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    NTI Blitz sale of shares

    I don't know if in rl there is anywhere that you can get revenue rights from a bus stop (maybe only people getting on there revenue), but not having it clear what the percentages are should be a clear warning sign, regardless of whether or not there are regular payouts. While not completely...
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    NTI Blitz sale of shares

    Peeps - we don't know the payouts yet, so really cannot compare that part of the 'quality' argument. I've said before that I expect about 1.5 pecs average a week (as fairly optimistic), otherwise simply 1 pec a week, which will make the initial offering worthwhile, but not hugely marked-up...
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    NTI Blitz sale of shares

    I kinda turned a 'blind eye' to 11am today, but curiosity got me to check the forum about 30 mins later. I'm unhappy with various developments, but kinda happy that I was not driven enough to be logged on and waiting with peds on my card raring to go and grab deeds. Welcome, OP, to a progression...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Well, I guess I won't be hunting on NTI then I guess. Not that my own activity would have made any real difference to the payouts on my shares, but the thought of it would have been encouraging - and being a part of something. I'll presumably hop off Caly altogether again now and see the vu...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Hmm, so not even shares to be able to keep track of payouts! Hope MA makes them available for trading immediately then... Did we get that further info, or simply not required, eh?
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    TI ROI and other ramblings

    In brief: the age-old ROI maths that thinks your investment sum has disappeared untraceably and must grow back! No it hasn't; it is still there as the value of the share and can be sold at whatever the market rate happens to be! Actually, given the fees put on buying and selling, you stand to...
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    News: 10 Year Space Anniversary Event

    I was a bit frustrated and ironic earlier elsewhere and got a negrep from sluje, but to answer your question more clearly: I think MA means "Apart from the chance ..." Maybe we can keep track in some way - a list of what is special, whether or not it gives a rare notification, and what lvl the...
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    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2021.0.5

    There are so many spawning characteristics that we have seen programmed in so far, from density and maturity spread to respawn timings and postions + general movement in whatever compass direction. By all means play around and make us pay attention to mob spawning and movement to get the best...
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    10-year Space Anniversary

    And there goes MA again with its wonderful command of English. Good enough to be taken at its word, but bad enough it seems to not know what "Except for" means, for example. I think they mean "Apart from"... Anybody making spoofs should consider this.... oh, they have already, yes! And just on...
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    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2021.0.5

    I believe some spawns can auto-increase when more are killed in a short space of time. I very much hope this happens here. If there is too much time between mobs, lots of fast hunters will indeed go elsewhere I think.
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    Question: How far can a PP reach go ?

    Ahh, glorious days when we now have video evidence from virtual universes. From both sides' reports it really only makes a difference on this occasion in that the ship went back out for part two of the battle a earlier than it would have done otherwise. It appears that both teams scored in the...
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    Land Plot idea - MOB/Animal Pen

    I've long thought that players should have access to instance design tools for areas similar to the caves we have around the place. We would then not be restricted so much by the small plot sizes. Then again, I reckon MA would have problems if many people got creative ... just look at some of...
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    Info: Gold Rush Results = SNAFU

    Ahh, but how much more does etc etc cover? You've only listed six characteristics there on the downside ;) On the upside, I can at the moment play EU on just a few watts of power on a poor lappy AND it's a RCE... AND some of the investments are actually paying dividends, as they say. It reminds...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    NTI will be a flat carpet terrain made up of X symbols, 64 million of them. For fun, shareholders can nominate 80 X symbols of 1m2 each as their own patch of pixels for each share/deed they own. Alternatively, the X symbols have all been allocated already, but if you find your own Xs you can...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Other players can do their best to explain stuff that is 'known', but the lack of an answer so far makes DD difficult. LA taxes are not related to CLDs; LA taxation was the way in which the owner of the land got a share and he/she could set the percentage themself, but might have more or less...
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    Help: How to start when bristlehog is bugged?

    Update: as I'm on Caly again I dropped by to chat with the bristles about how they feel in this universe. Turns out they indeed refuse to tame, so more attempts than usual can be made in a given time period. I guess that'd increase skilling speed a bit, so can be considered an exploit in that...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    @Msturlese : As far as I can see, the pp is Caly, that belongs to MA but is not the same as MA platform fees applied all over EU, including on Caly. For Caly, MA currently takes its fee percentage (50%) AND gets 50% of the pp portion because it owns this, with CLD holders getting the other 50%...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    I've written quite a lot already based around what you ask, but sorry if you find it hard to follow. Where I can quickly disagree with you is this. I believe MA and planet partners always got revenue from land areas, the same as on non land areas. What the LA owner had was the ability to put a...
  19. J

    New Treasure Island, new contents

    Really really good! You hit the tone and some of the English mistakes "perferctly", but the content, including paying attention to miners etc, made it certainly a spoof! Instead of films with a director's cut, I'd love to see a player's cut of EU - the extended version!
  20. J

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    It's an interesting angle to compare the size of TI with the whole of Caly - and then look at the CLDs. I believe Caly has 31 servers and the original CLD price was actually 1000 peds. The 1150 figure came from a sell-off a year later carried out via MA on behalf of an 'investor' known as for...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Whatever the absolute legalities are, it would be extremely unwise to attempt certain things. Changing all guns into opalos for a full reset to hunting or other fun ideas..... if my CAN/CANNOT is not right in the absolute sense, it is clear some things are not wise...
  22. J

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    I'm happy to see that more people are now paying attention to the currently unknown splitting. They CANNOT simply be moving CLD revenue over because none of that is theirs to sell. It COULD be they are using their 50%+1 majority to sell off half of both their AND CLD-holders' share, but then...
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    Suggestion: Use Old Concept to Streamline Interplanetary Travel Without Screwing Over Warp Ship Operators

    There's an expression: two wrongs don't make a right. Treating some investors badly doesn't mean MA should be able to treat all investors badly. If changes still provide opportunities, even if they are different ones, investors have a chance to sell up if the direction taken is not for them...
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    Entropia Universe and Metaverse

    Play to earn sounds like a good alternative to pay to win. I've not seen it before ... I'm wondering whether the skills themselves on avatars will be transferable to other platforms? It was being talked about by some for a while, but will maybe be dropped again, who knows? By transferable I mean...
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    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    For that first part it's quite ok I think, because the X marked the difference between CLDs used to claim plots of land (not the same as land areas by far) and still unused CLDs. Thus CLDs could not be used multiple times to 'claim' those land plots. The bad thing is that plot development was...