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  1. kingofaces

    Uber: Summer Ring 2020

    With only 13 boxes left, I finally looted this to pair with my mining ring, the Xmas 2016! That was insane. Maybe I'll go hunting a little more now instead of just mining. Ring is not for sale.
  2. kingofaces

    Uber: 5604 Lyst Tower

    First ever tower! My next closest was 2.2k Energized way back in 2014. On a DSEC Seeker L30 with a D-Class amp. Never expected a tower by Icarus of all places. Would have been fun to see the reactions if it was in the middle of the puny area.
  3. kingofaces

    Mob Drop Frequency

    Did a little searching with nothing obvious, but does anyone know what the drop frequency in mob loot tables is roughly supposed to correspond to? Has there ever been a historical rough consensus on what to call common, uncommon, etc.? Was this maybe buried in Entropia Tracker somewhere back...
  4. kingofaces

    LBML update

    Version of Little Big Mining Log is now available at: after some great work by Ido. Keep in mind you will no longer be able to automatically update within LBML itself because that function had to be removed (antiviruses didn't like it apparently)...
  5. kingofaces

    Little Big Mining Log 2021 radar tutorial video

    I just put together a new tutorial video for LBML and setting up radar auto tracking. People have had issues setting this up in the past, so it's easier just to show how it's done. Also, be sure to stop by to either download it or update from older versions. The...
  6. kingofaces

    Selling: Archon's Sword Tier 4

    Got a higher tiered Archon, so it's time to sell this. Tier 4.65 Tier rate increase: 120/200 Current TT: 84.64 BO: TT+ 3300 Once SB is received, the highest offer within 5 days from that time will be accepted.
  7. kingofaces

    1779 Vast (21) Lysterium

    In lootable of course, so that was a fun time pulling it up, even with an Imp. Excavator. :hammer:
  8. kingofaces

    Mining excavator enhancers currently bugged

    In short, if you add a mining speed excavator enhancer for any tier, it on paper adds 10% of the base efficiency, or the amount of stones an extractor pulls per use. This shows in the item stats menu when you pull it up as well. However, that does not increase the actual amount of stones pulled...
  9. kingofaces

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2020 [SOLD]

    Fresh from the loot box for my second Xmas 2020 ring this year, so looking to sell this one too. PM offers if you're looking to buy. SOLD
  10. kingofaces

    Buying: Orange and Red Molten Crystal

    PM me here or in-game. Looking for 400TT Orange Crystal, and taking whatever is around of Molten.
  11. kingofaces


    So I just noticed something interesting. Hansidian Rock has been going for around 10,000% in the MU history, while the refined ingot goes for around 1,000%. There have been a few sales of the rocks at that high amount, so it doesn't look like a single outlier. Is there something that uses...
  12. kingofaces

    Discord for LBML

    If anyone wants to chat about Little Big Mining Log, or do some quick trouble shooting (though check the LBML forums first), Ido just set up a new Discord. I can help out with some common troubleshooting issues to a degree (some installation, radar not always being detected, etc.). Discord is...
  13. kingofaces

    Buying: Christmas Ring 2016 [Bought]

  14. kingofaces

    Selling: [SOLD] Freshly looted Christmas Ring 2020

    Freshly looted and taking offers. The only the item I really have in mind as part of partial trade would mostly be a Christmas 2016 ring right now followed by possibly a Halloween 2020 ring. SOLD
  15. kingofaces

    Question: Furniture: something to act as stairs or a raised platform players walk on to?

    I'm thinking about some interesting layouts for my new shop. Basically, I have a shelving idea, but the player needs to be standing a bit higher to reach items on the top shelf. A player can jump on a table or lower shelves and reach things, but I also don't expect everyone to bother with...
  16. kingofaces

    Selling: [Moved to auction] Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) BP QR 93.8

    I might be ready to part with this since I mostly craft D-class nowadays. Currently QR 93.8. I'm already at 170% ROI over about the 1-2 year period I've owned it, so this level of QR is very useful if you're planning to craft a lot of level 5's to take advantage of the HoFs it can put out while...
  17. kingofaces

    Selling: [SOLD] Hero's Sword

    SOLD Tier: 3.89 TIR: 151/200 TT left: 5.72
  18. kingofaces

    Selling: [SOLD] Shop: Emerald Lakes Floor 2 #12

    Taking offers on a "small' shop that's been upgraded once to 10 item points in the display and 135 points in the main area for a total of 145 item points right next to the televator. Cheaper and more item points than what you'd get at malls like Twin Peaks, and being next to the televator means...
  19. kingofaces

    FYI: Auction and shop fee guide

    Back when I started playing, it was difficult to find what the formula was for auction fees, and there were often different formulas out there that gave different results. That happened to me even more so when it came to figuring out shop fees that have even less information out there. Looking...
  20. kingofaces

    Selling: D-class blueprint: QR 76 - SOLD

    SOLD I upgraded to a better BP, but I was sitting at about 70% ROI in a little over a year crafting in this QR range (over 1k clicks) compared to buying for mining at 103.75% MU on D-class. Depends how much you can cycle through amps for selling/mining and your ability to craft cheaply...
  21. kingofaces

    Buying: Jarhead (M) Thigh and Shin Guards

  22. kingofaces

    Skill gains and decay

    This is just from the little bit of hunting I've done without any real in-depth tracking, but I always thought it seemed like the amount you get with skill gains is based solely on decay, not total cost per shot (assuming SIB is the same). Can anyone confirm if that's the case? It always seemed...
  23. kingofaces

    Selling: D-class blueprint

    Taking offers on a D-class Mining Amp (L) BP. QR = 33.8 Upgraded to a higher QR, so I'm willing to part with this one now. Hit a 928 ped HoF with it about a week ago, so it can pay for itself depending on how you craft. SOLD
  24. kingofaces

    Selling: Ghost (M) armor set

    All tier 0, so none of that nonsense over worrying about tiers. TT+270 takes it.