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    Selling: Lacerating 13 FEN Chip T7 with FEN AMP

    Hello, I might be interested in selling this great grinding tool along with FEN amp . Chip is tier 7 If you are not skilled for it no worries - it is really fast somehow for mindforce. When I was getting it I was level 0 at cryo, then after 3 months chip was maxed out. Guess you could actually...
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    Buying: BP110 / LP100 / Electric Perf.

    Hello, As we know there is a new electric mayhem perfected chip at mayhem vendor. if you will have enough tokens this mayhem to buy one from NPC, then I will be glad to buy it along with mayhem 2/3 MF amp. Also would consider bp 110 / lp 100 Let me know by PM ingame or on forum so we can...
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    Buying: Modified Restoration Chip

    Hey, Pm me if you are willing to sell one :)
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    Selling: Easter Ring 2021

    Hello, I got this beauty on sell taking offers either via thread or pm. No rush selling. Last piece got sold for +23,5k
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    Buying: Equus or Firebird

    Hey, Buying one of those with 2 attachments, if interested PM me on forum : )
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    Buying: 5B Plates Modified or Augmented set

    Hey, I am looking to buy a set of 5b mod / aug set. Pm me if you got some :)
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    Selling: Ares Ring Perfected

    Hey, I got on sell Ares Ring Perfected Price: +7,5k pm on forum or ingame : )
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    Buying: Mayhem (F) Set or Supremacy (F) set or Shadow (F) set or High end armour F set : )

    Hey, Recently posted the topic about buying shadow, altho seems like Mayhem will fit my needs better : ) pm me on forum if you got a set and would like to negotiate price.
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    Buying: Shadow (F)

    Hey, I am Interested to buy full set of Shadow (F) pm me if you got one. nick ingame: tazb zibi orfeusz
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    EWE EP-41 Adjusted - Great gun, cheap

    Hey, I got on sell ep-41 adjusted - if you are interested hit me up ingame & on forum message. Tier rate: 145/200 Tier 3.99 Price: + 2,8k
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    Selling: Combobulator Blueprint

    Hey, Today i just looted that blueprint and I am willing to sell - pm me ingame with offers or here in forum it shows 52 attempts (0.52ped) nick: tazb zibi orfeusz
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    Buying: Improved A105 + Adj EP41

    As in title - pm me here or ingame
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    Buying: Jarhead (F) Unl

    Hey, Want to buy full Jarhead F set unlimited - PM me here or ingame
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    Selling: SKILLS : Support Weapon Systems | Explosive Projectile Weaponry

    I am selling these 2 type of skills for price way below the auc price(not for resselers tho) EPW : 6,7k points SWS : 5k points Ill take them out if ill find the buyer. Cheers
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    Selling: Saehimmir mk1 (C) unl

    Hey, I have on sell unlimited car Saehimmir mk1. Price is 2300 PEDS. Make your offers by pming me.
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    Offline ?

    Is it offline atm? I can't connect.:mad: "could not connect to the update server...."
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    Buying: Explosive amoo

    Hey Im interested in buying every stack u have of this amoo(even few k tt). I paying nicely and u dont have to pay auction fee. My price is 101.5(for stack to 400 tt) and 102 % for stacks +400 ped tt. Cheers.
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    Buying: Vumpoors Tuhota 80 (L), Eraktors ekk200 (L)

    Hey, Im interested in buying these weapons, I can buy like 4 pieces of each. Paying above markup !! Cheers.
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    Selling: Detpil Vrex 2000, SGA edition

    Hey, i have great rocket for sell ! Previous ones were sold for 8k 9k 11k 16k 18k and 22k. It is still rasing cause people getting know how great this rocket is... SB : 25k BO : 25k I wont sell lower. Rocket is Tier 3.0
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    Selling: BP OA 104(L) qr 100.00

    Hey, I am selling unl bp of oa 104. Im waiting on offers ( PM ) qr of this bp is 100.00(max) Cheers
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    Buying: Deptil Vrex 2000 SGA edtion

    Hey, Im interested in buying this item. If u have one - please pm me and im sure that we can set a price wich will be good for both :) Cheers
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    Task Force is recruiting !

    Hey, I want to announce that our soc Task Force open recrutation for new members. Atm our society counts about 6-7 peoples but these peoples arent noobs and have money to play.. We havent strict rules, we just expect to have money to play and you have to playing activly. Pm me on the forum if...
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    TaZb's Mining Log

    Hey, Im called in game Tazb Zibi Orfeusz. I want to create this mining log to share with you my results from mining rounds :) I mining amped, ussualy amp 103 for ores and amp 105 for enmatters. So ! Wish me luck :) GEAR : ORE : Finder : OF 105( I want to tier it to tier 10 atm it is 3.5) + OA...
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    Buying: Adjusted Fap

    Hey, I wanna buy adj fap. Pm me with yours price offers - Im open on propositions. Cheers
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    Selling: Big bulk of typonolic

    Hey, I have on sell a huge ammount of Typonolic. TT is over 15k PEDs, i can seling in parts... The price is negotiable :) pm me if interested. Cheers