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    Discovery: Achilles Level II Finder Amplifier (L)

    First discovery ) Made one amp out of 2 attempts. If a serious miner wants to test it for the community, feel free to volunteer in this thread. I'll trade it for TT value, obviously. I don't have time to do it myself unfortunately. Based on description it seems to add run speed, same as...
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    Disappearing mall shops

    3 VU's and numerous support cases later this annoying bug is still alive and well. I guess it's time to address this issue here. I keep losing my shop in Twin Peaks mall at least once every few days. All items and signs basically disappear for a few hours and shop just stands there empty. My...
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    Neophyte's crafted attachments, Twin Peaks Mall, level 1, 12.

    Shop closed for the time being
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    Warning - mining amp scams

    It has come to my attention that there is a new scam trick aimed at miners that use crafted amps. Basically a scammer introduces himself as a representative of a well-known crafter, makes a few legit sales to gain trust and then disappears with money for the next purchase. I was notified today...
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    Selling: Shear Pro900(L) laser amps

    Made these bad boys today. 50 additional damage, 2 pec decay, 242 ped tt. Doesn't get much better than this. 3 amps left. One is in my amp shop at Twin Peaks mall level 1 for display or a quick sale. I'm also taking private offers around 3K ped each.
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    Selling: EnMatAmp MA-105 (L) Blueprint

    SOLD Thanks everyone
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    New mining amps shop at Twin Peaks Mall. OA-105, OA-104, MA-105, MA-104, always in stock.

    Location: Twin Peaks Mall, floor 1, shop # 12. Very close to TP and auction. Current stock: OA-105 OA-104 MA-105 MA-104 MA-103 Special stock for this week: Shear Pro600 All prices below auction and updated regularly. Happy shopping :) For bulk deals on any amp from my regular stock send...
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    Selling: OA-105 (L), MA-105 (L) below market price

    MA-105 (L) amps are in permanent supply now along with OA-105 (L). OA-104's and MA-104's also in stock. Any quantities are welcome. Best prices on the market. You can find me regularly at Nate Valley TP auction station or PM me here, on EF so that we could arrange a meeting at any mutually...
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    Experienced miner/crafter looking for active soc

    Society chosen, thanks everyone :)
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    Cheap Oreamp-105 for dedicated miners

    Booth location - Omegaton West Habitat teleport, Alpha Tower, Booth 5. When you arrive at West Habitat, follow ladder upstairs located east from the teleporter. Booth row is right at the tower entrance. That's it. Takes about 20 seconds :) Happy shopping. I'll do my best to keep the booth well...
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    Selling: OreAmp OA-105 (L) below market price. Bulk Discounts.

    Service open again. Selling OA-105 (L) mining amps way below market price. PM me for current price or, if you have a good price in mind already, don't be shy to name it. Any quantities are welcome, though for anything above 30 amps I might need an advance warning to gather up needed...
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    Star Mercury Anti-materiel rifle, prototype (L)

    Crafted a few of these bad boys today. One is in auction to taste the waters, but 8 more are up for grab. Land grab :) Markup on these is hard to determine, as none were sold recently and the only one sold in auction went for 6K%, but Stormer's prototype, which has lower damage seems to be...
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    Allophyl Stalker 1.6K

    I consider myself a miner first and foremost, yet ironically all my loots above 1K were in hunting. And I don't even hunt that much to begin with. EU works in mysterious ways :)
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    3.5K Merp Stalker

    That was...unexpected to say the least :)
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    Maffoid Warrior 1.7K

    I just love these guys. Feffoids are way overrated :) Looted gun is EWE EP-22 Vanguard. Click to enlarge
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    Question about robot beacons

    Hello, Just wanted to ask - how common are these things exactly? Or uncommon for that matter. Slightly over 1K prospecting now, meaning at least 6-7K+ bombs used, probably a lot more. Got numerous globals on the way, but I am yet to see one of these. Tried mining coast lines, didn't work...
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    1.6K Maffoid Raider

    Looks like l am experiencing one of these rare weeks when everything you touch turns into gold. Well, PED :) Second uber in three days, 1 more "normal" global on maffoids 5 minutes before this one, 2 mining unamped globals on Eudoria etc. Hell, I even seem to profit on dampers. Oh well, time to...
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    A couple of tips for starting players

    I am not much of an expert in any profession, far from it, but here are a couple of observations that helped me survive through starting stages of the game. When your budget is limited, the right choice of hunting grounds is essential. Ignore the hof/global chat spam and don't rush straight to...
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    Atrox young 1.9K

    Hello everyone, Couldn't resist bragging temptation to accompany my first forum post with an uber HOF :) No items to speak of, but that seems to be the general Atrox trend these days. Can't complain though. This one is from yesterday. Click to enlarge