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  1. Tayonas

    Best way to spend 20-30k PED?

    I've been trying to get back to this game for nearly a decade and generally haven't lasted more than a couple of weeks. Assuming I'm still here at the end of the month though I was thinking of selling/tting most of my 1600 lines of items. Total items value: 8018.34 PED for 1548 rows. I...
  2. Tayonas

    Price Check Apartments

    F.O.M.A - Fortuna Alpha West Apartment Complex 2 C Edit Genesis Star Tower D Apartment Complex 11 F Edit Omegaton Beta Complex Apartment Complex 7 G Edit I was wondering how much these are worth if anything seeings how the asteroid wasn't as rock solid as ... it depresses me too...
  3. Tayonas

    Question: Where are the Mayhem Mulmun Shared Loots?

    Probably staring me right in the face, but I can't find the Mayhem Mulmun Shared Loot sites.
  4. Tayonas

    Pills for Thrills & Skills Price Check

    I was wondering what these pills I have go for. I think I've wasted enough of them :D 7 AccuStim 10mg 1 0.01 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 8 AccuStim 15mg 1 0.01 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 9 AccuStim 5mg 2 0.02 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 457 Creature...
  5. Tayonas

    Help: Not getting mission rewards or rewards are wrong.

    Not for the first time at the end of a mission I have recieved nothing. I get green lights and nothing else except the option for the next mission. This time it was Atrox 1k challenge. I had recently scanned my skills and I had 71 agility and still have 71 agility. Is this usual? Different...
  6. Tayonas

    When do we turn it in? / I get that sinking feeling

    I was reading there that you can turn in the mission anytime after the 13th ... Can anyone clarify this? Its just it says Saturday to me if its after the 13th. Why not say on the 14th if it is? I dunno ... Also I logged on a few days ago after logging off in Feffoid country. No big deal, I had...
  7. Tayonas

    Goodbye to another ancient ... Good Lykke.

    Ann Lykke TheNun is going to a better place ... at some point .. destination planet Cyrene. I was talking to her earlier, her being the operative word. Yea, so Im like thats a nice chest you have, referring jokingly to the Lykke Chest. Yea, up until about 5 mins later when she says Viagrafalls...
  8. Tayonas

    10 Days, 4.3k Feffs, 44 Globals and ...

    No HOFs, not a single one except from in a team hunt on levi that I wont include otherwise Id need to include another 10 globals and nearly all feffs ... Is this even possible? I wouldnt say Im desperate for one but this what Ive taken to doing EVERY kill ... I noticed two other feff threads...
  9. Tayonas

    Full Boar M UL

    Just wondering what I could pick up the full set for.
  10. Tayonas

    Achievement: 6 years later and I got wounding

    So almost six years to the day I joined I got wounding. This I suppose is a follow up to my original post. Meh, what to do? Hold up, six years to get that? I couldnt really play the last three years and when I have been playing during that time I was always saying 'yea I'll get wounding...
  11. Tayonas

    Lets make Merry Mayhem a real solo event.

    This is actually nonsense. By 'this' I mean the mob trains. Ive been wiped out a few times and Ive watched countless other people get wiped out. I know and accept that sometimes things go wrong and its not really the players fault because its left open and can be used like it is. But you arent...
  12. Tayonas

    Can we come back on after midnight?

    MM finishes at 23:59, so if you are finished by then can you log back on after midnight? Someone mentioned you cant log back on until the 1st but I thought that was only when the winners would be announced and chipping was allowed again.
  13. Tayonas

    Recording MM / Entropia in general with FRAPS.

    I decided I would record my MM experience, currently I have no idea what for because Im doing badly :( Anyways ... Im using FRAPS. Never used it before because the game I bought it for I decided not to play and came back here :) Im half way through my 30 hours and damn ... thats like 300GB it...
  14. Tayonas

    Question: I cant see the stats on plates ...

    I just have a 'durability 0.0' line for every plate I look at and no stats on their protection, is it just me?
  15. Tayonas

    Help: STILL cannot get EU to work on a machine

    OK, Ive installed vcredist and reinstalled directx and still get the clientloader.exe error on one of my machines. Works fine on XP x64 and wont go on XP 32-bit. Any ideas?
  16. Tayonas

    Question: Anyone else getting taxed to pieces on their depositing?

    I now have a new dilemma ... My bank ... No matter how much I deposit they want a £1.50 / $2+ fee for 'overseas transactions'. This only started about 2 months ago. So say I want to put in the minimum $10. That's costing me $12+ then I get taxed on my deposit PLUS they never actually give the...
  17. Tayonas

    Uber: Found Old Screenie Of My 25k Trox.

    This is almost a year old, it's a screenshot of almost a year ago -a year next week, when I got my biggest ever loot. There wasn't a lot in chat anyways because I went straight into shock.
  18. Tayonas

    Help: Confirmation email for new user

    My better half has started to make an account, but the confirmation email hasnt arrived, anyone know how long it takes?
  19. Tayonas

    Headless Bit Totternt / Web server / NAS / FTP

    Using old junk I built something that I decided was overpriced, at the time at least. The junk I had kept from old builds in boxes anyway. This needs updated slightly, I lost my HDD a few months back and this wasn't on the list of backups because it was a side project. Parts missing are how to...
  20. Tayonas

    HoF: 2 in 90 mins.

    I wasnt going to go hunting and decided to use up the last of my L gun, I hit a 395 PED trox and got a few near globals. Then I bought a P3a BP and hit a HOF and a string of globals with it along with another HOF. Edit: Just checked, 9 globals. Dont think I'll ever top my record amount of...
  21. Tayonas

    Those little icon thingies below your avatar

    Ive seen quite a few people with icons of things from EU under their avatar in the forum. I'm just wondering how you get them.
  22. Tayonas

    Limited Edition 1 of 25 Ninja High Jacket Gray (M)

    Im just wondering how much the jacket in the title is, theres only been 2 sales on the auction but theres also only a limited 25 of them, dunno how rare it is classed. Thinking of new, better, real, armor and a decent gun so prolly will have a few price checks in the near future.
  23. Tayonas

    Uber: 1015 min condition ore amp light

    A nice 1k max condition amp for me returning, cheers MA, just as I was feeling dissapointed with the mining/crafting run I had. I dunno if 1k is classed as an uber anymore but I hit it up with the prefix ... Edit: Haha, been that long since Ive been playing properly ... was a full green bar...
  24. Tayonas

    Can I Have Entropia Tracker Recovery Help Please

    Thought since Ive EVENTUALLY, at last, FINALLY, got around to reinstalling windoze and the ten gazillion other things I had to do I can start playing again, maybe. Anyway. I went to Entropia Tracker and it looks different and I cant remember what my login pass etc are and it wont let me...
  25. Tayonas

    Buying unskinned Master Coat (M)

    Offering tt +600.