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  1. shaun117

    Selling: Cryogenic 8 tier 3

    Possibly have another weapon lined up so i may not need this chip, fits the biggest new mayhem L amp the delta easily, Due to the addition of the new amps making these old school chips very attractive to use, ive used this and the cryogenic 7 abit and can tell you the cheap high dps/dpp amps...
  2. shaun117

    Buying: Jaguar/adj jaguar/ adj boar/tiger/Lion/Liakon Male

    Looking to buy an armor set male Jaguar Adj jaguar Adj boar Liakon Tiger Lion Just be a complete male set. Pm me
  3. shaun117

    Buying: Strikehammer + mod evil amp

    Looking to buy both, pm me
  4. shaun117

    Selling: rare Ascension M set + matching coat UL

    Putting my hard earned set of Male Ascension + coat up for potential sale. took me personally 175 hours of content creation -streaming to be awarded this set from next island- set stats aren't the best but paired with decent plates and with adequate skills -hp/evader- you will be surprised how...
  5. shaun117

    Buying: Swine delux

    Buying swine delux pm me
  6. shaun117

    Buying: Camo arms desert/jungle stalker

    Buying one or the other pm me
  7. shaun117

    Buying: Cryogenic 8 UL chip

    Buying cryogenic 8 UL tier dosnt matter. Pm me =)
  8. shaun117

    Buying: Cryogenic attack chip 7 or 8 UL

    Cryogenic 7 or 8 UL. low or high tier Paying pure peds pm me
  9. shaun117

    Buying: Kinetic 9,10,11 or Cryogenic 8 UL chip

    Buying one of the following Kinetic 9,10,11 chip or Cryogenic 8 UL. Paying pure peds pm me
  10. shaun117

    Selling: Sold

  11. shaun117

    Buying: Desert/jungle stalker/ Arcspark/ Firefly/Sulfury

    Buying one of the following or an item simular pm what u have and a rough price and we can go from there i have pure peds, Enigma l4 fresh or low tier Desert stalker Jungle stalker Firefly Arcspark Sulfury Sword or knife oldschool better than corrosive sword/dagger. Or an old school lv100...
  12. shaun117

    Buying: Enigma l4 fresh or low tier

    Buying tier 0 or low tier enigma l4
  13. shaun117

    Buying: Arcspark

    Buying arcspark pm me
  14. shaun117

    Buying: Starkhov AS-117, Modified or Meckel & Loch ML-35, Adjusted

    Buying Starkhov AS-117, Modified Meckel & Loch ML-35, Adjusted Can offer t6 adj maddox as part trade depending on tier pm me and we can go from there
  15. shaun117

    Price Check Jungle stalker

    Anyone have any insight of what they believe such old school UL rifles going for lately? Looking at the camo arms jungle stalker UL
  16. shaun117

    Selling: T6 adj maddox

    Putting my t6 adj maddox up for potential sale Fantastic little pistol. At t6 with beast and 18% reload you hit about 95 dps so you can tackle bigger mobs if you wish to or just take all enhancers off and grind small to mid mobs with a fast, decently efficient blp pistol. Due to sheer demand...
  17. shaun117

    Buying: Camo arms jungle/desert/urban stalker

    Looking for a camo arms weapon idealy high tier but any will do. Paying pure peds or i have a t6 adj maddox we can work into a deal if interested. Pm me if you have one or know anyone that has one for sale. Thanks
  18. shaun117

    Buying: Arkadian golden key

    Looking for an arkadian golden key, pm me if you own one and are interested in selling.
  19. shaun117

    Buying: Adj resto chip

    Buying adj resto chip pm me
  20. shaun117

    Selling: Arcspark tier 2 + trauma 4 amp

    Selling this as combo or seperate. Tier 2 arcspark with or without UL trauma 4 amp. Great affordable knife, decent dps and cheap lifesteal due to efficient to use and cheap to buy melee mayhem amps. *changed armatrix amp to mayhem amp as i got name mixed up =) lifesteal is from the mayhem...
  21. shaun117

    Buying: Mindforce chip 7+ and amp if possible, Buying adj maddox

    Looking to buy a mindforce chip UL 7+ Preferred combustive or corrosive. Buying adj maddox Can offer t2 arksparc plus peds or pure peds in trade
  22. shaun117

    Buying: Corrosive chip UL + Amp UL combo

    Buying a unlimited corrosive chip and amp combo big or small chip/amp pm me what you have. Offering peds or even a tier 2 arcspark blade plus peds if interested.
  23. shaun117

    Buying: Fire Forge ARR 8000 improved

    buying Fire Forge ARR 8000 improved pm me
  24. shaun117

    Buying: Buying old school CAMO ARMS rifle

    looking to buy one of the following rifles camo arms desert stalker camo arms jungle stalker camo arms urban stalker can offer trade for arcsparc + peds or just pure peds. pm me
  25. shaun117

    Buying: Maddox 4 UL/ adj maddox

    Buying 2x maddox 4 UL to craft a adj maddox Or buying adj maddox straight up. Peds waiting pm me