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    You think you knew all about massive... , watch this picture ! :D

    Click to enlarge *no comment , it still hurts :mad: * (lol , i just noticed this crew looks like a di** , with a bit imagination ahah)
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    Ubah Hogglo

    My biggest so far , even in TT+ :whip: finally :D Click to enlarge
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    Grabbers stories - Different point of views .

    The goal of this post is to gather a big piece of landgrab phase 2 story . I propose that 1member of each soc tell his soc's story , the most objectively possible . (say 'we didn't see their members again ' , not ' those pussies attacked a weaker soc because we humiliated them ' :laugh: )...
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    Thortonia Invasion part 02

    Hi I recently bought this land from nayluge known as Atrax Heaven or Amethera Outback land #03, I renamed this land Thortonia: Click to enlarge Go to the bottom of my post if you just want information on the land and not read the story. Ill make a quick sum up of part 01: The longus invaded...
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    Thortonia Invasion part 01

    Hi i recently bought this land from nayluge known as Atrax Heaven or Amethera Outback land #03, I renamed this land Thortonia as it deserved a proud name like this, here is a pic of the location: Click to enlarge I got a small story to tell, you see i got this land so i would have a place to...
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    unlocked a noob skill

    Yay , it seems i'm one of the five avatars ingame to have KILL STRIKE from now on ... :tongue2:
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    Suggestion to MA for taming in a support case .

    Sent this support after VU Case 59769 History 2005-11-23 [Hieronyme] Object : Suggestion for taming . Hi ! I wondered why house-owners couldn't be advantaged with animal taming ; by beeing able to grow trees for fruits or create their own stable , dung gathering etc... since lands around...
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    Buying Magnetic Accelerator Power Unit

    <<<BUYING>>> Magnetic accelerator Power unit it's a robot part :) Pm me with ANY offer :) (if u can put a screen thx i didnt find any :D its like a globe )
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    What is your favourite simpson ?

    :laugh: :laugh: Homer !
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    Buying impmk2

    Buying imk2 , PM me with offer (i got the ca$h :) ) 50 000peds actually
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    Lower taxes on CC lands

    Lower taxes on CC land. Taxes have been reduced to 4%-4% on thorio land (14500 10700) / Low-middle maturity . Enjoy :)
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    How often you got a positive answer from support ?

    (I didn't know where to place this , and i dunno if its against the rules :P) Okay , i just check all my supports' (a dozen) and ... errh .... MA was NEVER really helpful (they helped me with stuck avatar on mirc tho LONG TIME AGO ) :laugh: I am through a new problem atm and it seems to be...
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    "Hiero for president"

    Hello , a new phenomen is conquering Calypso - i have no idea why but it spread when i started stylism it seems :D - ppl telling me "Hiero/lesolitaire for president" , even some ppl i almost dunno :D It might be funny to have an election , i cannot do this tho :D Edit : based on a true story...
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    And if the Thoriod race won ?

    About current event , clientloader says thor** are a threat for mankind , but we all know how it will finish ... Why couldnt they win goddamnit !? That would give a real sence to event .. moreover if they have the mega-ultra-uber-killing-mothafucka-machine , why wouldnt they ?
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    Now stylist !

    I discovered beauty jobs lately and i love it . I'm opening full beauty salon soon (hair/face/body) , i just miss the body sculptor unit . Started 2days ago and got already lotsa skills (cuts unlocked) but errrh , thats my CC side :P Already got several customers too , among them : blondie , ah...
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    Hello ! errh shame on me , i just discovered this forum .. For those who do not know ALL OF me , the name is "Hieronyme Lesolitaire Thorton" - also known as the french bald dwarf - ON calypso since march 2k3 Member of Calypso Conquerors , former-member of RCC ( evil socs it seems :D ) ; mostly...