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    Selling: Selling High and Guns,Amps,Gears and Faps

    [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Improved] T3.9 = TT+45k peds [EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified] T0.9= TT+4300 peds [Hypercharged Omegaton A105]= TT+1850 peds [Ranked Scorpion] T10= TT+12k peds [Overcharged Omegaton A105]= TT+1300 peds [EWE LC-300 Ambush] T3.9= TT+14k peds [Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 1] T5.2=...
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    Selling: Selling uber shadow F set (Mix)

    Shadow Helmet Tier 1.6 Shadow Harness Tier 2.9 Shadow Arm guards Tier 1.9 Shadow Thighs Tier 2.9 Shadow Foot Guards Tier 1.9 Shadow Armor stats 46 Burn 46 Cut 46 Impact 23 Penetration 23 Stab Eon Gloves Tier 1.7 Acid 5 Burn 45 Cold 5 Cut 28 Electric 5 Impact 22 Penetration 52 Sharpnel 25 Stab...
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    Selling: Selling UL Mid-High Weapons, FAPS and Laser amplifier

    [Ranked Scorpion] Tier 10 -->Base DPS=66.7, excellent weapon for Mayhem in Cat4 [EWE LC-300 Ambush] Tier 3.9-->Base DPS=88.7 [Overcharged Omegaton A105] [Hypercharged Omegaton A105] [EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified] T0.9 [Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 1]T5.3 [Nemesis Harness, Adjusted (M)] Full Set...
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    Healing with IMP FAP+divine for Decay+Tip

    Land Area---------------Mobs---------------------------Location--------------Closest Teleport Takuta Plateau---------Araneatrox(Spiders)---------38599, 31452, 119----------Sakura City Vermillion Field--------Falxangius---------------------4724, 46073, 141-----------New Oxford Red Sand...
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    Selling: Liakon Harness (M) Tier 2 set

    selling This also [Martial Arm Guards, SGA Edition (M)]T3.3 [Martial Gloves, SGA Edition (M)]T3 [Martial Thigh Guards, SGA Edition (M)]T2.3 [Martial Foot Guards, SGA Edition (M)] T2.1 Want offers for this 4 parts B/O for Liakon set is TT=253+4k peds In game Contact :Lord Raze Z4kmagician