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  1. forgo

    Entropia Universe 17.11.0 Release Notes

    All of this can be done in code. For refining hides... when you loot the refined item it can be flagged as refined action. For converting shrapnel, if you are tracking all of the dps data then you check if dps state is actually active, if its active then it was loot, if not then its...
  2. forgo

    Suggestion: Use Old Concept to Streamline Interplanetary Travel Without Screwing Over Warp Ship Operators

    lol are we still afraid of space? Seriously, play the game instead of coming up with ideas that are based on false assumptions. Space is easy, and provides a necessary buffer via time and effort to intermingle the different economies for profit. There should be an effort to get markups...
  3. forgo

    Mayhem tokens rate and some calc

    Both? I have a Cyber Truck on order which likely will lead to the batteries, and a 130k weapon, and my RL income is poverty level. People need to actually learn the game for themselves and stop listening to so called "ubers" who clearly are still losing at the game. There is a reason for the...
  4. forgo

    pom poms (L)

    people are close to the finish... nuf said... may the best planet partner win.
  5. forgo

    3 digit attributes on all

    Finally completed a long time goal. 100+ in all attributes. and its done! Not bad for a reburn from a 2010 restart at 5k skills from a full cashout in 2008. Total worth of all my withdrawls to date: 15 million PED. (after reinvestment ofc) Gotta love EU. :)
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  7. forgo

    News: Halloween Mayhem Issue

    Even funnier, MA does not make money on deposits. They make money on people like him who don't pay attention, and who chose to lose 55% of thier cycle with bad decisions, low sample size and poor gear/mob choice. At best we lose 5%, before factoring the player economy which gives back more, and...
  8. forgo

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    In the one hour run I did, the client crashed to desktop without any warning about 20 mins in. Got back in, but boss never ended up spawning in the 50 minutes I finished out. Thankfully I went no lifed a toon to 60 in New World a couple weeks ago, of all the crap Mindark can put out, they...
  9. forgo

    Does the system compensate for previous returns?

    Losses typically are the result of poor choices. IF you do not want losses to make up for, then learn to play more efficiently, and the issue of running at a deficit disappears. IF you are suffering heavy losses, make changes, they will not be coming back magically. Yes it is possible to play...
  10. forgo

    Entropia Universe 17.10.1 Release Notes

    I appreciate what ND did for the game in the past, but there should be a clause that confiscates planets that become dormant after so long. Confiscate the planet, and deed it out to players. MA can easily come up with a voting system that could add or remove submitted shareholder ideas based on...
  11. forgo

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    They did, its called investing in your avatar and gear to raise the required stats that loot ESI on a regular basis. There should be a limit on participation trophies...its getting out of hand already.
  12. forgo

    Question: Extracting high value skill points onto low TT ESI

    49% of level at 95 - 1.3136 pts per ped [System]: You have gained 108.2048 experience in your Bioregenesis skill [System]: Mission completed (The Lawn You Keep) Its no sine wave, its attributes.
  13. forgo

    Question: Extracting high value skill points onto low TT ESI

    If you don't know about the skill scanner site from jdegre, you should. The bottom of that page is the chipping optimizer. This helps a lot with general chipping plans. So far I have had a couple 10 ish ped esis pay 1 pec back with the ESI. I did not record these levels like I should have...
  14. forgo

    Info: Attribute Gained Per Ped

    Considering the benefit these attributes give, perhaps not. You are only prolonging potential gains. We don't need the npc anymore, right click and consume. This is why codex sucks. I am 100+ in all, the gains are shitty to begin with at these levels, and diminishes forever from here. Same...
  15. forgo

    If Entropia was a country...............

    If Entropia was a country, we would rank 185 out of 211 on the list for GDP at 450 million usd in transactions yearly. (link to a media article which this number was supplied) If we were to assume 5k players holding a vast majority of this wealth, for overall GDP per capita we would rank 5th...
  16. forgo

    Question: Tier Upgrading skill removal and compensation

    I have more disposable money in real life than I ever have, mostly thanks to this game, but MA, did you notice I havn't deposited in quite some time? Supporting the players current concerns and keeping promises might help motivate me to support you with my excess money, rather than making plans...
  17. forgo

    Does the system compensate for previous returns?

    I think it likely works by keeping a running tab of modifiers instead of actual peds. Every kill having .95 .93 .97 1.05 of cost ect and then averaging those over the total kills to get a running modifier that will correct after a certain average is reached. Similar to how skills are...
  18. forgo

    Consolidated release notes for 17.9.0, 2021/08/31

    I was going to release cheerleaders for all on RT to come and cheer people on, but turns out they are super spreaders, and I need to quarantine them for the safety of all. So Doesn't look like we get anything again.
  19. forgo

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    For those itching for patch notes: Here are the patch notes for my land: We added the most awesome stuff this vu. 1) PED jumps out of the land when mining. 2)Mobs will now deposit to provide your PEDs. 3)Cheerleaders will now come to your house and cheer you on while you play. But, we...
  20. forgo

    RT Interactive map, globals and massive database

    Hey, some of you may have run across my site over the years. Its been one big work in progress since hello world back in 2010. The maps we had for RT got deleted from google drive, so I made a replacement for people on RT to find locations, shops mobs instances and more. Other planets/maps...
  21. forgo

    RT: Mine I - Abandoned Mine

    Lockpicks have multiple locations they work at: booty raid, the sewers, crib raid, as well as the mines but most mines are rumored to be broken. If you unequip the key and then requip and click it will show on of these locations randomly.
  22. forgo

    Amortization of Mayhem Amps

    Yes to a slight degree although I don't think many people factor the base cost having a threshold level for getting such loot. Mod evil excess decay bumps the threshold for all loots much more effectively. 10 ped base cost vs 14 ped base cost (or whatever the diff is), if the odds of looting a...
  23. forgo

    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    Seriously? Are we playing the same game? I have bought and paid for over 9k usd worth of computers, as well as over 1 million usd worth of real estate, all from EU profits, I have no other income. How are you people still playing if not making anything after all these years? Such a shame more...
  24. forgo

    Achievement: Highest HP avatar ingame and the story

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the volume of globals Messi gets is simply not matched by any other human playing the game. Look at the Eomon stats on EL...this is a guy who started years after some of the extremely hardcore players (some who oepnly paid people to play while they...
  25. forgo

    To Celebrate our Friend Conq45

    Very Glad to hear of the memorials well done on the team at NI. Kind of hard to describe the impact that one player has made for so many over the years in various ways. I would venture to guess that he holds the record of most events run within the event system, and may hold it for many years...