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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    It's comments like these that make others say they want to boycott NTI altogether. It's an attitude of winning a game of monopoly and rubbing it in the other players faces the whole evening. Enjoy your unique mobs, I'll have fun with the pletora of equally unique mobs on six other planets...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Dude, where did you get the assumption that 1. I was planning to spend it big on NTI? and 2. That I don't share my money or charity nor do anything for the community of my town?
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Yes, please make a NTI return thread. I'm curious to see what I missed out of by approx. 30 min.
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Dude, I took me longer to get sick an tired of people like you saying "you knew the date and time" then the NTI shares took to sell out. Next time consider that people live in different time zones, work in shifts, can't always take a day off, have to care for family members, take children to...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Some Europeans are pissed off when they logged on at 12:00 UTC (read me). Fuck this MA, why did you drop them all in one bunch and/or allow one player to buy over 25% of all shares? Happy Capitalism Day! Bah, I'm disappointed and angry and sad. [Moderated: Rule 2.2]
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    Ardorjies Hunting Blog

    I had taken a look at some of the mêlée FEN/Loot 2.0 weapons, but they're either lvl 10 or the markup is way out of my reach :( I've looted a Cryo 10 (L) lately that I haven't maxed yet. I can buy a MF-Delta for that and see how it goes. I've had some oke results with the Cryo 9 (L)s that I've...
  7. 7800 Clubs.jpg

    7800 Clubs.jpg

  8. Yuka 055.jpg

    Yuka 055.jpg

  9. Yuka 057.jpg

    Yuka 057.jpg

  10. PRINT SCREEN 2021-11-27 21-4-36.jpg

    PRINT SCREEN 2021-11-27 21-4-36.jpg

  11. 7800 Longblades.jpg

    7800 Longblades.jpg

  12. Stage 6 Navi.jpg

    Stage 6 Navi.jpg

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    Question: Will Treasure island deeds be worth it.

    Treasure Island is on Calypso, because that was the only planet in the known (Project) Entropia Universe at the time of the original sale. I hope you're right and that the community (or just the 'shareholders') will get a say in the density and maturity of these mobs. All robots are a...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Warning! This post contains lots of what if's and speculations. First off, I have a data sheet of all my hunts since the past 3-4 years and with all the globals from those hunts as well. I don't mine or craft much, and therefor I've left that data out of these calculations. I looked back to my...
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    Ardorjies Hunting Blog

    I'm still going on with Navies and Korwils and more of the same. First hunt was on Jori though, because I had just a little bit of time to play. Second was on Jori too, to break the MF-chip that I was using. One more Navi hunt and then I went for the Korwils again. I had some good globals there...
  16. Korwil 120.jpg

    Korwil 120.jpg

  17. Korwil 128.jpg

    Korwil 128.jpg

  18. Bs.Ax.55L Maxed-out.jpg

    Bs.Ax.55L Maxed-out.jpg

  19. PRINT SCREEN 2021-11-14 16-35-1.jpg

    PRINT SCREEN 2021-11-14 16-35-1.jpg

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    Fi/Ra/Co Beast amplifier rental service

    I wish I knew this a few days ago. My apologies :censored:
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    Ardorjies Hunting Blog

    Korwil / Navi / Korwil / Navi. That's the shortest version of this update. First three Korwil hunts, where on I didn't get much loot. Maybe because I was using the Jungle Stalker on two of these hunts because I was out of PEDs to repair my mace, but had plenty of Shrapnel to go with. I did...
  22. 6000 Wounding.jpg

    6000 Wounding.jpg

  23. Clubber over Swordsman at Level 60.jpg

    Clubber over Swordsman at Level 60.jpg

  24. Level 60 One Handed Clubber (Dmg).jpg

    Level 60 One Handed Clubber (Dmg).jpg

  25. Navi 095.jpg

    Navi 095.jpg