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  1. Hego Damask

    FYI: Hego's hunting tracker with noob skills and 2.0 gun

    Greetings, Always were wondering what the low level 2.0 guns are really capable of with noob level's, when i were reading "ped printer in good hands" in their WTS advertisement's. My expectation's were low, like a bit reduced losses while my noob looter levels skilling up. The result's of the...
  2. Hego Damask

    Question: Game need to be started 2-3 times to work properly

    Hello there, Past weeks, maybe month, i have an issue with starting the game, is anybody else noticed it, is it MA / game side issue, or its from my side? Launching the game, most often need to restart 1 or 2 times to finally get everything working properly. Issue can be noticed immediately...
  3. Hego Damask

    Selling: WTT LR-40 Tier7

    Hello, I put it up for a possibility of trade, maybe somebody will be interested for it. Tier7 LR-40, 79.8% efficiency, 80.5% with A105 improved amp. Great tool for mid level hunters to skill up looter levels and main skills without...
  4. Hego Damask

    Selling: Trading Summer boxes for Christmas boxes (trade done)

    Hello, I would like to trade my ~2500 summer boxes for your christmas boxes with 1:1 rate. Can be smaller ammounts ofc if you have less. Trade done.
  5. Hego Damask

    Selling: Hydra UL part's (SOLD)

    Greeting's, 3x super rare UL Hydra part's for sale as a pack. When i purchased them 2,5 years ago, it was a super high level armor upgrade for me from adjusted pixie. Currently my weekend cycle is more than the total deposit i had in those times, so i dont really have any use of it now...
  6. Hego Damask

    Selling: Pleat Coat M (SOLD)

    Hello there, Advertising it for a friend, who sells it for her friend. (There are urban nomad black boots, slacks and dark traveller hood on the photo's too, those are not part of the deal) Only 15 Male exist, based on description, Male "Pleat Coat", awesome looking, if i dont have already a...
  7. Hego Damask

    Selling: Sale canceled.

    Sale canceled.
  8. Hego Damask

    Selling: All kind of Pill's

    Greeting's Selling the following pill's: Neurostim-A x 393 @ 4 ped each SOLD Neurostim-B x 453 @ offer better than TT Neurostim-C x 200 @ offer better than TT Nutristim 5mg x 67 @ 1 ped each Nutristim 10mg x 61 @ 2 ped each SOLD Nutristim 15mg x 20 @ 7.5 ped each SOLD Medistim 5mg x 49 @ 3...
  9. Hego Damask

    Selling: Almost all kind of Mayhem Amplifier's

    All sold
  10. Hego Damask

    Buying: Armor set M UL

    Greetings, Looking to buy M UL armor set, would be interested in case of right price for one of the following set's: Angel Angel Adjusted Angel SGA Aquila Boar Boar Adjusted Dune Rider Jaguar Jaguar Adjusted Lion Martial SGA Merry Mayhem MMOWC X1 Sand Stormer Shade Tiger Ursa
  11. Hego Damask

    Buying: Ares Perfected

  12. Hego Damask

    Selling: Omegaton Igni L1000 SOLD

    Hello, Selling Omegaton Igni L1000 UL laser pistol Tier 5.99 Tier 121/200 Sold
  13. Hego Damask

    Buying: LR-60, BC-30, BP-20

    Hello there Looking for mainly an LR-60 augmented, but guess that wont be an easy one to find. Till it happens, i could be interested in a BC-30 or BP-20 too. PM if you have any of the 3 gun for sale. Thanks
  14. Hego Damask

    Buying: Summer strongboxes

    Greetings, Looking to buy summer strongboxes, small and large stack also interesting. Offering 3p each, any quantity. Thanks
  15. Hego Damask

    Info: Eomon Musk

    Hello there, Anybody know anything about it? It have an own tab at Auctioner between misc items. I dont remember to this one, maybe a new thing for 2021 migration? Maybe i just didnt noticed it before. Edit: there is a longtooth musk too. Tried to google search for eomon musk, but all i found...
  16. Hego Damask

    Selling: Land Area - Sold

  17. Hego Damask

    Suggestion: Summer Ring 2021

    Greetings, Re-run the summer ring 2020 in 2021, like it happend with christmas ring 2017 and 2018. Poll created, unlimited selectable responses, votes public.
  18. Hego Damask

    OLA#44 - Bounties of April

    Greetings! This event is over! Here you can find the detail's of the new April event as the March calendar event is finished. Running from 2021.04.01 00:00:00 until 2021.04.30 23:59:59 Event rule's are in the 2nd post. Location Lon: 20,000 Lat: 60,300 Mob Currently 3x MOLISK DNA...
  19. Hego Damask

    Selling: Armatrix LP-30 L, 1 or bulk

    Greetings, Selling 40 x LP-30 L full tt. Price each 72p Price 3 or more 71p each
  20. Hego Damask

    OLA#44 - 24/7 March calendar event

    Greetings! Event is finished! The February event is over, here is the new event for March, all month long or even longer*. Event rule's are in the 2nd post. Location Lon: 20,000 Lat: 60,300 Mob Currently 3x MOLISK DNA, each at around MID level, but they are still starving, so spawn...
  21. Hego Damask

    Buying: Hearty Zyn Campfire

    Greeting's, looking for one Hearty Zyn Campfire.
  22. Hego Damask

    Price Check TerraMaster 8 UL

    Hello, My jaw hit the ground when i saw the price. It was a higher tier one, something around tier7, dont remember exactly. Have seen dozen WTB post's in past 1 year, but never seen 1 for sale before. What do you think its worth?
  23. Hego Damask

    FYI: OLA#44 - New management - February event, 6 reward's with 500p guaranteed min. prize pool

    Greetings! See the detail's of the February event in the 2nd Post in case you wish to skip the bla-bla. The bla-bla: Since i first ever played, my dream was to own a Land Area, and when returned later with more free time and available funds, this was my most important goal. The goal has been...
  24. Hego Damask

    Selling: Sold

    Greetings, Sold
  25. Hego Damask

    Selling: Sold

    All sold