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  1. Haruto Rat

    The reports were greatly exaggerated

    eep! This is to inform that rats are still alive and kicking, and are expected to be online in a matter of days. //H.
  2. Haruto Rat

    FYI: Merge All Stacks doesn't work if...

    Merge All Stacks doesn't work if several identical UL blueprints are present in the place (inventory/container/storage in general) where you attempt to merge stacks. The system tries to merge those but cannot, resulting in a red Could not execute message. This might be fixed soon given...
  3. Haruto Rat

    Combustive Attack Nanochip 8

    Combustive Attack Nanochip 8 Looted one of the last day of the last year, wondering what could it be worth these days. MU for t0 and tiers that have data during the last year: 23 pieces registered in the EL rare loot db since 2013. The question is whether I should sell this or acquire...
  4. Haruto Rat

    Selling: RSB S1X*, other UL low-level weapons

    Hamjambo mabwana! I've got some things laying around that I haven't used for quite some time, so they could use a new home. Ozpyn RSB S1X1 t0.99 99, 73, 78, 108... Ozpyn RSB S1X2 t0.99 118, 78, 127, 182... SOLD Lokabhu Electrifier Sword t0.99 155, 117, 97, 83... The blades are at or near...
  5. Haruto Rat

    Selling: Reilly Boots (C) Blueprint

    Do you remember the joke about "what the pope has but is not using"? Well, not exactly sure about the pope but I've got a Reilly Boots (C) Blueprint that I'm not using. 48.something QR Offers, PED only. Ingame messages preferred. I'm not online much lately but try to log in at least once a...
  6. Haruto Rat

    Achievement: #1 in LBML ranking

    Didn't expect this to happen but perhaps the weather is better in other areas of the world so everyone is out having a barbecue. :laugh: LBML ranking Disclaimer: this doesn't mean I mine more than them, I just have the second biggest variety bonus among currently active miners.
  7. Haruto Rat

    Question: Auto-use on healing tools

    It seems the behavior of healing tools is somewhat inconsistent in the new system. If you equip a FAP and press F (or whatever key you've assigned 'Interact' to), it will go into auto-use mode only if there's a valid mob target in your FOV. Moreover, said target will be selected and locked...
  8. Haruto Rat

    Selling: low tt Pitbulls

    Pitbull Mk I (C,L), fresh off the boat, er, crafting machine. Holds up to 150 items / 400 kg. Up to 33 pieces available, tt ranging from 8.47 to 10.12 PED. Price: tt+11.50/piece (roughly 213% to 236% if anyone cares), firm. Send ingame mail to: Cunning Haruto Rat Fine print: This is not a...
  9. Haruto Rat

    Selling: 241x Halloween Strongbox 3.99 ea

    eep! Rats are looking to move up to 241 Halloween Strongboxes at 3.99 each firm. <removed> Send an ingame mail to Cunning Haruto Rat. Fine print Rats reserve the right to ignore known witchhunters, nazis, commies, jerks and vegetarians.
  10. Haruto Rat

    Question: Is this the missing beer shipment?

    North of Honuri in non-lootable PVP, by the river. An Omegaton shipping container crashed into ground, with barrels scattered around. Didn't have any tools to open a barrel and see what's in it. :( (I did some searching but didn't find any mentions of this, so either this is a fairly...
  11. Haruto Rat

    Selling: (bulk) Modec VXT 100 (L)

    Monrian OJ gun (77 m range): Modec VXT 100 (L) Got about 50 pieces, about half of them full tt. Looking to sell partials first; not selling one-by-one; otherwise flexible. Contact: Cunning Haruto Rat
  12. Haruto Rat

    Selling: (bulk) Welding Wire Blueprint (L)

    That time has come again. One Pitbull is full, and then there are some. About 80 PED tt available, smaller quantities fine. Like 140%. Drop a line to Cunning Haruto Rat.
  13. Haruto Rat

    Buying: (or renting) Armor Plating Mark.4A

    eep! Rats are looking to purchase another set of Armor Plating Mark.4A. The one we already have we bought on auction at +9.50 (29.00) / piece, or 203 PED total. Alternatively, we might look into renting a set for a month or two until another one comes up for sale. Collateral in PED or...
  14. Haruto Rat

