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  1. Haruto Rat

    Question: Shopkeeper Market Value History

    Shopkeeper drops registered on EL rare loot tracker: 2013 - 50 2014 - 64 2015 - 62 2016 - 82 2017 - 72 2018 - 21 2019 - 22 2020 - 23 2021 - 2
  2. Haruto Rat

    "Tracked Missions" Tab stuck?

    My better half has this problem, I myself do not. We've both looked at it but haven't figured out a way to get rid of it. Wife swap is out of question.
  3. Haruto Rat

    A very tired warpship owner

    No, thanks. I wouldn't risk flying with people who hate me, especially given they hate me for various out-of-game reasons.
  4. Haruto Rat

    Generic Fuse Prices

    From what I'm hearing from different sources, the exact opposite happened – there was a concerted action to suppress the prices but it broke down because some participants wanted to benefit from the cartel without contributing to it (i.e. they put up the orders at 200% but did not sell to them...
  5. Haruto Rat

    Question: Should MindArk bring back the Cyrene Armors?

    These poll options leave out considerable number of people who want existing armors removed. (They haven't yet begun advocating banning some random people to make the 'community' feel better but that probably won't take long.) Moi, I prefer 1, with an added note that 'rebalancing' should...
  6. Haruto Rat

    Joint Imperium Armor Announcement from MindArk and Planet Cyrene

    This would mean the many blueprints that use these mats or mats derived from these, would need to be changed. The armor rush already made crafting of many fine items (such as Enkidd A-Series guns) unreasonable, not reenabling the loots would make it outright impossible. The easiest way would be...
  7. Haruto Rat

    Joint Imperium Armor Announcement from MindArk and Planet Cyrene

    Like, space transport missions? ;)
  8. Haruto Rat

    Question: Market manipulation or harassment on Queen Bed (C)?

    One possible cause for extremely low markups could be two avatars on different planets using auction simply as a means of transporting things. That would be a dick move of dubious legality, of course, but at least would explain it.
  9. Haruto Rat

    Info: Toulan crafting yields bounty exploit - confirm?

    As far as I know, the supposed 'exploit' is a hoax concocted to facilitate recruitment to a certain society. Fortunately, the rules of this forum prevent me from escalating this dumpster fire to a whole new level. :) The background - that the returns on crafting cheap crap are strongly...
  10. Haruto Rat

    Uber: 3k Shub

    I looted the shoggoth and shub chapters within the first 1k kills, the yog one after ~15k kills (close to the end of the 10k mission), yet to loot the cultist one about 6k kills in.
  11. Haruto Rat

    New year, new hussk

    recommended minimum range, if any?
  12. Haruto Rat

    Buying: CLOSED

    The Armor Shop provides sets needed for armor upgrades and (I believe) also other materials. As for the prices, you'll need to check them yourself.
  13. Haruto Rat

    Christmas Strongboxes on other planets

    For three out of four mayhems every year, no boxes drop on other planets, and somehow no one feels any need to use expletives over that fact. And the moral of the story is? Pleasant surprises cannot go on for too long, or people will start perceiving them as entitlements; at the very least, the...
  14. Haruto Rat

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2020.0.5

    Given this name occurs fairly often in Crusader Kings (as a first name lål), I see two possibilities: – optimistic: MA has succeeded in recruiting someone from Paradox Interactive (also a Swedish company btw), and – realistic: someone at MA is wasting their time on Paradox games.
  15. Haruto Rat

    The reports were greatly exaggerated

    eep! This is to inform that rats are still alive and kicking, and are expected to be online in a matter of days. //H.
  16. Haruto Rat

    Wild guess about current "lag". What's yours?

    I've played just about three hours this week, and not during the peak hours but... it was not that bad, I've seen worse.
  17. Haruto Rat

    How to get 90%+ TT?

    It works the other way around - anything that the system is willing to let you have big multipliers in becomes TT food soon.
  18. Haruto Rat

    Arkadia Moon Deeds - Limited Edition Cyborg Suit

    I'll wait until 2025 when they offer a limited edition planet with those. :cool:
  19. Haruto Rat

    Question: Filler Ores and Enmatter (lyst/oil)

    In games of sword and magic, if you harvest one area too much, you incur the wrath of the gods, and a lightning strikes you, forcing you to move elsewhere. Unfortunately, wrath of the gods doesn't quite belong in a sci-fi setting, hence EU relies on more subtle hints to make people move. Well...
  20. Haruto Rat

    Server Down for Maintenance - Clock keeps ticking

    Auction deadlines are extended by (approx.) the span of the downtime.
  21. Haruto Rat

    Server Downtime for Patch

    You forgot to count the client patch. :cool: (the content patch was indeed 400-something kB, downloaded too fast to read even)
  22. yeah


  23. Haruto Rat

    Buying: DNA Calypso mobs

    Alright, I have a few faucervix skins, and tantardion as well.
  24. Haruto Rat

    Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

    Depending on the angle, it could also be seen as one big problem the size of the forum itself. They might want to lose the database in an unfortunate boating accident. :cool:
  25. Haruto Rat

    ATH: Oops, I did it again.