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  1. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: adjusted nemesis frmale set tier 3/4

    Price is +2k , just what i payd for it this weekend. Turns out its too small armour for mobs i hunt so not realy using it. Pm me here or ingame theone lamoar gr Thanks
  2. LaMoarrrr

    Buying: High tire rate Gremlin F

    Hi im looking for high tire rates gremlin F set, either set or parts, female only. paying up to 5x the MU depends on tires numbers. pm me here or in game theone lamoar gr :) Thanks :wtg:
  3. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: Perseus/Shadow/Angel F;L parts

    Have Perseus 5 or 6 pieces, 2 piece of shadow and some angel dont remember exact number if items. TT varies from pretty low so to like half TT , pm if intrested :)
  4. LaMoarrrr

    Buying: Gremlin F set

    Looking for Gremlin F set, as higher tier rates as better. Thanks :yay:
  5. LaMoarrrr

    Buying: Angel L

    Looking for Angel L (Female) set or pieces either way, pm or reply with offers please :)
  6. LaMoarrrr

    Web Shop needs something for miners too?

    Don't you miss probes in web shop? Id love MA put them in there, maybe similar principal to Universal Ammo? Sounded like a really cool idea to me, what you think? :)
  7. LaMoarrrr

    Question: Level 13's

    My soc mate made me wonder, lvl13 says its lvl20req, so if you are lvl20 prospector, do you use the amp at full efficient or it only allows you to use it, but you can use only for example 15% of what the amp actually could do if you were lets say lvl50 prospector? Meybe thats where the skills...
  8. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: Isis HL6 tier6.2

    Hello, I'm selling my Isis HL6 Unl tier 6.2, I'm not in a rush to sell it but any serious offer will be considered. It can be lowest TT any time you want which is around ~260ped.
  9. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: Shadow female limited

    Selling full shadow female limited, pm me in game - theone lamoar gr, thanks.