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  1. Starkiller

    Buying: Rx Optac 1 (M) + Wormslayer M parts

    Looking to buy one of these male sets, (maybe, maybe) a rx optac 2 male set. Also on the lookout for Wormslayer M Parts, if you got some I am interested in completing a set. Pm with your offers. No fishing attemps please. Best regards,
  2. Starkiller

    Uber: 5.9k Ped Zombie 03

    My turn :) Just as I was finishing the 50k point mission aswell.
  3. Starkiller

    Buying: FEN 13 + 7FEN Amp Nanochip or BP / LP 70 or Strong/Great Argonaut Claw

    Greetings, I am currently attempting to gauge the market for a FEN 13 chip and apropriate 7FEN Amp. Particular interest in the Electric version, the Electric Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition. Preferably want to buy in a combo pack but can evaluate other options. Also looking for an...
  4. Starkiller

    Selling: LR-40 FEN Edition Tier 2.99 (SOLD)

    As the time approaches to upgrade to a new weapon, and upon reaching my main goal with the gun, I have decided to put it up for sale here. I won't be writing a whole lot on the gun, If you are searching for one then you know what to expect from it. I have used it since almost as soon as I SIBed...
  5. Starkiller

    Achievement: Commando :)

    I am now a commando :D Onwards to Killstrike.
  6. Starkiller

    Buying: LP-70 or bp-70

    As title says, I am looking for one of those weapons, hit me up ingame discord or forums for more infos. Can do a trade for peds or peds + items if it benefits us both.
  7. Starkiller

    Selling: Looking for Crafter wanting Oils

    Heya, For a couple years now I have been focusing a bit more on hunting and have managed to stack quite a bit of materials along the way, with a poor solution to sell them (either lack of stack division knowledge or simply lazyness). Therefore, I am currently looking for someone wanting to cut...
  8. Starkiller

    Help: Songkra Valley's Maturity suggestions

    Heya everyone, Seeing as this forum is more inclusive than Arkadia's at this point, I would like to leave a poll here to those interested in hunting the Mutated Beladoths and Mutated Otorugis about which maturities would you like to see in the foreseable future and events that will be organized...
  9. Starkiller

    Butchering and Xenobiology

    Aparently I learnt how to butcher stuff and am specializing in Xeno Studies :D
  10. Starkiller

    Uber: Rextelum Uber

    And on the same day as my highest hunting loot I previously looted this: Seems like today was my day!
  11. Starkiller

    Uber: Merry Mayhem uber :)

    I don't post these often but this is my biggest hunting loot to date :) Can't be losing all the time!
  12. Starkiller

    Buying: Sygin Armor M

    As the title states, I am currently attempting to purchase the following Sygin M parts: Gloves; Arm Guards; Shin Guards; Thigh Guards; Foot Guards; Send me your offers either by posting on this thread, through ingame PM's or through PMs in this forum. Thank you in advance :)
  13. Starkiller

    Achievement: Martial Artist

    And I seem to have learned how to do Martial Arts! Be careful :D
  14. Starkiller

    Achievement: Wounding

    And later on today I learnt how to wound more! :D
  15. Starkiller

    Achievement: Combat Sense

    Im more combat sensitive now :) Slow process for me but a good achievement in my book ^_^
  16. Starkiller

    Songkra Valley - A Backstory

    Originaly posted here: Greetings everyone! Recently I wrote a backstory for Songkra Valley ( use this ingame command to get a quick waypoint to the TP - /wp [Arkadia, 32488, 26149, 160, Songkra Valley TP]) that underwent...
  17. Starkiller

    UGC Signs not uploading properly

    Greetings, So I have been trying to upload some images to my UGC signs to promote Songkra Valley and my other services, however after successfully uploading (and paying ofc) onto the game, when I create the advert and pay for it (again) the sign only shows grey images. Firstly I was told it...
  18. Starkiller

    Wormslayer M Parts

    Greetings, Interested in knowing your opinions on the pricetags for these armor pieces :) Either write here or PM me with values for discussion. Thanks.
  19. Starkiller

    Songkra Valley - Shoot Lead, Get PED (Monthly)

    Due the ever increasing threat from the indigenous creatures of Arkadia at Songkra Valley, Starkiller, together with the IFN, is handing bounty prizes to all hunters who are able and willing to assist erradicating the Mutated Beladoth and Mutated Otorugi hordes from the Valley. The bounties...
  20. Starkiller

    Info: Songkra Valley - Monthly Event

    Finaly the poster for Songkra Valley's new event is finished! Coming soon - 01/06/2020! - My little corner in the making for more informations on the Land Area, Warps and Beauty services.
  21. Starkiller

    Starkiller's Crimson Flights (Equus Travelling Service) II

    This is a continuation of the original thread: I am providing a travelling alternative to bigger ship classes. Considering a regular...
  22. Starkiller

    Buying: Apartment on Arkadia

    Greetings, As the title says, I am looking for an apartment on Arkadia to settle a beautician studio up! I am looking to buy below tt+2k. Send me your offers either ingame, through private message or through here.
  23. Starkiller

    Buying: Hair Spray, Hair Gel, Body Fat and Mettallic Bone Replacements

    Greetings, As the title says, I am currently purchasing beauty materials for my skilling runs. Feel free to pm me ingame, discord (S_killer.tar (Starkiller)#8333) or through the forums for more informations.
  24. Starkiller

    Arkadia - Sentosa's Reach (ALA04) - FREE Events on the Weekend

    Heya guys, As a part of the ped incentives provided for completing the IFN Missions on Mutated Madanas, through the following event (Mutated Madana Reconquista) on Sentosa's Reach, We will now be having smaller weekend events to promote the mission even further: Event Type: Highest Single...
  25. Starkiller

    Beauty Profession bugs - Camera Issues and General chat missing

    Greetings, I noticed while doing some beauty work on some clients on Arkadia that my chat wasn't updating properly while he was accepting the procedures - it actualy deleted my main chat's content at some points and then recovered from it later. This issue made me confused as I was not able to...