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  1. Kevlie

    Info: Gift List

    You can fly to each planet, and collect gifts
  2. Kevlie

    Info: Gift List

    Todays update: Cyrene [Christmas Treat Bag] Arkadia - nothing
  3. Unamped 166 Dian

    Unamped 166 Dian

  4. Unamped 50 ped Belk

    Unamped 50 ped Belk

  5. Kevlie

    Uber: Merry Mayhem uber :)

    gratz! very nice :)
  6. Kevlie

    3803 ped

    As title says 3.8k hof, my biggest so far! Thank you MA! :D
  7. 3803 Ped

    3803 Ped

  8. 53 ped mayhem

    53 ped mayhem

  9. 90 Ped Mayhem

    90 Ped Mayhem

  10. Kevlie

    Info: Gift List

    True :D lol
  11. 50 Ped Caldorite (Unamped)

    50 Ped Caldorite (Unamped)

  12. Kevlie

    Info: Gift List

    Seems like no gifts on Arkadia ?
  13. 222 Ped unamped Khorudoul Extrusion

    222 Ped unamped Khorudoul Extrusion

  14. 70 Ped Armax

    70 Ped Armax

  15. 126 ped armax (tiger harness)

    126 ped armax (tiger harness)

  16. 91 Ped Mayhem Daikiba

    91 Ped Mayhem Daikiba

  17. Kevlie

    Achievement: 200 hp

    Very nice achievement :) Congratz!
  18. Kevlie


    First of all you should turn your caps lock off. Secondly its very unlikely MA have locked you for no reason, if you are innocent your acc will be unlocked sooner or later. I get it , this sux, but its for protection of every Entropian against scams and MU manipulation.
  19. Kevlie

    Uber: Well, they say size doesnt matter :D

    Very nice! :) Finder, amp? Congratz :)
  20. Un-amped 56 ped Iron stone

    Un-amped 56 ped Iron stone

    Un-amped 56 ped Iron stone
  21. Kevlie

    10k Lysterium challenge completed!

    Hello fellow Entropians, I don't post here often, but 10k lyst challenge for an un-amped/low depositor miner is a huge deal! Took me a while to complete. Next stop 30k :) Enjoy the video and please subscribe to my channel!
  22. 53 ped basic filters

    53 ped basic filters

  23. Kevlie

    Uber: Too much Lysterium

    Thats a fat lyst :) Congratz
  24. Kevlie


    Congratz! But the screenshot sux :(
  25. Kevlie

    Is Mining finally dead on entropia

    Its not dead, I still do mine occasionally (unamped) and profit most of the times, however it is so boring that most players probably do choose other activities? :0