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  1. Kpeters

    Selling: Selling Out (Auction). Old items, armor, decorations, SGA stuff, Unique Clothing, Plates, Amps.

    Hi guys, it is with a heavy heart and after years of giving it thought that I am finally selling all my stuff in EU. I always thought I was going to return but the reality is that life changes too much in 15 years! This is not uber stuff, but there are interesting things. To avoid cluttering...
  2. Kpeters

    Thule from the outside

    Though I should share some pics of what Thule looks like from the outside :) Thule from the outside (just a huge block floating on the sea) Connection lost :/ feel from chopper Look from sea level
  3. Kpeters

    I always wondered...why the map, cities and locations changed? Suggestions

    Hi Devs, This has bugged me ever since vu 10.0 we were all very used to the Calypsian landscape and with the new map we found that not only was the continent's geographical features different but the location of the cities and -or- outposts was different some time substantially. I just wonder...
  4. Kpeters

    Making the EU experience more immersive and improving missions

    Hey guys, was just thinking what keeps EU/Calypso from being the most epic game ever. To put it short I would say if we could combine elements of games like Mass Effect, SWTOR with EU it would make it a lot more immersive and entertaining as well as having more probability of retaining new...
  5. Kpeters

    Singtel ad hidden on monitor at Camo Camp? wtf

    Anyone have any idea what this is about? I swear I didn't photoshop pretty unexpected! I also found this: Wonder if it's going to mean anything to us.
  6. Kpeters

    KP's Intergalactic!

    Hey guys launching my new simple website to give info about my services! -Passenger -Cargo -Charter -Deals and special frequent flyer programs! Thanks! KP
  7. Kpeters

    Windows 7 EU install on wrong folder? X86

    So I have a brand new fresh install of Windows 7 and EU got installed on the x86 Program Files folder. I thought it should have been installed on the normal Program Files folder given the fact it's a 64bit application. Now when I try to run it it loads half way on the planet loading screen and...
  8. Kpeters

    Entropia on Parallels not Bootcamp (MAC)

    Hi guys I installed Entropia on Parallels and it doesn't run! I found it odd since I saw Crysis running on Parallels somewhere. It's says I have no 3D acceleration and the virtual computer is not detecting the NVidia card on the macbook pro anyone know a work around for this? Thanks!
  9. Kpeters

    FOMA/CP only way out through TP!

    NVM found it. In case you are stuck in CND just change the map when on the teleporter to "Asteroid CND" the you get to the docks.
  10. Kpeters

    How can EU look like this?

    I was thinking before Cryengine 2 I made this photoshop of how a mermoth would look like on the beach. How come we don't have shaders as nice as Crysis what's holding it back? Don't get me wrong graphics are amazing best in an MMO but Crysis seems to be a bit better. Just to clarify this is no...
  11. Kpeters

    What did I miss? Player created content!?

    Posted on Next Island's website on "About" If you’d like to purchase upgrades and virtual goods, or if you’d like to sell your harvests and in-game creations, the exchange rate is fixed at 10 Ped to a dollar. Can someone fill me in with this? That's interesting.
  12. Kpeters

    LOOKING FOR: Colonel and soc mates! Reviving an old cool society.

    So basically my society the Earth Alliance has been dead since VU10. I need proactive guys that like to play and help people, use the soc terminal to be colonels. People that would like to have a high respected rank in the society and that can take the responsibility of inviting and accepting...
  13. Kpeters

    First Blog Post Intro

    Hey guys I'm Costa Rican posibly one of the 2 only that play EU :laugh: Not a Blog guide so pretty much just an intro about myself. Been playing since late 2004-early 2005 since then got hooked up with the sci fi theme of EU. Was a guide and SGA guide, also a translator those were really...
  14. Kpeters

    Nice pictures of what you can see and do with vehicles. Post your best pics here!

    Hey guys post your best vehicle pictures here :)
  15. Kpeters

    Oil rig oil spawn

    Where does the oil spawn on the rig now? I was standing next to the pump thing for HOURS and not a single barrel Thanks guys, ;) PS: Yeah I know im not a regular oil rig dude.
  16. Kpeters

    What are these pictures????

    Found em on Gamespot, any ideas? I'm specially intrigued with that city :scratch2: -New new oxford? -THE EGG!!? -Stasis Pods
  17. Kpeters

    Nice job nice job

    Nice job nice job *cough, cough* UPDATED POST: This would have been a good VU if I could LOG IN. I jumped to conclusions to early sorry. Nice content WORSE stability EVER. ORIGINAL POST: Things are looking all right besides all stuff you saw they improved on the Content List some other...
  18. Kpeters

    What NOT to do with your vehicle

    What NOT to do with your vehicle :P Luckily I arrived at the other side with the vehicle unharmed. Also I would recommend not stopping to chat if there are animals that were chesing you before or if there are some close. Always check your radar! I've learned the hard way! Picture speaks for...
  19. Kpeters

    Is this normal?

    Is it normal to be as unlucky as I am with loot? Just check my tracker. I've never had a Hof in my entire EU life only globals and very few. Tracker Stats: Drone Generation 06 88 PED Monday, June 07, 2010 22:34 Allophyl Young 51 PED Friday, January 08, 2010 23:52 Argonaut...
  20. Kpeters

    Racing Calypso Events

    Hey guys I'm gathering interested people to participate in Racetrack and Rally racing. A tournament would be held with prices for the 1st 2nd and 3rd places. There are 2 tracks at New Switzerland that prove to be very entertaining when driving with 4 vehicles or more and Rallies can go over...
  21. Kpeters

    KP's Calypso Car Rental

    Welcome to my new service Calypso Car Rental With the introduction of vehicles in Entropia a new dimension in fun and utility has been born and now you can be part of the fun. If you were not able to get your hands on a car or you don't have the cash right now for one then let us fulfill your...
  22. Kpeters

    Calypso Automobile Federation

    What about this? Now that we have automobiles we can have Calypsos (FIA), Calypso Automobile Federation (CAF) How's that for a name? :laugh: Seriously we could start doing events, circuits and rallies! Some ideas: -Various laps on the New Switzerland dirt oval. -Rallies from point A to B say...
  23. Kpeters

    Port Atlantis and other ruins

    So the old Port Atlantis is now on the bottom of the ocean since the last world fire and ice age so what about having some ruins underwater to explore! I was thinking about having some ruins from the past of calypso that would contribute to the atmosphere basically they just need to touch up...
  24. Kpeters

    Selling: Linguistic Vacation (M) Set

    Hey guys im considering selling my Lingustic Vacation (M) full set if there is a reasonable offer. As it is a rare item (about 20-25 ingame M-F combined) I can't give a starting price over the whole set but I will be taking offers via PM and once I find one offer good enough I will post the...
  25. Kpeters

    New capital of Calypso

    Just wanna see if you guys knew. Which one is the new capital of calypso with Hades gone now? It's Athena Spaceport you can read it on the description in-game on the map. :) Just wanted to give a heads up! Pretty interesting to read through those descriptions also explains why Jason Centre is...