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  1. Xen

    Price Check Mod merc, i2870, aug ep-38, imk2

    Wondering what these weapons will/should sell for now with the recent loot 2.0 weapon dump in the token trader.
  2. Xen

    Buying: Ascension Armor (M)

    Buying all parts Ascension Armor (M). Don't sell until you contact me for best price.
  3. Xen

    Buying: Imk2, Mod Merc, BP-70, LP-100, etc.

    I am possibly interested in buying one of the following: Imk2 Mod Merc Possibly BP-70 or LP-100, depending on price (won't bother with LP-70 since that has jumped the shark, lol). Generally a high efficiency ranged weapon. Send me your price.
  4. Xen

    Mob Damage Information

    Could you please just list mob damage information when scanning mobs? Example: Flying Spaghetti Monster Attack #1: AOE: No Range: 10m Max Damage: 200 Impact: 50% Acid: 50% Attack #2: AOE: Yes Range: 50m Max Damage: 1000 Burn: 100%
  5. Xen

    Selling: Wormslayer (M), Elec FEN+amp, xmas 17+19, imp hedoc

    The following items are for sale: Wormslayer (M) , full set, currently only full M set in game (there are 1 or 2 other M parts) SOLD tiers(tir): harness 2.99(159), arms 2.99(149), thighs 2.66(145), shins 2.38(158), helmet 1.99(121), foot guards 1.99(171), gloves 1.99(153)...
  6. Xen

    Xen Hunting Log

    Prologue: No large loots or high tt return that some may think would cause a low tt return now.
  7. Xen

    Selling: Elec FEN+Amp, xmas 17+19, imp hedoc

    This is a "presale" thread to gauge interest. [Electric Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition] tier 2.99 TIR 129 [NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition] (these will be sold together only) [Christmas Ring 2019] [Christmas Ring 2017] [Hedoc Mayhem, Improved] tier 2.99 TIR 118 [Wormslayer...
  8. Xen

    Adding damage enhancers not working for mindforce

    When adding damage enhancers to mindforce chips on entropiawiki it does not change the decay, ammo or overall cost.
  9. Xen

    Selling: Tier 9 Component

    I currently have 611 (855.40 tt) of these sweet orange babies I am h̶o̶l̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶o̶s̶t̶a̶g̶e̶ making available for a d̶e̶s̶p̶e̶r̶a̶t̶e̶ motivated buyer. Taking offers.
  10. Xen

    Suggestion: Pyrite/OAC

    How about putting the pyrite drop rate back to something resembling normal so we don't have almost zero pyrite and a shitload of output amps not being used?
  11. Xen

    Selling: Halloween Ring 2018

    Halloween Ring 2018 for sale. 20k start bid, 23k buyout.
  12. Xen

    Selling: EWE LC-625 Gleamer tier 8.99

    SOLD Selling EWE LC-625 Gleamer tier 8.99. This is a Cat 9 gun and should be very competitive in that cat with good buffs and smart usage, especially if you make it tier 9. With this gun and it's 104.5 meter range most Mayhem mobs either...
  13. Xen

    Suggestion: "Unstuck" function

    Sometimes our avatars become stuck on various objects in the game, and sometimes it's not possible to spawn a vehicle close enough to jump in and become unstuck. An "unstuck" function that places your avatar maybe 10m away like a short tp would be useful. *edit: spelling
  14. Xen

    Suggestion: Redo some attack animations

    Some weapons only display the attack animation/sound every other attack if the reload becomes too fast. Please redo all attack animations so they fit within reload*1.3, reload being the max that will be possible for that category (electric attack chip, club, longblade, etc.). We've been...
  15. Xen

    Selling: EWE LC-625 Gleamer tier 8.9

    Selling EWE LC-625 Gleamer tier 8.9. In the last 4 Mayhem competitions I placed 7th, 7th, 2nd, and 7th with this gun in Cat *10* Annihilation. This is a Cat 9 gun and should be very competitive in that cat with good buffs and smart...
  16. Xen

    Question: CryEngine 5, DX12

    Why are we still on CryEngine 2 from 10+ years ago and DX9 from 15+ years ago?
  17. Xen

    Make Space Hunting Not Suck

    Make space hunting not suck for the 99% of players in EU who don't own a mothership or privateer. I assume with all the new non lootable space mob hunting areas you wanted more space hunting. You need to make it easier to do so. 1. First, the repair problem. I'll just link to another thread...
  18. Xen

    You should get SPACE skills when shooting anything in SPACE

    When shooting ANY weapon in space you should get space skills, i.e. Gunner skills, NOT planetary Mounted XXX skils, including weapons on a Quad or Sleipner. You get space skills when getting hit, e.g. Spacecraft Captain and Spacecraft Systems (not planetary evade skills) so it only makes sense...
  19. Xen

    Buying: Supreme Relaxo Yellow Groove Chair

    Has to be Supreme and has to be Yellow. Pm me if you have one for sale.
  20. Xen

    Selling: Easter, Halloween, Christmas Strongboxes

    I have bulk amounts of Easter, Halloween and Christmas Strongboxes for sale. Send reasonable offers.
  21. Xen

    Annihilation Eviscerator

    Annihilation Eviscerator needs a mob ID (currently 0).
  22. Xen

    Uber: Halloween Ring 2018

  23. Xen

    ATH: Warrior Elite "ATH" (with video)

    Technically an ATH. :rolleyes:
  24. Xen

    Infinity Armor - CRITICAL

    When (L) armor parts reach 0.00 tt they are not unequipped and continue to provide full protection. When (L) armor plates reach 0.00 tt they are not unequipped and continue to provide full protection. The (L) armor parts they are attached to are not unequipped. 0.00 tt (L) armor parts can be...