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  1. Tarponhuntr

    Starter amp?

    Other than the Sinkadus , of which I've never seen , and the OA101 , of which I currently can't justify the MY , what other entry level amps can / would any of you recommend? I've been gone a long time and much has changed , so please bear with me through some of these " New noob" questions.
  2. Tarponhuntr


    Just returned to the game after a 3 year or so break. Much has changed , that's for certain. My question is this , how is 8 per worth of shrapnel and ammo considered a global? Had the same thing happen the other night , with only 5 per of the same. That's crazy!
  3. Tarponhuntr

    Can I give my Seredipity Back?

    Of course I am just kidding, but I thought you guys may get a kick outta this. This is typical of life in EU sometimes. Up is Down , and Down is Up. About a month ago I unlocked Serendipity :yay: And I was extremely happy. And understood that this would really help my ava. Up until recently...
  4. Tarponhuntr

    Guide to Practical Living In EU

    Included here are things that you should know before you just scamper off into the bush of EU. Alot of these things your mentors may or may not tell you. Some of these things just dont come up until it is too late , or way past the time that you needed to know them. I will break them out...
  5. Tarponhuntr

    FAP efficiency versus mob

    Does FAP efficiency decrease against mobs as the mob's difficulty increase in relation to skill of player ?:scratch2: Let me 'splain my situation that generated this question. Decided to give some Formicacida a whirl last night. Using Ghost +5b , a FAP-80 , and lvl 13 paramedic , agility 56 ...
  6. Tarponhuntr

    Why do i get logged out?

    I really hate working on a post for 15 minutes , and try to submit the post only to find out that I have been logged out , and just lost my entire 15 mins work ! Do I really have to submit a partial post just to keep fom losing it ? :mad: C'mon guys get it together ! Sometimes substantial...
  7. Tarponhuntr

    Exciting, but no bunny !

    OMG ! Its a Vigi helmet from a Feff! No wait ! It's just a T'bird. But it was nice to see a full TT value. Tarpon
  8. Tarponhuntr

    Teensy , Baby HOF

    It is just a wittle Nib HOF , but the swirlies were nice. Also , I was extremely excited because it was the first time a Thorio gave me anything decent. Tarpon
  9. Tarponhuntr

    The Red Hoard of 2009 - Scylla Under Attack

    It appears that East Scylla is surrounded ! In addition to the bots to the north and south , there is a an enormous hoard of Mulaak , muluk-hir, and Uber feffs to the west. The Feefs range from Hunter to Clan warlord elite. A small expeditionary force of WildD3amons landed on this point...
  10. Tarponhuntr

    Damn ! That hurt !

    Why for duz you'ze guys wants to shooted me in me wittle backside , and takes my wittle green barrels of oil ?:D DATS NOT NICE ! Just wanted to send a giggle. Now excuse me while I go patch these pesky holes in my armor ! Happy Hunting ! Tarpon
  11. Tarponhuntr

    Pc: Full nemesis ( m)

    Wondering what the current market is for a FULL set ?
  12. Tarponhuntr

    I feel a big one coming !

    After five days , slightly more than 100k ammo being burned, and not even a 50 ped global... I feel the cogs slowly rotating into place for "The" big one to be coming up shortly. :yay: I dont know why I know , I just feel it. There will probably be at least a couple of days more of dry...
  13. Tarponhuntr

    How do you think the global economic downturn has affected gameplay?

    After watching months and months of doom and gloom in the media about the gloabl economy , I decided to turn off the real world and come back to Calypso for a vacation. However, it only took me a couple of days to see that there may be a direct , real-world link between Calypso , and Earth...
  14. Tarponhuntr

    Unused Western Amethera

    Just started wondering about why western (eastern..but left western in for the giggle factor) Amethera has not been put to use. It strikes me as a little bit illogical to look at developing new planets, and or locations , when there is a perfectly good western hemispere going to waste...
  15. Tarponhuntr

    Longu Land Observation

    Spent the last few days burning ammo thru Longu land , and have noticed the following. And before the flames start flying, I just want to quantify this statement by saying... no I dont expect , nor think I am entitled to globals, or anything else. Also , the observation is made with the an LR41...
  16. Tarponhuntr

    Has anyone looted any UL uber armor since the last VU?

    The title really says it all. Has anyone looted any UL uber armors in the most recent VU. Lets say Jaguar and higher? If so, please list item and Mob if possible. Thanks What I've seen so far , with approx. dates and mob ( if available) some of these are posted below, but Im going to try...
  17. Tarponhuntr

    What do you do for cashflow ?

    I was just wondering what each of you do in order to ensure a positive cashflow to keep you playing. I mean the obvious choice / answer is deposit ; but I mean other than that. We all know that hunting for the most part does not give any real return on investment. I mean sure , the...
  18. Tarponhuntr

    Noob how do you do.. question

    Im still relatively new to these forums , and was wondering how you get the icons for your "unlocked skills" to appear beneath your info on the right hand side of the screen? :dunno: Thanks in advance
  19. Tarponhuntr

    What armor would you buy?

    Currently , I own two sets of armor ; Vigi w/ 6a and Grem w/ 5b. I was wondering what everyone would recommend for the next armor to be able to survive larger mobs, after these two. I realize it is somewhat mob dependent , but I am just looking for general opinions for all around hunting...
  20. Tarponhuntr

    Do you collect extractors?

    Was cleaning out my storage this afternoon , and realized what a crap load of extractors I had. Not a huge amount of any one kind , but more like between 5 & 20 of 25 different kinds. Most of these were high market value , extractors. But this got me to thinking "Am I just OCD, or do other...
  21. Tarponhuntr

    6900 ped Atrax Young

    Sadly I have no screenies , as I am usually so shocked as to not even be able to think about it at the moment. But the little Trax yielded 135K eye oil , an Atrax Jaw , and a Dominax Rattlesnake whip.
  22. Tarponhuntr

    Selling: Isis Cb 21