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  1. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD: Sophie Pet. L44 32m Auto Loot Unlocked.

    As stated above, selling my Sophie pet. I got a ring pair that includes auto loot so don't need her anymore. L44 32m Auto Loot Unlocked. 2.5K is the price and I will make sure it is fully fed. I might consider a trade on this item if it is something interesting but I doubt it. PM me or for...
  2. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD: Athenic Ring, Perfected

    I have an Athenic Ring, Perfected for sale. BO Only: 2450 total price including TT. No trades, no holding it, come with PED in hand please. Fastest response will be in game. Kaiser Kaiser Soze
  3. Kaiser

    Selling: Closed

  4. Kaiser

    Buying: Genesis ArcSpark T 10 & MTA 6

    If you have one, I am looking to make an all cash deal. I have PED ready. Doesn't have to be both at the same time but I would love to find a package deal. You can find me in game for fastest response. Let's talk price. Get all the offers you can first, then come see me and get a higher offer...
  5. Kaiser

    Price Check Hedoc Mayhem, Improved.

    Just curious what these are going for these days at T 2 TIR 128.
  6. Kaiser

    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad

    **SOLD** For asking price I have a freshly looted Female shopkeeper pad. TT is 40.00 Price is +5150 Message me here or in game. In game will be fastest. Kaiser Kaiser Soze
  7. Kaiser

    Selling: Angel Harness, Improved (M) TIR 108

    **SOLD FOR ASKING PRICE - THREAD CLOSED** Looted this bad boy less than an hour ago from an Eomon Young. I decided on a price., 8K total and at that price I will fully repair it. Don't bother offering less. I turned down 7.5k, I might consider a trade depending on the item. No rush to sell...
  8. Kaiser

    Ridiculous weapon prices.

    Has anyone else noticed that people are are apparently doing tons of drugs lately? Who is going to pay 500,000 PED for a gun?
  9. Kaiser

    Selling: SELLING: Turrelion Outerwear set

    This is the base set of clothing you will need to make the touched set which gives crafting buffs. I just don't have time to track down the items I need to upgrade the set. Here are the items: Turrelion Outerwear Boots (M) 1 12 Turrelion Outerwear Jacket (M) 1 25 Turrelion Outerwear...
  10. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD: Full Beauty Set. All tools, chairs, sculpting unit and supplies.

    Everything you need to start a beauty business except the estate to put it all in. I am pasting the list of items below, hairstylist toolkit is listed twice because I have two of them. I will not break up the set so don't ask. I would like all PED but may consider an item trade depending on...
  11. Kaiser

    HoF: NeoPsion Mindforce Implant, Augmented.

    I will post a photo when I log in later today but I looted one of these over the weekend from a small spider!
  12. Kaiser

    Price Check Angel M FEN Edition T4

    Just curious about what people think this set is worth. I got it not too long ago and adore it. Just trying to keep track of my PED investments. Angel M FEN Edition All pieces T 4 (not really but will be soon LOL).
  13. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    Don't really need to say much about it. Price: +4.8k Firm. Don't bother trying to lowball. Not interested in any trade items. PM Me here, but it may take a while for me to respond. Feel free to message me in game as well.
  14. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD: Arson 3 TEN Edition T 7.93 TIR 181

    A big thank you to the gentleman who bought this. It was a pleasure meeting you and I very much appreciate you handling things the way I asked. Much good fortune to you in the future.
  15. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD

  16. Kaiser

    Generic Fuse Prices

    Someone is playing with the market. I am almost 100% sure I know who it is. Folks, if everyone keeps driving fuses up, nobody will be able to warp anymore or prices will go insnae. I suggest ALL pilots stop flying until the person manipulating the market, who I will not name here, stops the...
  17. Kaiser

    Selling: Soze's Scarifications Now Open!

    Too Short? Ugly as hell? Look like a troll? Face not even a mother could love? Wanna be PvP sized? Soze's Scarifications can make you look even worse! We are offering full beauty/scarification (body mod) services. We are in the process of skilling so are willing to offer free services in...
  18. Kaiser

    Buying: Privateer Starfinder/Pathinfinder...any SI considered - Closed

    Purchase done. Thank you.
  19. Kaiser

    Selling: I'M BACK!! Damage Enhancers 1-6 225% Medusa TP F4 S2 NOW WITH BIG STACKS!

    I opened a shop! Soze's 105% Knick Knacks. I sell cheap damage enhancers, always below market. I do this because I enjoy the clicking and diversion from hunting so I sell everything basically at cost, on bad runs, even somewhat below cost. It gives me free/cheap skills and fills the print book...
  20. Kaiser

    Modified Vigi

    Just saw this in the NPC at Ithaca. Is this new or is this something I have just not noticed until now? It isn't a great bot armor, I was just curious.
  21. Kaiser

    Buying: CLOSED: Serpent's Scale Adj or Imp/ Imp Upgrade Scales

    Looking to put together a set of high end Serpent's Scales. Have a full set of Adj. looking to upgrade them so looking for another full set of Adj and 6 imp upg fangs (already have one). Drop me a line here or in game and let's talk about price. IGN: Kaiser Kaiser Soze
  22. Kaiser

    Selling: Ostelok Outfit

    Decided to sell my Ostelok outfit. Pretty unique texture. You don't see a lot of this. It is the full matching outfit excluding the smuggler shirt obviously. No reasonable offer will be refused. I just don't wear it anymore.
  23. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD: Shadow UL M 6/7 Pieces (No Thighs)

    This armor needs no introduction. I recently decided to go another direction so I am letting go of this. Actually sad to see it go. Will do this auction style. Bidding stops 72h after start bid is received. Obviously BO wins right away. All pieces tier 1.99 SB: +28K BO: +32K (If buyout is hit...
  24. Kaiser

    Selling: SOLD

    Just got this bad boy in a Christmas box. Obviously don't need two of them. entropiawiki: Personal Effect: Ares Ring, Perfected DM me your offer or message me in game (Kaiser Kaiser Soze). All reasonable offers will be considered.