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  1. Tarponhuntr

    Starter amp?

    Acknowledged and agreed. Looted one the day after you posted this. Been using them ever since.
  2. Tarponhuntr

    Starter amp?

    I've been kind of thinking along those lines. Having learned from my previous life and ava here , I'm pretty okay with shooting punys and babies for a good long while. I remember my ambitions from my previous life chewing through my ped card like gas going through a funnel. Having said all of...
  3. Tarponhuntr

    Starter amp?

    Other than the Sinkadus , of which I've never seen , and the OA101 , of which I currently can't justify the MY , what other entry level amps can / would any of you recommend? I've been gone a long time and much has changed , so please bear with me through some of these " New noob" questions.
  4. Tarponhuntr

    Uber: First Tower

    Huge gratz man! I know you've waited a long , long time on that. Well deserved. I remember you and Mojo tp running a certain noob on TI several years ago that pulled of an unamped tt finder tower! ( cough , cough) I also remember you guys having to help me fight the mobs off so that I...
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    So I see ME has been madly "tweaking" things in my absence. Some decent , others just down right strange.
  6. Tarponhuntr


    Just returned to the game after a 3 year or so break. Much has changed , that's for certain. My question is this , how is 8 per worth of shrapnel and ammo considered a global? Had the same thing happen the other night , with only 5 per of the same. That's crazy!
  7. Tarponhuntr

    10 peds Atroxmania @ LA40/OLA2

    Thanks for the event , now all there is to do is get the Global ! Angel Hunter VonLagel
  8. Tarponhuntr

    Enhancer Guide

    Weapon Economy Enhancers My personal pet project to test these little buggers. Purchased an HL8 wiht very nice tier numbers , i.e 1k plus on all 10 levels. As the weapon tiered very quickly , I wanted to make sure I lost as little TT value as possible , so I begain adding enhancers at each...
  9. Tarponhuntr

    Guide to Practical Living In EU

    After an almost 18 month hiatus from the game , I finally got back in. And after a month of playing about 12 hours a day and 6 or 7 days a week , I have to say that most of this still applies. Even after all the vu's amd new equipment , the basics have stayed the same.
  10. Tarponhuntr

    Help: Longu Hunting

    SW of Rei's defense if definitely the way to go. The trees can be a bit of a pain in the north eastern section of the LA , but there is usually a very nice spawn in the southwestern corner of the LA , out by the coast. I advise that you take everyting that you will need , and then some. It's...
  11. Tarponhuntr

    Hunting Etiquette

    Danielle said it spot on. I try to keep my distance from most other hunters becasue I dont want to mess up their groove. However , if the mobs are pretty sparce , and you've got a few around you , expect that I may be borrowing a few. But , even in that situation courtesy and ettiquette can...
  12. Tarponhuntr

    Transportation to other planets!

    :lolup: This should take care of any pesky space pirates. Im guessing Neverdie will be the first on his block to have one of these . I think I'll sit back and see how this unfolds:coffee:
  13. Tarponhuntr

    Question: Is sweating enjoyable or just a grind?

    I cant say I absolutely hate it. Because it got me to where I am now. But alot of the time I spent sweating was because I was dead broke. All I could think about was gathering just enough sweat to be able to afford 10 probes , or 500 rounds. :yay: just so I could get outta there. I...
  14. Tarponhuntr

    Can I give my Seredipity Back?

    I would but now Im too broke to be able to afford the ESI ! :laugh: :hammer:
  15. Tarponhuntr

    Can I give my Seredipity Back?

    Yeah , guys Im with ya. To clarify , I really dont think there is a connection. I just thought is was ironic. However , as one poster mentioned, the luck in combat is real. My number of critical hits has been way up. I have had as many as 3 crits in a row since the unlock. It just so...
  16. Tarponhuntr

    Is the price of sweat falling due to an exploit?

    Times is hard ! Loots are nuthin, people cant do no for the sweat they go a suckin ! In all seriousness , I think this has something to do with the supply. More people have exceeded their depo limit , and or have lost their job. But want to continue playing. So when they cant hunt...
  17. Tarponhuntr

    Can I give my Seredipity Back?

    Of course I am just kidding, but I thought you guys may get a kick outta this. This is typical of life in EU sometimes. Up is Down , and Down is Up. About a month ago I unlocked Serendipity :yay: And I was extremely happy. And understood that this would really help my ava. Up until recently...
  18. Tarponhuntr

    Lost my job IRL, came home and got a HOF :))

    Gratz on the HOF man. Sorry to hear bout the job. Our work is in jeopardy too. I hope if I find myself in your position , I'll have as good an outlook as you do. Gratz again.
  19. Tarponhuntr

    Question: Fruit finds nerfed?

    137 Caroot earlier this week. Actually seems to have increased for me , but I have been broke lately , and looking at things more closely. :yay: Poop FTW :yay:
  20. Tarponhuntr

    Guide to Practical Living In EU

    Included here are things that you should know before you just scamper off into the bush of EU. Alot of these things your mentors may or may not tell you. Some of these things just dont come up until it is too late , or way past the time that you needed to know them. I will break them out...
  21. Tarponhuntr

    Who "Deserves" The ATHs?

    Very well said. I am figuring this out the hard way. I just am now able to use an Isis LR59 , but refuse to buy one because after I used the LR53 I figured out that it just dies faster , and doesnt give me any more in return. The amount I saved by killing the mob faster was insignificant in...
  22. Tarponhuntr

    Who "Deserves" The ATHs?

    I've been the noob player that has hit big , not an ATH but very nice loots on two occasions. And I heard the exact same arguments, even from my mentors husband. But the fact of the matter is that MA's gonna do what MA's gonna do. We can put our two pecs worth into the pot, but ultimately we...
  23. Tarponhuntr

    ATH: 53357 - ATH - Speechless

    :yay: Man , Im extremely happy for you. I'm glad this helps you out . Keep up the good work.
  24. Tarponhuntr

    "The Great White North" ATH

    :yay::yay: Man just seeing your ATH gives me sweaty palms. Huge gratz to you all !
  25. Tarponhuntr

    First >1k solo hof

    Extremely glad for you man. After the Easter Bunny fiasco, I wasn't sure that these guys would cough up much for a while. Well done :yay: