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    Mindforce Healing Service 10 PED / hr flat rate

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    State of Mindforce?

    Can someone who uses MF at a high level write up a MF guide that includes the new chips like Divine and Sync and the various chips. Thx
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    What Would a Refreshed Entropia Look Like?

    In the thread about the new CEO many ideas are discussed about how the game should look. Thing is, Entropia is way different than when I started in 2003. People wanted quests. We got missions. People wanted space. We got several planets and space flight. People wanted it to be cheaper to...
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    Favorite Board Games?

    I've been playing a lot of board games recently including Ticket to Ride and Pandemic. Any suggestions for other games to explore? Or any house rules you use when playing a game?
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    Is a purchase from the webshop considered a deposit?

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    Any skill benefit killing punies when you're medium skilled?

    Imagine you're a level 40 Laser Sniper. Your goal is to get to level 70. You decide to do the Puny Iron Missions. Just for fun. Is there any benefit of using a laser weapon for this? Will you get any skill gain at level 40 using a low level weapon? Would it be better to cross train at this...
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    Who Gets Decay Generated on Next Island?

    Just curious, if a new avatar is created on Calypso - travels to Next Island - who gets the PP's share of the decay generated there? Next Island is a small tropical paradise within Entropia Universe. It can be reached from other inhabited planets inside Entropia...
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    Moble Game adopts MA's Decay Model The original Real Racing was one of the first titles to prove the iPhone's worth as a credible gaming platform, and the series has been a mobile mainstay ever since. Real Racing 3 continues that trend with...
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    Game offline for you?

    Tried to log in but couldn't. Now client loader says offline. Same for you?
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    Issue with Dmg/Sec?

    If you look at the item page for a weapon on Entropedia the Dmg/Sec seems to be listed correctly. For example: 44 dmg. 60 attacks per minute. 44 dmg/sec. But if you look at the items via the chart page you get a different...
  11. thoreau

    Fee free ways to deposit

    With the soon to come announcement some may want to make a largish deposit. I know in the past doing a wire transfer MA didn't charge a fee but your bank may. Is this currently the best way to avoid a deposit fee? Do any of the alternatives offer a way to put money in the game without a fee?
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    Still waiting for my million ped hof.
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    Question: Distrubution of damage with maxed Limited weapons?

    Just curious if anyone has looked at the distribution of damage done by a maxed out Limited weapon. For example, if you have a Limited weapon that is maxed and the damage range is listed at 10-20 is the distribution a normal curve with the mean centered around 15 with 10 and 20 more rare than...
  14. thoreau

    Questions from a potential returning player

    Is there a definitive list of missions that includes suggested levels and gear to complete them? Is the max damage of a weapon amp still 50% of the guns max damage? Generally speaking what is the cheapest vehicle or TP chip to own for use in a stuck at an outpost situation? A thousand thanks.
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    Something pretty cool from SoE

    I hope this post can steer away from the normal SoE bashing. While we all know that Entropia was really in front of the RMT aspect of MMOs, other games have picked up the model and ran with it. Now, SoE is getting ready to launch something pretty cool:
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    Can you help me identify this image?

    I was going to offer up a boat load of CFD for helping me out but the system is off-line. Anyway, I'll still give some forum dollars when the system comes back online for the first person that can correctly identify this image: I think I've seen this before but just can't place it. Maybe an...
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    Your favorite scene from a sci-fi movie

    For me its the final scene from Sunshine:
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    Movie Studios using Apps as Promotion

    I'm guessing developing an App related to your movie is cheaper than developing a planet in Entropia, or even a section of a planet. That said, I wonder about the future of Hollywood in Entropia. Will the partnership ever be fully developed?
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    My Most Epic Forum Thread What has been your most notable contribution?
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    Virtual Property Insurance

    Some of you might find this interesting. A Chinese insurance company has unveiled a new type of "virtual property" insurance that...
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    CompTia A+

    I've long been the goto computer guy for my friends and even in the office where I worked. Heck, I even got in trouble because my co-workers would go to me before the IT guy. I'm going to go ahead and get my certificate just to have it and I'm wondering if anyone has taken the recent test that...
  22. thoreau

    A word about PvP in Space

    EVE. This an obvious decision to attract the scifi pvp players who play EVE. While the mechanics may be different the goal is obvious. EVE has more than 35,000 accts logged in most times. At times over 50,000 accts. If MA got 5% of these players it ( space) would be a huge win.
  23. thoreau

    The motivation for change

    About nine months ago I wrote: And today Mindark wrote in regards to the mining changes: My emphasis. I have to ask, what was the motivation for changing the mining system? Was it initiated by one of the other planet partners. If so, is it fair that a system is changed on one planet...
  24. thoreau

    Status of hunting on Calypso Proper

    Just curious as to the status of hunting on public non-taxed lands on Calypso. How are spawns? Mob variety? Number of hunters per spawn? Quality of items in loot? Etc. Is hunting on non-taxed lands on Calypso still a viable option? Thanks
  25. thoreau

    MA working on Planet Michael may slow Calypso develpment The way I read that is that MA needs to add game mechanics that don't currently exist. For example, dancing pvp. Since these mechanics would seem to only affect Planet...