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  1. Aloisius

    Crazy Architech Steals Entropia Universe Intellectual Property

    Where did you see this design before? Wonder what these places look like inside. I'd be willing to bet the return on investment on these is WAY better though.
  2. Aloisius

    Info: No Crypto For You? Can they reconsider their position? Did I inform MA about Crypto TOO SOON?

    I asked MA to take Bitcoin a decade ago. They said no. I assumed it was about money laundering. It's now the trend of the decade and someone we know is missing the boat. I wish MA would reconsider crypto. At the very least they should consider stablecoin implementation. Just because they got...
  3. Aloisius

    Question: Will Self Built Packages Ever be Made for Selling on AH

    Will we ever be able to put items inside giftboxes and GIVE them to someone or sell them on AH (as complete armor sets for instance or clothing outfit sets)? Say I collected 100% of the contents for an Improved Cause amp L BP but I don't want to click it. Wouldn't it be nice to sell that all on...
  4. Aloisius

    Question: Hyperinflated USD might actually be happening now. Is there a contingency plan?

    I have been thinking about this for some time now. I've asked soc mates and others how hyperinflation would affect this game. No one seems to think it's possible. But in the real world almost every financial news advisory is warning people to get gold, silver or bitcoin. I'm quite sure they are...
  5. Aloisius

    Suggestion: Tool Gizmo BP chain tools and L bp drop idea - Progress Meters

    I was thinking how cool it would be to have a tool you use that displays skills. Similar to the way the progress action library item works you could make individual tools that display individual skill progress. And higher end tools that display multiple skills progressing. For example, a tier 1...
  6. Aloisius

    Got a nice peice of art to get us past this

    I found this at a thrift store... no idea how valuable it is... but i really like it so it'll be prominent do you like it? I'm thinking of naming it three tequilas. who is this artist? have you seen it before?? got a nice peice to show us?
  7. Aloisius

    Selling: WTS Liakon F Full Set UL

    Rare armor Cold 31, Impact 21, Cut 20, Stab 19 Durability 3000 Liakon Harness (F) T 3.1 Liakon Arm Guards (F) T 2.8 Liakon Foot Guards (F) T 1.5 Liakon Thigh Guards (F) T 2.3 Liakon Shin Guards (F) T 2.2 Liakon Gloves (F) T 2.0 Liakon Helmet (F) T 2.8 Nice...
  8. Aloisius

    catastropic crashing since VU 16.3.2

    getting some serious crashes lately. the game freezes solid. not ungraceful crash like it used to be but frozen so bad even control alt delete won't save you. i thought it was the graphics overheating my computer so i turned it down to crap res. still crashes. and it was already bad but this is...
  9. Aloisius

    What's worse than keypresses not consistent

    What's worse than sometimes working keypresses and sometimes not? What's worse than inconsistent keys like f that sometimes autofires, sometimes select next target, sometimes deselect target? Is it sentences that.... Or poi... Or co... O FFS
  10. Aloisius

    Know Any Tiering Up Armor Techniques?

    I'm wondering if anyone has some interesting techniques for tiering up armors. Like would running around with a healer on little mobs that hit lots be better than just using it? Would big hard hits be better? No plates be cheaper? Got any ideas?
  11. Aloisius

    New Candidate Running for President of Virtual Reality

    Meet Scarius Ocrazio Cortex
  12. Aloisius

    don't click cancel

    when leaving the planet don't click cancel. leaving caly from the spaceport and i get to the edge of space and the stupid popup that asks me if i want to go in space has 2 choices but if you select the wrong one it's very very bad. so bad you have to relog and endure another session of...
  13. Aloisius

    navigator waypoints block selection of tp

    here is a bug that annoys the hell out of me. to replicate the issue open a mission waypoint like the one in shubs daily on monria. now goto the teleporter and the waypoint will be blocking your desired destination. now, you can't right click on it like you would with a map(ya i know right, who...
  14. Aloisius

    Selling: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition (T7)

    Tier 7.6 Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition remaining tiers 66, 135, 95 I want to upgrade to Arso 4 FEN Taking offers. Trades considered. Try before you buy, with collateral, ofc. Works very well with other weapons equipped with Lifesteal buff.
  15. Aloisius

    server border inside circle of hermit nesting grounds

    so i'm flying from monria to caly and discovered the corner of a server (duh ya i know not another whaaaa?!?! corner of a server wtff?) is dead center of the hermit nesting grounds. i suppose you might want 1/4 of the circle to be unuseable but also not mark it. did i mention space is 3D IRL NM.
  16. Aloisius

    Suggestion: lag optimization

    when migration started i noticed lag grow exponentially again but when i was doing some chatting i noticed something. i was trying to give a socmate a pos in the livas area for LT and when i clicked the map for pos nothing happened. so i clicked again, nothing. so i clicked again, nothing...
  17. Aloisius

    smuggler list
  18. Aloisius

    missing mouse clicks and lost focus

    the mouse clicks is getting maddening. i click on an item and it doesn't register. using the right click drag function to steer my avatar is worse because it doesn't work sometimes. the mouse loses focus when doing that when accidently hitting some other window so you got to refind the mouse to...
  19. Aloisius

    bug teleport chip

    so annoying i thought i'd post this. nothing turns up in search but i am sure people have noticed this. and heres how to replicate it. please put tp chips in the revamp list. equip your tp chip and wait for the locator to resolve. then before you click ok on the last step eat a pill. then enjoy...
  20. Aloisius

    Smuggler Forces Member List

    Arkadia has lots of Smugglers who have kept a low profile for long enough to let it grow into a force to be reckoned with. As it stands the IFN is not feeling threatened but perhaps they will if they know just how many of us there are. Today I declare the Force of the Smuggler as a thing and...
  21. Aloisius

    getting kicked from trade channels now

    the chat bug appears to be out of control now. it kicked me from the monria channel which is annoying enough but now i'm getting kicked out of channels i was long joined to with no problems. now suddenly im kicked from arktrade and calytrade. so annoying. please give us a smooth bug free if not...
  22. Aloisius

    Suggestion: MA should look into War Riders game

    Theres a new game coming that employs several new tech ideas including blockchain, ETH crypto, crypto collectibles, collectible trading CAR game (yes car not card) and of course real money played in a kind of cool environment. It's very possible that MA might communicate with these guys on the...
  23. Aloisius

    Suggestion: ARTIFICIAL Intelligence easier than ever to learn and implement

    google has tensorflow which runs on python. you can use tensorflow to program the machine language that runs with the following hardwares. intel made the movidius and fathom neural compute stick which makes AI cheap now. google has a usb stick too but the name is eluding me atm. you can buy a...
  24. Aloisius

    multiple issues surrounding rezzing and mouse focus

    the mouse loses focus often because of rezzing problems. i suggested elsewhere that rezzing in when teleporting should be stalled for graphical asthetic reasons but it seems to be the cause of several other issues too. like unwanted terminal opening and shooting weapons when not wanting to. on...
  25. Aloisius

    heres an idea - have vehicle spawn signal green when it will work

    heres an idea - have vehicle spawn signal green when it will work i play this game for immersion. my settings are on high. when i spawn a vehicle(which is already immersion kiling - MAYBE IT NEEDs storyline - robot technology perhaps) it needs to give a signal when you can make a succesful...