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  1. Thorns Rose

    Halloween Mayhem?

    Has anyone heard or can Mindark if there will be a Halloween Mayhem? I heard rumors they were redoing it but is just that rumors. Any official confirmation that we will have one this year? Bueller..Bueller? :vampire:
  2. Thorns Rose


    I am having a boatload of disconnects on many things. At first, I thought was my internet but NO.
  3. Thorns Rose

    Einer Lee Yap

    I will be forever sad to say my dearest friend, Einer Lee Yap has passed from Entropia Universe and will be sadly missed. Einer who was in my very first society ( Mann Mph Killers) has been a great friend of mine for almost 14 years . I was messaged by someone claiming to liquidate his...
  4. Thorns Rose


    I am so happy to say that Cyrene has codex now and extremely happy for them. Well deserved. I will be hunting and hanging there alot, I have to say their mobs and plates are very cool. :yay:
  5. Thorns Rose

    Suggestion: Mind Reavers

    I would love to have Mind Reavers out for a weekend.. Totally selfish suggestion. :wtg:
  6. Thorns Rose

    Debris In Space ( Really Cool )

    This link shows you real time debris in Earth's atmosphere, you can click on satellites etc.. ??
  7. Thorns Rose

    Info: Just An FYI

    I am not sure if these go in another category, if so please move. and this:
  8. Thorns Rose

    FYI: Crafting Strongbox Keys

    BGG made a video so we could see how Strongbox keys being crafted off Blueprint. Thank You BGG . :wtg:
  9. Thorns Rose

    Coachman Is Streaming! - CRT

    Friday Calypso Rescue Team hunt on Big Bulks hunt is gearing up. Come check him out!
  10. Thorns Rose

    FYI: Cyrene Mechs Are "No Looters"

    I get that you in Mindark are busy but seriously you truly need to attend Planet Partners, it is starting to look very obvious. This is getting ridiculous and absurd. * armor issue and now this Mechs added today Cyrene are some"NO LOOTERS" without the notification! :banghead::handjob:
  11. Thorns Rose

    Info: Cyrene Has VU Notes

    Thank You for update notes: Cyrene:
  12. Thorns Rose

    Info: Cyrene- Turrelion Buff Clothes

    Looking forward to grabbing some of these. :yay: Get your essence on! I hope still going. Here is link info if anyone interested in grabbing some: If you need a ride Avalon's running...
  13. Thorns Rose

    TP = Teleport

    Whoever put this together did a great job. Heheheeee
  14. Thorns Rose

    Suggestion: Atrox Queens

    I know this is the 'lull' before Easter Mayhem Event, so I thought Atrox Queens would be fun , if you were thinking about some weekend fun. :wtg:
  15. Thorns Rose


    Sounds exciting! Omw
  16. Thorns Rose

    Memorial For Izzy - 21:00 MA

    I was contacted in game last night, that a Memorial Service for Izzy will be Saturday, at 21:00 MA at Fort Argus TP . Will be hosted by Eleni who has set up Izzy's playlist he played and what she could remember he liked in music. She has a radio site she will be playing from, in his honor...
  17. Thorns Rose

    Angelove_Deademon Is Streaming

    This guy deserves some love from community. He is sitting outside in coat/scarf/gloves skilling and playing in Entropia Universe. True gamer. I think it is snow behind him. twitch/angelove_deademon
  18. Thorns Rose


    I always find this interesting. ?? LIVE FROM SPACE: NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts arrive at the International Space Station Highlights and Lift Off:
  19. Thorns Rose

    FYI: Next Island Advisor Streaming

    NI advisor is streaming and if anyone has any questions or comments he is on his twitch stream.
  20. Thorns Rose

    Rosk Star Soc

    The old days had Rock Stars Society and I have to say..was exciting! Friend just said, wouldn't be that entertaining if I was one looted. He is right. ? I wouldn't mind. Just fun but Ohh "Rosk Stars" must have been a Thursday night.
  21. Thorns Rose

    Icewind's Halloween stream

    Checkout Icewinds team hunt live on cam with drinking rule. " If player dies, healer has to drink" also on cam . I think new healer will soon be needed! ? h ttps://
  22. Thorns Rose

    Question: Globals and HoF Chat Selection

    Can we have a category function in chat globals/HoF's where we can tick which globals we can screen or choose? Like EP crafting globals we could just 'untick' . ( if you just want to view hunting globals etc )
  23. Thorns Rose

    Time for Spooky Movie suggestions:

    Halloween is coming soon and I go through lists of "Good" Scary movies. ?☠ I found this movie pick from my scary movie list. Let me know if you guys have any good ones, as I sat through some really bad ones too.
  24. Thorns Rose

    Hammer and RDI Instance

    Checkout Hammer stream to waych RDI Lab instance
  25. Thorns Rose

    Deux -Soloing Secret Lab

    Just a Twitch stream and watching Deux soloing secret lab instance, if anyone wants to peek.