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  1. Euphoria

    No Remorse Mining event on LA64

    Greetings :yay: On behalf on No Remorse soc, Infamous and myself we gladly invite you to join us in our first mining event on our new bought landarea LA64 Since the land is still under construction there is hardly any mobs out there so its perfect place to relax mine:yay: Rules are pretty...
  2. Euphoria

    Selling: Selling Imp fap tier 1 and two mod 5b plates

    Selling imp fap tier 1 for 38k BO do take offers to. 2 Mod plates are for sale to. Pm me on The infamous Serenity or here :)
  3. Euphoria

    No Remorse recruiting

    You missing some pvp action in your ingame life? Wonna be part of a crazy family with a little bit of everything in it? Well then No Remorse is a soc for you:yay: No Remorse dont demand much, dont care about how much is on your pedcard or if you spend your time sweating but we do demand a...
  4. Euphoria

    Master streaming new loot 2.0

    hey guys. My buddy is streaming the new loot system if you wonna watch
  5. Euphoria

    Crafting machine theories :)

    Sooooo guys, do you think that its possible that some machines/servers er better to craft at for better loot then others? Or is it random?
  6. Euphoria

    Why So Serious? Dirty little freaks.....

    Awww i bet you right now were hoping for a trash talk about wss, but sorry i have too put you down here :P But just wanted to know what you listing to right now? Here its pink with raise glas! Ps just listen to it and then my title on thread will make sense :P
  7. Euphoria

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Just wanted to wish my fellow entropians a merry Christmas and hope you will have an amazing evening :yay:
  8. Euphoria

    Hunting bot and getting others to play your avatar outcome?

    Ok i been told a few times that my opinion about this is totally wako and out of place so now i need to hear from you guys if im really that far away here. First of all let me point out that NO botting isnt ok, and YES hunting botting is cheating in my eyes and it shouldnt be allowed AT ALL BUT...
  9. Euphoria

    Selling: Selling cheap courage and heavy melee weapon skill

    selling courage and heavy melee weapon skills cheap, bring own ESI and i sell for 400% PM ME ingame :yay: Got over 5k points in both skills to take from Best regards Euphoria
  10. Euphoria

    Selling: Selling skills cheap

    Hey all! Im selling out some skills so if you are in the need of some fast and cheap, pm me! Bring own esi and get it even cheaper. Best regards Euphoria
  11. Euphoria

    Selling: An OFFER you cant refuse Tiger Female UL parts!

    Hey guys and girls :) Im selling 3 parts of Tiger armor parts: Shinguards tier 3.4 Footguards tier cant remember Harness Tier 4,4 Get it all for tt plus for 2200ped if you take all 3 parts at once single sale will be tt plus 800ped per part TT of the armorparts is total on 383,60 PM me...
  12. Euphoria

    "your avatar is already logged on!" wth?!

    Was doing run in halloween mayhem and crashed! Now i cant relog cuz apparantly my avatar is still online:scratch2: hmmmm and its been that for 25min soon! Others with the same problem? -Euphoria
  13. Euphoria

    Selling: Selling a Gravis GBR-34

    Hi guys! Im selling a Gravis GBR-34 unlited. Im selling it for 900ped, its full tt! Pm here or ingame. NOTE: Im on ark!
  14. Euphoria

    Too Hot To Hof - Recruting new thread

    Hi all your amazing EU players :D Time too make a new thread, that we are still recruting new memebers :yay: We are now a soc with 23 players, all from small noobs to high lvl players :wtg: we now have set a skill count 120k! The rules here are simple, cuz there aint any :wtg: Only thing we...
  15. Euphoria

    Merry Christmas to your all :D

    Just wonna wish your all a very merry christmas and may you all have an great evening :D
  16. Euphoria

    To Hot To Hof - Recruiting!

    Hi all :yay: Too Hot To Hof is a all new soc, only 24 hours old, with 5 members for the moment. We are looking for new members that wonna join a soc with no rules other then treat your soc members and other players as you expect them to treat you! with respect! We dont care what your are doing...
  17. Euphoria

    What soc are you in?

    Hi all :D What soc are you in, and have long have you been there? I have been in tax-collectors for two years until today. Now me and my friend Feye has made are own soc today called To Hot To Hof :) and plz dont make this a thing about who hates whos soc and stuff :)
  18. Euphoria

    Hi to all in here :D

    Just wonna say hi to all in here and wish your all a good weekend and gl ingame :yay: