the following options ♦ ♦ ♦ POLARIS DRESS TT+240...
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    Buying: NI items: see list

    Looking for the following items if anyone happens to have these lying around in storage: Minotaur Head Minotaur Shoulder Pauldron Minotaur Shin Guard Refined Adventurine Crystal Refined Cacoxenite Crystal Refined Malachite Crystal Refined Bloodstone Crystal Refined Agrellite Crystal I can be...
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    Hello Entropians, Started another youtube channel however, this one is dedicated to post twitch streams in a more formal format capturing useful or even fun moments on the streams as data on twitch can be unorganized, easily restricted and in some cases temporary. Thanks in advance for...
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    Shoutout to JBK and Bonnie from the start to helping make this possible, thank you. Also thank you to Toulan and thanks to all the viewers for your support along the way! You guys are all awesome. We have great community. Big deal for me. Most intense thing I've done in game and rarest pet I've...
  24. aVaLON_52

    HEART RANK VI: no shrapnel back from heal + turret mob *VIDEO*

    This was brought up to my attention on stream and I was asked to test as I had all three heal tools for it: MOD 2350 >> shrapnel back TT heal tool >> shrapnel back Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VI >> no shrapnel
  25. aVaLON_52

    Buying: Melee Trauma 5 Amp

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a melee Trauma amp 5. If willing to sell please contact me here or in game. Avalon Butterfly Erupter