    Consolidated Planet Partner release notes, Mar 27 2018

    EU: Entropia Universe 15.16.0 Release Notes Calypso Cyrene Arkadia (forum) No VU notes at this time Next Island (forum) No VU notes at this time Toulan (forum) No VU notes at this time Rocktropia (forum) No VU notes at this time Monria Note: formatting may be slightly altered to...
  15. Haruto Rat

    Mayhem missions get auto-activated in Neomex cave

    (minor) We were shooting Neomex today when suddenly, upon killing a Broodling, both team members received Mayhem daily missions (Daikiba/Hispidus/Hogglo). Apart from nuisance/confusion, this has no adverse effects, and as far as I can see there's no exploit potential but this is probably not...
  16. Haruto Rat

    Selling: Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)

    Ozpyn Cold Protector (L) It's getting cold outside (and inside Merry Mayhem), add 7 points of Cold protection. Have 2 full sets plus some plates lying around since times immemorial. 109%. Send an ingame mail to Cunning Haruto Rat. Caveat: Merry Mayhem will likely contain new mobs this year...
  17. Haruto Rat

    Info: Consolidated Planet Partner release notes, Dec 12 2017

    Hypnotik is not online, so I'm taking over :) Last followup check: Wed 13 Dec 2017 around 7:00 MA time Entropia Universe 15.15.5 Release Notes Calypso Cyrene Toulan Rocktropia - nothing official yet (forum) (participant feedback) Things that have been addressed at 12.12.2017 VU Arkadia...
  18. Haruto Rat

    Selling: 99.59 ped ESI

    Single piece, freshly looted. Deadline for offers: Saturday 02-Dec-2017, 19:00 server time Offers to be submitted by: posting in this thread, or ingame mail to Cunning Haruto Rat Fine print: This is not an auction. No sale will happen before the above time; however, if no satisfying offer is...
  19. Haruto Rat

    Selling: Vivo Oxy2500 (L) Blueprint

    Accidentally got my paws on the following collectioneer's item: It's a level VIII blueprint, hence supposedly maxed at level 22.5 Tools Engineer (if you want to click it, that is). (entropiawiki) tt: 0.01 qr: 1.0 SB: tt+0.99 Current: 50 PED by slupor Ends: ended
  20. Haruto Rat

    FYI: the latest Shopkeeper Pad comes from...

    I'm not sure if it's a new thing, or an old thing coming back, or a rare thing happening once in x years. Anyway, occasional cool stuff in small mobs is fine with me. And grats to the happy looter. :)
  21. Haruto Rat

    Selling: (bulk) Shayeb S10 (L), other OJ weapons

    Shayeb S10 (L) A BLP handgun from Toulan for OJs (3 dmg). 20+ pieces, all full TT (3.00 PED), available at 109%. Minimum batch: 10 pieces Send an ingame mail to: Cunning Haruto Rat Potentially also available to the buyers of the above: Shayeb S20 (L), Shayeb S30 (L), Modec VXT 100 (L) and...
  22. Haruto Rat

    Selling: ~50 PED Welding Wire Blueprint (L)

    The stack is too damn big again (and they even aren't actually stackable :P) Looking to sell ~50 PED (5k clicks) of subj., may sell slightly more if there's a good offer. Offers should be posted here or sent by ingame mail to Cunning Haruto Rat. SB: (hidden) Deadline for offers: Saturday...
  23. Haruto Rat

    Question: Got lag? Got a SSD?

    I have a hypothesis that there might be some correlation between recent performance troubles and hardware used, namely type of hard disk in use. If there's none... well, negative result is also a result. :)
  24. Haruto Rat

    Make society info available from chat (righclick>society info)

    The problem: you can look up society information for any avatar in visibility range but cannot do so for someone on e.g. a trade channel or even private chat. Why this matters: when someone you've never heard of messages you with a 2G2BT offer, or simply something weird, it's better to have...
  25. Haruto Rat


    Multiple rare loots are recorded in duplicate today: Dropship Relentless Firebase Comander Sully Decker Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:15:26 Dropship Relentless Firebase Comander Sully Decker Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:09:22 Adjusted Omegaton A105 Spud Goalie Crasher Sun, 25 Jun 2017 15:51:28 Adjusted Omegaton...