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    Selling: Sold

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    The Ambuliped New Edition @ OLA 17 The Salty Flats

    Register "Static Static173 Longstar" please
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    Buying: Mod 2350

    The search continues...
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    Buying: Mod 2350

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    Buying: Mod 2350

    Looking to buy this beauty!
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    Classless act OR Perfectly fine

    i agree, plus i know who he is and hes a real prick. not uncommon for folks to display complete douche bag attitude in this game, but hey i guess they are douche bags in real life too.
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    Project 100K

    Best of Luck to ya man! :cool:
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    x0nax HoF / special loots

    feffoid adult :scratch2: must've been a little before my time....those are pretty loots. BRING BACK THE GOOD ITEMS!
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    19.4k ambulimax old

    i didnt realize he was in my soc sorry m8, and i was hunting scip's so loot for me was irratating to say the least. big gratz to you man!
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    Petition against the 2pec decay

    Static Static173 Longstar signed and hopefully good riddance to this crap if MA cares about the players that pay thier salaries.
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    Known Issues 9.0

    well i dont post much but ive been playing pe/EU for over 2 years now and i just have to comment on this VU (minus the graphical differences its seems like a Version Down) ok the changing clothes to armor 2 pec thing.....FFS marco and all the people at mindark WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! dont...
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    mk V

    pm bump
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    Trading my MKV+peds for a ML35

    ive got a ml-35 and maybe if you up your ped amount to maybe 6k ill seriously consider it, but as of now your a little under ml35 price me if you wanna talk about it.
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    N.B.K. Guard is recruiting!

    N.B.K. guard is no longer a subsidary of the original NBK, those who wish to join BMW feel more than free. Just know that this soc has no relation to us at all. I am making a new subsidary in place of the one [Deleted] (guard). thanks for your time.
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    Buying ML-35

    i have a ml-35, but im very uncertian if i want to sell this very great gun!....could u give me a offer that i can think over and i will get back to you. keep in mind that im only thinking it over not 100% on selling it.
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    Natural Born Killers Website

    we also have a NBK teamspeak, the ip is if u dont have teamspeak you can download it at and thank you for the good reply's on the website it will be updated with more info shortly ;)
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    What would you have done?

    my opinion is, and you have to look at this from a different perspective aswell. Lets say someone left a $50 bill on the seat of his car and the doors are unlocked, would you take it then? if you answered yes, please end yourself for being a worthless theif, if you answered no then congrats to...
  18. nbkbuck


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    World's longest thread

    nice guy, went fishing with him a few years back. I live in atlanta btw ;)
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    Oh Wtf!!!

    EAT ME! :rolleyes:
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    Oh Wtf!!!

    yes i did try a second probe, found nothing, tried 3 times after and still nothing :(
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    Oh Wtf!!!

    been discussed before, and MA wont give compensation regardless, MA is perfect and does not make mistakes remember? if u get screwed they could care less, of course unless its during LG :wise:
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    Oh Wtf!!!

    thanks for the response, but i wasnt near any buildings or anything. I was in a plain field, on land nothing around! kinda upset :mad:
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    Oh Wtf!!!

    yea, wtf heres the story and this is what i sent to support aswell. Hi, i ran into a problem while mining, i dropped a probe and found a "significant XVI" deposit and when i went to claim it i got some error message saying "the resource is inaccessible and cannot be excavated". im not demanding...