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  1. Svarog

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    I don't know the full story of the causes and outcomes of those litigations but have a hard time imagining Deathifier wanting any in-game assets or any further interaction with the game.
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    You talk like getting the shares is some sort of an injury that needs compensation, not a reward in itself :)
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    using entropia pocket when you dont own a mobile phone ?

    Yes but you don't have to use Entropia Pocket, you can use a 3rd party 2FA application that has a desktop version, like Authy (has both mobile and desktop apps for every platform) or Google Authenticator (has a Chrome addon to use on desktop). Here is how to add your QR-code to 3rd party apps...
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    Has that always been there?

    When we blow this planet up with such force that the moon acquires the third cosmic velocity, it still will be the moon, even though technically it won't be anymore :)
  5. Svarog

    Suggestion: EU needs a VOIP system

    People hate when someone's pet makes a bit of noise nearby, now imagine when someone introduces the whole local area to their wonderful tastes in hardcore music at max volume. That was a common thing with VoIP.
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    FYI: Caution of server problem

    By far not the first time, always a lottery to log out around that area.
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    What was the meaning or reason for your AV name?

    Sadly, none. I followed this game for a while but couldn't play it because I was a mac user and macs weren't x86-compatible at the time. When Apple switched to Intel CPUs in 2006, I bought a new mac and finally decided to check the game out first hand but didn't plan to spend more than a few...
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    Suggestion: Restriction of forum trading

    They don't, they go straight to MA's revenue (and are shared with CLD holders).
  9. Svarog

    Question: What is the main reason for the inflated prices of high end weapons and gear

    The first option, except that people won't get back to work, people have come to love their remote procrastination and some even agree to a lower pay to stay at that. WIll get only worse, just watch and see the "Surrogates" scenario to play out in the coming years.
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  11. Svarog

    Question: Platinum starter pack for an already existing avatar

    VU14 offer was a complete remake too, I used up mine in early 2018 to adjust the height, everything was unlocked then. If it's not now, then it was changed after that date.
  12. Svarog

    Question: Platinum starter pack for an already existing avatar

    Your unused redo option (from vu14, I suppose) already includes everything that the packs offer - the fully unlocked sliders in the avatar design UI (they are limited to the central half of their width for the new avatars without the packs).
  13. Svarog

    Anyone with the new lab backpack?

    You begin to emit your own deadly AoE gas :)
  14. Svarog

    I want MA devs to keep up with VirtuVerse work

    It's not a competitor until they offer withdrawals, and to pull that off you need more lawyers than developers.
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    Question: Have to disable my VPN to play to Entropia

    I use Windscribe occasionally and sometimes forget to switch it off before starting Entropia, it doesn't prevent me from playing.
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    Graphics in Entropia are impressive

    Most people just played more casually and had more free time before the iron challenges and the codex imposed on them the permanent FOMO. I remember someone made a simple web app back in the days that helped you to decide which mob to hunt today. You don't need such an app nowadays because...
  17. Svarog

    Which TV Sci-Fi series does Entropia remind you of?

    Sopranos. There is no lack of dons and corrupt unions.
  18. Svarog

    VU updates

    A major version is always a big thing, new graphics, new camera, new taming, Space. They announced a switch to Unreal Engine 5, so that probably will be the next major version, but it's gonna take some time to get there.
  19. Svarog

    Graphics in Entropia are impressive

    It's up to developers to utilize the possibilities of the new engine rather than just import old graphics into it. Look for example how my avatar was changing through updates. The 1st and the 2nd (from the left) images are on the same pre-2009 Gamebryo engine, but the 2nd one is after they...
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    Avatar look progression.
  21. Svarog

    Help: Any low comp with better dpp&higher eff then TT pistol +z'amp?

    DPP/eff-wise there is nothing equal or better than M2100a+ZX at a low level or budget. Chon+101 gives only a tiny increase in dps so not really worth it. There is Ancient Red Scorpion that with A101 comes close with double dps but that thing has an obscene value for its level (1.5-2k i think) so...
  22. Svarog

    What is an exploit in Entropia?

    Something that you've learned how to do and I've not. If I learned it too, it's a feature :)
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  24. Svarog

    Graphics in Entropia are impressive

    It's Pioneer, but in the generic vu10+ it's just a "pixie with green tints".