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  1. Kain Dewey Fall

    Shopping District Highlights Event

    This schedule will be updated as [SPED] Specialized Planet Expedition Dominion sources more opportunities to better expand the event to other areas of Entropia Universe. With 3 Weeks advance update so as to reduce confusion. Shopping District Highlights Event Show up for Gifts, Stay for the...
  2. Kain Dewey Fall

    Rocktropia, Club Four Studio Street, Party Events

    Club, Four Studio Street /wp [Rocktropia, 136974, 84597, 179, Club Four Studio Street] where this is your' party. The [SPED] society, Specialized Planet Expedition Dominion, brings to the Entropia Universe Community the Four Studio Street, Rocktropia Club. We invite you to come join every week...
  3. Kain Dewey Fall

    "The HUB" Bi-Weekly Showdown Event

    *Event Canceled until Update on Bugs/Glitches* The HUB appears to have some kind of glitch/bug that causes some users to not be rewarded/receive credit for kills and still have to pay to re-enter when killed and a glitch/bug that causes some users to be rewarded/receive credit for kills and not...
  4. Kain Dewey Fall

    Buying: I am looking to purchase a Mothership

    I am wanting to buy a MotherShip, I am looking for a good deal, but feel free to PM me in game if you have a Mothership that you will sell and let me know the Structural Integrity and your asking price. PLURS and TANKS. :D
  5. Kain Dewey Fall

    >_> | <_<, A service to secure investments?

    Would you respond effectively if you were offered a value of 100% of 10% ROI for you Revenue Deeds (CLD, AUD, AMD, OLA, or whatever else) or less, so long as you received a profit or fair value for your initial investment in those deeds if you were told that they would be used to fund the...
  6. Kain Dewey Fall

    TheSPEDReport Events Calendar

    So, the entire website for the SPED Society, (SPED) Specialized Planet Expedition Dominion isn't entirely developed, but most of the features are completed and presently available. One as such being the Events Calendar of which we will be implementing into a Interactive Map. TheSPEDReport is a...
  7. Kain Dewey Fall

    $1 a share investment opportunity with 10% ROI minimum

    (Please comment on this Thread in regard to what has been stated in this single post and continue any further conversation with me in regard to discussion had directly between you and I) (Please do not comment on this thread in regard to what others have said promoting potential hate speech...
  8. Kain Dewey Fall

    Tracing Country Specific Communities

    Hello everyone, This post is in the interest of helping players communicate with people from their countries to, so to speak, break language barriers. If you know of any language specific channels or communities referenced by Countries. If you could, please post in this thread the name of...
  9. Kain Dewey Fall

    Bank Sale History

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows about what Banks in the game have been sold for throughout the years and what they might be worth now?
  10. Kain Dewey Fall

    What happened to it is the fault of your own?

    Think about the fault of your own factor. What happened to it is the fault of your own for not reading the directions, not reading a contract, not reading the rules. I see all these people complaining about how MindArk sucks or Entropia sucks all because they don't have the decency to read the...
  11. Kain Dewey Fall

    Selling: Selling Asteroid F.O.M.A. Shop #53

    I am selling the shop for 3000ped. Message Kain Dewey Fall in game if you are interested in purchasing. 200 Item Indoor Points and 25 Item Display Point
  12. Kain Dewey Fall

    Shop #53 Independence Day Setup

    Hello, It is summer time and Americas Independence day is coming up, filled with lots of fruit to eat in the coming season, Lake and swimming fun, lots of heat, lots of explosives( I mean fireworks), feelings the rocks and sand under your feat and defying the feats of life and physics with the...
  13. Kain Dewey Fall

    Summer/ Independence Day Shop Design Ideas

    I want to give my shop a summer holiday theme four the Fourth of July, Americas Independence Day. But I am not coming up with a lot of idea for what I have got. I can probably make it look great for independence day but I want to know if there are any suggestions from the community on a great...
  14. Kain Dewey Fall

    What is your Opinions on a SPED CO-OP?

    I don't think I am able to post links so, to give you all a small idea of what my society is doing, very small, a lot more to come, I have been talking about it a lot on the Facebook, Entropia Universe, Public Group for a few years. But I am hoping for a full launch of all of my society Projects...
  15. Kain Dewey Fall

    Tailoring, Coloring, & Textures CHART *PLS READ*

    **IMPORTANT NOTICE** I would like to help all the Texturizers and colorers out there NOW! ;D:smoke: **IMPORTANT NOTICE** The "Extensive Design and Clothing chart". It would require approximately an expected $18,574 USD to do 1 set of every texture once. There are 238 Textures that I know of and...
  16. Kain Dewey Fall

    Weapons Chart- Game Manual "&more*

    *Provided in the link below is a Weapons ECO chart, The information provided on the chart does not hold accurate depiction of "ECO Ratings" As exactly what makes a weapon "ECO" Is not fully...
  17. Kain Dewey Fall

    Shop #53 Valentines' Day Setup

    Asteroid FOMA Shop #53 Valentines' Day Setup Hello, To locate FOMA Shop #53 at the Asteroid FOMA select the teleport location, Main Complex Block B, the shopping complex of Asteroid FOMA is the area where the teleports are in a circle. There are 66 Asteroid FOMA Shops and mine is...
  18. Kain Dewey Fall

    Asteroid FOMA Shop #53 Valentines' Day Setup

    Hello, To locate FOMA Shop #53 at the Asteroid select the teleport location, Main Complex Block B, the shopping complex of Asteroid FOMA is the area where the teleports are in a circle. There are 66 Asteroid FOMA Shops and mine is Located closest to teleport Main Complex Block B. When you...
  19. Kain Dewey Fall

    Second Question, Kain Dewey Fall

    Do mobs have defense ratings that make them have weaknesses to specific damage types or even specific weapon types? Another I don't know if this is a followup question or not but... Is there an advantage other than weapon efficiency such as weapon type or damage types that increase loot...
  20. Kain Dewey Fall

    First Question, Kain Dewey Fall

    In the announcement about ComPets suspension, I am wondering if ComPet is actually Suspended and still capable of producing revenue for ComPet Deeds now and in the future or if the game is permanently suspended/discontinued and will no longer provide revenue between ComPet Deeds? I don't know...
  21. Kain Dewey Fall

    Info: The Theory of Appropriation

    *Summarized Version* It was mentioned in the Developer Notes for Loot 2.0, efficiency or loot gained from a mob, is determined on how well you show knowledge of the game mechanics. Quickly killing a mob, not over-damaging a mob, and utilizing tools efficiently instead of obsessively will...
  22. Kain Dewey Fall

    Selling: Asteroid FOMA Shop #53

    I am selling a shop I recently purchased, I decided I would probably be more interested in having the PED right now than the shop because I don't have the time to advertise the shop a whole lot or the resources to stock the shop at this moment. Also, just about everyone I talk to dosn't even...