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  1. maxwellhawk

    daily argo mission can't be finished.

    since the last update the daily mission for argos can't be completed - either that or i'm missing something. the mission is now made in to 2 halves separated by a gate. i can only get half of the mission done as i cannot open the second half. the only thing i can figure is when you release the...
  2. maxwellhawk

    bots everywhere

    I would like to see MA make a universal mob, the same mob being available on all planets. By making bots that mob it could be considered a universal enemy thus fitting into the original story line. If it was made as an iron mission made available everywhere it would even be better.
  3. maxwellhawk

    mining resource size

    What is the largest claim you can get using a noob finder? What is the largest find anyone has got using such finder?
  4. maxwellhawk

    Explosive Projectiles Blueprint I returns

    I have been using the EP1 bp to make projectiles to hunt with and get the manufacturing skills (or I'd just buy them on the market - they are much cheaper then making them). Most of my runs have been 20 ped runs and I've got my BP to .96 - so i have been using it for awhile. The only issue I...
  5. maxwellhawk


    I would like to find somebody that can craft BLP amps - I have some dunkel and I would like to have some amps made.
  6. maxwellhawk

    resource location

    Maybe someone can figure this out. Every time I find a resource it is within a couple of meters of my av. My skills aren't very high but I used to find my minerals all over the place - I would have to run to them to mine them. Now it seems that the only time I find minerals they are never more...
  7. maxwellhawk

    Ranged Melee Weapons

    They have clubs why don't they have bows, throwing knives and hatchets. MA could introduce these weapons that give ranged skills and melee skills. It would be cool to have a new type of hunting technique. Just something different that popped up :silly2:
  8. maxwellhawk

    Globals and # Mobs

    I was wondering if anyone has done a study of the correlation of the number of a specific type of mob killed to the amount of globals received from that mob or if a correlation could even be made? Essentially what I'm asking, has anyone studied, does say killing 100 (the number and mob are...
  9. maxwellhawk

    Selling: WTT some Dunkel

    I have some Dunkel I would like to trade for stuff like armor plate, amps or weapons.
  10. maxwellhawk

    Enhancer decay

    Today I noticed that removing an enhancer costs decay (1 pec). Is this supposed to be there or is this one of those "features" that MA has a tendency to add in. I don't think there is decay for adding or removing anything else from a tool. I didn't check to see if there is a decay for adding an...
  11. maxwellhawk


    Does anyone know what happened to the bone drop for the I've got a bone to pick mission? They used to drop at a rate of about 1 per every 3 punies (or thereabout). Now they are a dropping at a really slow rate. At 1 in 3 that made completion of the mission in about 30k mobs which would have been...
  12. maxwellhawk

    Shrapnel beware they disappear.

    I got 121 ped armax global today - it was all shrapnel (verified in the loot window). I had to log out for awhile after getting it - after logging back in I continued on to nymphtown. Upon arrival I went to the terminals to check my inventory and found that the shrapnel was not there. Support...
  13. maxwellhawk

    Shroom guy

    Anyone figure out where you get the mats he asks for to upgrade the 2600?
  14. maxwellhawk

    Selling: gremlin gloves

    I don't want to sell I would like to trade some F Gremlin gloves for a pair of M gremlin gloves.
  15. maxwellhawk

    BP drops on other planets

    I'm wondering if BPs drop different BPs on different planets? For example - would using a generic leather texture BP from Caly when used on Cyrene will it drop Cyrene texture BPs?
  16. maxwellhawk

    crafting unusable items

    I went to cyrene to revisit it and check out some of the new missions. One of the missions is to craft a pistol. I crafted it (with some residue) and had success but the success was worthless (other then i completed the mission) because the weapon was unusable - tt to low. So my question is...
  17. maxwellhawk

    enhancers and decay

    I was messing around with enhancers today and noticed if I removed it from my weapon the weapon would decay 1 pec. Is this just a sneaky way to get the remove clothes tax back in the game or has it been this way all along and I just missed it. Are they going to charge us for changing weapons...
  18. maxwellhawk

    Av damage

    I just noticed that I'm taking more damage from falling then I used to. Previously I was able to jump off many things without receiving damage, like the steps at PA. Now it seems that if I stub my toe I take damage. What is with the new secret changes to EU and why are they hiding them?
  19. maxwellhawk

    MA taking our skills?

    I was having a discussion the other day concerning skills and the topic came up of MA taking skills over time. I said that MA didn't do that. He said that it had happened over time to him and some of his friends. He stated that he had lost skills by not logging in regularly. As far as I know MA...
  20. maxwellhawk


    I am just wondering if we're getting a Halloween gift from MA this year? Not that it is a big deal, but it was always something nice the players looked forward toward in the past.
  21. maxwellhawk


    My son found this while wandering around - trying to figure out what it goes to - a mission or what? It has a door that is operable but it doesn't open.
  22. maxwellhawk

    Selling: Trading: Gremlin Gloves (M) for (F)

    As this is supposed to be a trading forum but there is no trading subforum I guess this goes here. I have some female gremlin gloves I would like to trade for some male ones.
  23. maxwellhawk

    poll: tech support

    I'm just curious as to what people thinks happens when you get the cut and paste response from MA's tech support "I have forwarded this report to members of the responsible team for further investigation and any irregularities found will be adjusted." Personally I've never got a response after...
  24. maxwellhawk

    tiering rookie terra master

    Has anyone actually tiered a rookie terra master - as it cost ~120 ped to raise the tier to lvl 1? Is there some kind of crazy MA logic as to why it shouldn't be tiered?
  25. maxwellhawk


    Why can't we find totals of our skills for each group? I would like to see totals of our skills for each group e.g. medical, combat, crafting, etc. It would make it a lot easier to track our skill gains especially because the skill gains can be distributed over different groups. Just a thought...