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  1. Yquem

    Selling: Sell skills

    Sell some skills. You bring ESI. I fill it. You pay. Tell me what skills you like and what you will pay me for the skills and lets meet up. More will come later.
  2. Yquem

    Selling: Selling Pet as auction

    I'm selling all my Pets in one bulk. Bid away. Startbid = 21 ped (bid increment by 5 ped) Current best bid: 80 ped by Toni Edward MrEddie James Selling to highest bid when auction is ending. Auction ends: Sunday 26th May 2019 @20.00 +5min anti snipe Pets - Ancient...
  3. Yquem

    Stumbled over this oldtimer

    Still one of my most funny PvP
  4. Yquem

    Faster withdrawal time?

    Do you have anything in mind about the withdrawal time or to speed it up? - Get some documentation - Pre approval - After first withdrawal (takes long time) - the next can be shorter
  5. Yquem

    Buying: Slugstorm

    A Lot of Slugstorm is for sale. I might buy one. Post or send me your Price and current tier and remaining. I have seen DOA Slugstorm T10 for a King Kong Snub 80 T0 + peds DOA Slugstorm T9.5 +20k DOA Slugstorm T9.4 +26k DOA Slugstorm T7.9 +24k DOA Slugstorm T6.4 +25k DOA Slugstorm T6.4...
  6. Yquem

    Selling: One full ESI 1200 ped tt

    Price 1200% - come an get it ... and yes it is 1250 ped tt
  7. Yquem

    Selling: Skills

    Sell the following skills TT % Clubs Skill Implant (L) 6.12 PED 1300 Explosive Projectile Weaponry Technology Skill Implant (L) 3.46 PED 2100 Manufacture Enhancers Skill Implant (L) 0.00 PED Free when buying one other skill Melee Damage Assessment Skill Implant (L) 4.96 PED 1200...
  8. Yquem

    Selling: Empty Skill Implants more than 3000 ped tt in total

    Sell the following ESI ESI from 10 to 14.99 ped tt. Min sale is 100 ped tt and price is: 940% ESI from 15 to 19.99 ped tt. Min sale is 100 ped tt and price is: 950% ESI from 20 to 99.99 ped tt. Price is 980% ESI bigger than 1000 ped tt: Price is 1100% Only the full one left now ----...
  9. Yquem

    Buying: CLD and ESI

    post me what you got
  10. Yquem

    Selling: I sell 72 CLD's

    As title says tell me How many you want and your Price. If your Price is ok Ill contact you
  11. Yquem

    Selling: ML-35 T6.6 (current)

    As title says. Taking offers for now Best offer: 6.5k WILL SOON BE SOLD IF NO OTHER BIDS ARE COMMING
  12. Yquem

    Going to Rome this Easter

    Hi all fellow gamer from Rome Italy (and other visitors) My wife and I are going to Rome this Easter. Except all the must see what else should we see / visit? We will love to hang out, find very good places to eat, be where the locals are. We will stay in the Trastevere on the east bank of...
  13. Yquem

    Buying: Improved Hedoc Mayhem

    Looking for this fap. Post here or pm me your price including current tier, remaining tier rates and tt
  14. Yquem

    Buying: Adj m450 Hedoc

    If you have this fap (or anything like it) colleting dust drop me your price including current tier and remaining tier numbers
  15. Yquem

    Selling: 10 more HP before MM

    Get yourself the option to have 10 more hp. I'm selling PET that can give you that.
  16. Yquem

    Cold card probs

    Any other have probs logg in with GC? ... or just too many ppl at nymph? I get a time out....
  17. Yquem

    Selling: Skills on chips

    Archaeolgical Lore Skill Implant (L) 1 6.41 PED 4100% Computer Skill Implant (L) 1 9.63 PED 1300% Extraction Skill Implant (L) 1 9.89 PED 975% Geology Skill Implant (L) 1 10.70 PED 1250% Ground Assessment Skill Implant (L) 1 12.13 PED 1250% Ground Assessment Skill Implant (L)...
  18. Yquem

    Selling: Empty Skill implant

    72 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 15.26 PED CARRIED 73 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 15.72 PED CARRIED 74 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 15.93 PED CARRIED 75 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 14.50 PED CARRIED 76 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 18.37 PED CARRIED 77 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 17.73 PED CARRIED 78...
  19. Yquem

    Selling: Lots of Ancient Pets Level 1 to 4 (and soon 5)

    Pet can now give you HP Need 10 more HP before MM dont be too long my mobs can be long gone before you are ready to buy... How it looks like Ancient Snablesnot-Female Energy: 183 Level: 1 Experience: 16.9 Tamed: 2006-06-02 Buff's: 8% meta and 10% pet skill gain Spawn on all planets: No...
  20. Yquem

    Renting Out: Doa, ML35, F-106, Regen Chip VIII, Gremlin, Angel

    I have following items for rent: Time is a week or less as you prefer Payment will be Weekly revenue or projected weekly revenue from the CLD's Doa LM T7.1 - 8 CLD's <-- SOLD ML-35 T5.4 - 8 CLD's Aakas Fire Dagger T2.0 - 1 CLD Dante Amp's - 2 CLD's Finder F-106 T4.9 - 1 CLD Regeneration...
  21. Yquem

    Test drive

    Just saw this one - still laughing :) Prolly old news for some.
  22. Yquem

    Put your money where your mouth is

    So many pk's out there - most of them has it only in there mouth. Other are hiding behind there big brother and can only compete if they are in a team. No I didn't mentioned WSS - that was what you was thinking. If you got it - come and prove it and "put your money where your mouth is" The...
  23. Yquem

    Buying: I buy CLD's

    PM me if you have some to sell Need around 10 Price around 1400 depend on the numbers you have
  24. Yquem

    How to get back to fort fast in LG

    When there is a lot of lag in LG you can get back to fort very fast without using tp. This is how to do: 1) you die [51.59] 2) you are not sent back to reviwal after the 30 sec but review where you die 3) fap to full hp [52.36] 4) run to the internal point-to-point tp and use them (put actions...
  25. Yquem

    The next Mayhem should be like ....

    ...... THE HUB In THE HUB all ppl has the same HP and the same SKILLS. Ppl can buy the same weapons, armors, fap etc. that only can be used in THE HUB. yes there might be difference in tier values on items, but ppl can buy and sell items until they get the tier the want, or items in THE MAYHEM...