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  1. Rick Sanchez

    Selling: Camo Arms Urban Stalker T7

    Easily clears 100 true dps (~150 "MA" max dps) amped at tier 7 with 120m range. Fits an Evil Imp or can overamp a little bit with a Mod/Mayhem amp for extra dps. T7.24 <> TIR 87/200 Most recent auction data from this year says a T4 sold...
  2. Rick Sanchez

    Buying: Ascension M shin & foot

    Got started late with CRP and I'm missing a shin & foot piece. Would like to finish this set for a bit of extra brawler skilling. PM prices - any tier rate is fine.
  3. Rick Sanchez

    Buying: Tezlapod pet

    Looking for a companion with an electric personality and a penchant for crit damage. No hookups.
  4. Rick Sanchez

    Selling: T6.53 Ranked Psyblade, TIR 142/200

    It's time for me to part ways with my ranked psyblade as I've finished my training in the hyperbaric chamber.:ninja: Looking to skill power fist, FAST? The Ranked PsyBlade is the PREMIER gap weapon for those looking to reach the pinnacle of fisting. Ramp up your cycle today! This combo...
  5. Rick Sanchez

    Selling: T6 Omegaton Igni L1100E

    It's time for me to part ways with my beloved Igni L1100E as I'm finishing my transition to melee. I was able to achieve 3.3 dpp and 75 dps (107 MA dps) amped @ 64% eff // 3.24 dpp and 112 dps (160 MA dps) fully amped + enhanced @ 62.6% eff. :ninja: DPS will NOT be an issue for you with this...
  6. Rick Sanchez

    Buying: Argo Strong Claw / Genesis Power Claw Mk6 FEN

    Low tier preferred, but flexible. Let's talk prices. :flip:
  7. Rick Sanchez

    Commando or 200 hp first?

    I've been wondering which I would hit first, but my recent activity on Cyrene ended up delaying my meta progress just enough for Commando to win! Stayed up late to grind this one out. 200 HP to come tomorrow, after I get some sleep!! :clap: EDIT: 200 HP reached :beerchug:
  8. Rick Sanchez

    Buying: Lazidol parts & lures - FOUND

    Looking to finish my zorra's HK. Let me know if you've got either parts or lures for sale! :clap:
  9. Rick Sanchez

    Achievement: Deathspeak

    Finally unlocked deathspeak & got to take out an old timer all at once :clap: Thanks for the help @Mega
  10. Rick Sanchez

    Buying: FOUND IT

    Found item! Thread can be closed, thanks :wtg:
  11. Rick Sanchez


    item found. thread can be closed
  12. Rick Sanchez

    Uber: SpaceHOF!! ?

  13. Rick Sanchez

    Selling: Assorted L BPs - Textile, Vehicle, *Boosted*

    Been acquiring these from Ancient Greece, will continue updating this list as more pop up. Shoot me an offer on any that catch your eye - latest MU info listed (NOT my asking price) for buyers' convenience o_O (y) Makeup Mask, Small | 0.48 ped/48 clicks | 850% Makeup Mask, Medium | 0.21 ped/21...
  14. Rick Sanchez

    OLA#44 [200,603] deATH ahead - New Naming & Rewards!!

    Great News, Everyone - MindArk support has accepted our new naming for LA #44 ~deATH ahead~ [200,603] SW of Oshiri Hearts and it'll kick in during the early October VU. To celebrate, we're revamping our rewards based on feedback we've been receiving! Starting immediately, we will be...
  15. Rick Sanchez

    Buying: Weak Argo Claw + Fen 2 Amp

    WIll buy either claw solo, or combo. PM offers please :D
  16. Rick Sanchez

    Selling: Garage Sale

    ARMOR: Full set Arcticus M, L - full TT // 110% Articus Helm M, L - 54.55/54.60 TT - 115% PLATE NAME // TT Values of available pieces // Markup % AP Cut-66 // 62.48 - 41.11 // 180% AP Cut-48 // 43.88 - 44.28 // 160% AP Cold-60 // 42.72 - 44.21 // 170% AP Cold-42 // 31.37 - 33.92 // 130% AP...
  17. Rick Sanchez

    Info: BIGGER IS BETTER - OLA #44 [199,603] - SW of Oshiri Hearts

    Please see latest post for up to date information.
  18. Rick Sanchez

    FYI: OLA #44 - BIG, MEATY MOLISKS - Under New Management

    Please see latest post for up to date information.
  19. Rick Sanchez

    Question: OLA 44 - large molisks

    I'm having trouble finding any information about OLA #44, and all forum posts are pre-2012. Is anyone able to provide any context or historical info for this LA?
  20. Rick Sanchez

    Buying: EMT EK-2350, Modified or -2600 Imp/Mod

    Purchased. Close thread please. Thanks. -Rick
  21. Rick Sanchez

    Help: Knives, fists, and clubs oh my!

    Anyone got an up-to-date guide for melee skilling & weapon options for Loot 2.0/VU-17? :scratch2: The ones I saw were general recommendations for 1-off questions, or simply outdated with broken links. I've got my eye on a couple UL options in the lv 30-40 range (argo claw, combat mace, shagadi...
  22. Rick Sanchez

    1st HoF - 2k Ambu

    This one took 3 days straight of grinding ambus with ~40% TT returns :eyecrazy:, and a whole wheelbarrow full of resolve. And, as is tradition around here, it was 99.99% shrapnel and came at 99.99% on codex right as i was about to quit for the day :yay: Smoke em if you got em :smoke:
  23. Rick Sanchez

    Ecotrob 26b & Adj Vigi (M)

    Ecotron 26b & Adj Vigi (M) Changing my hunting setup a bit. Active nights/weekends EST. Ecotron v.26b Prototype, Tier 2.99, TIR 166/200 SOLD Adjusted Vigilante (M) Set, Tier 0, TIR 111~168/200...
  24. Rick Sanchez

    Selling: ArMatrix LR-20s cheap

    Doing some exploratory ArMatrix crafting which may or may not turn into something. This week's special, ArMatrix LR-20s for 52ped (115.56%) each are the cheapest* in the auction house! x25 units currently available on calypso. PM me in game or here on forums for orders - some are available on...