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    Selling: a lot of skills. take a look

    selling following skills - some already on esi, some will need you to provide esi (can provide some collateral) in game rarely but I check in the game and in forums at least daily. game name luckylucy gunny smith i am in eastern US time zone but schedule is flexible for meeting up with buyers...
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    Selling: Plating Mark 6B, 2A, 6A and 5B

    selling 12 6B plates (TT plus 13) 7 2A plates (TT plus 2) 7 6A plates (TT plus 25) 6 5B plates (TT plus 46) Rarely in game but I will check this post at least once a day. leave me message and we can meet up.
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    Selling: Component book blueprint - many with mid to high QR's

    I am selling all of my components blueprints. Lots with decent QR's. if you have specific ones you are looking for send me a message. I am not in game much anymore so best method is to leave me a message here or send friend request in game. I try to log on every couple of days but message...
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    Selling: Finder f-106 tier 9.

    selling f-106 finder tier 9. Not many at this tier around. make a reasonable offer. tier 10 number is 97 not in game much these days so leave message here. i will check daily
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    Selling: F-106 finder. Tier 9

    Great finder and currently at tier 9. remaining tier number is 97. Selling for TT+9000. thats a deal for all upgrade cost. Not much in game anymore so leave me a message here or PM. I will arrange time in game thats good for you.
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    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger Mini Sweeper v1 Tier 4.1

    Selling great gun. Remaining tiers numbers are selling for TT+4500. I am not in game much anymore but I check this message board daily. If interested leave me a PM or note here and I will arrange time to meet when its good for you.
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    Selling: Mining Skills for sale

    I am selling all my mining skills. Have not extracted yet but contact me if interested. send me offers. PM or ingame avatar is luckylucy gunny smith Skills and points for sale Mining 4996 Drilling 4924 Surveying 4822 Prospecting 4584 Geology 4482 Extraction 3978 Ground...
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    Selling: Selling armor plating 5b, 6b, and 2a

    Selling armor plating 7 of 5B at TT+53 12 of 6B at TT+9 7 of 2A at tt+2 leave me a message is best way to contact. I am in eastern US time zone. In game daily but not for long periods of time. in game avatar - luckylucy gunny smith for PM while on.
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    Selling: selling skills lots of them

    selling all my skills. starting with combat and will update with rest in the next day or so. if you provide ESI then i will use 1200% of price towards esi. For example if selling percentage listed below is 1500% then you will pay 300% of esi TT value after extraction to me for the skill. I...
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    Selling: Component book 1 BP all levels with most QR over minimum.

    Selling these BP. I check this once a day at least if not more. I used to craft quite a bit but am selling all my BP. Will go book by book to sell and also looking to sell skills once I figure out how that works. Selling now from Component book 1: Level 1 Basic Relay (QR 24.9) - 25 ped...
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    withdrawal question

    I am going to do my first withdrawal and I read the FAQ but didn't see this specified and if it is then yes I am stupid but I still need answer please I called my bank and they said the routing number was different for a electronic deposit and a wire transfer. So is a withdrawal considered...
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    Selling: F-106 tier 9 for sale.

    selling f-106 finder tier 9. will be on auction for 7 days Starting bid 4k ped buyout 8k ped current bid [updated with current bid] ending April 30 sometime unless buyout reached prior. tier 10 number is 97 not in game much these days so leave message here. i will check daily
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    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger Mini Sweeper V1 tier 4.4

    Selling Adjusted Ravenger Mini Sweeper V1 Tier 4.4 Remaining tier numbers are 43,111,122,102, 47,85 current TT is 379.31 out of 600 Price TT + 13500. Avatar - luckylucy gunny smith usually in twin peaks when on.
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    Selling: Tiger Shin Guards (f) unlimited

    selling unlimited tiger shin guards female for tt(7.18)+2350 ped. best to message ingame luckylucy gunny smith
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    Buying: Alien Resin Fluid at 120%

    buying alien resin fluid. mostly in twins but message me in game is best contact. no amount too small. avatar - luckylucy gunny smith
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    Selling: Svempa X2 - brand new BLP gun

    Brand new Svempa X2 gun for sale. I have 3 total. I put 1 up for auction with no buyout. You can look in auction house for stats. I have 2 for sale here at 140% if you want it now. contact me in game here are highlights - takes level 46 blp, ammo burn 1300, dmg 33-66, up to 64 shots per...
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    Buying: simple iv conductors

    I need about 20 simple iv conductors. might need more in future but i need 20 to start. paying MU. PM or contact in game
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    Buying: Aumorphite ingots

    i looted the new Svempa X2 BP and I need aumorphite to make. So if someone has these for sale I would be interested in buying a few. Want to make gun to see stats. If you have morpheus stones (unrefined no ingots) then I would be interested in those since I have other materials to make...
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    Buying: Morpheus stone

    got enought right now
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    Selling: Maddox IV, Dante, Beast, A104 and Hunnir

    Selling the following Maddox IV Tier 2.4 - TT + 800 Dante - sold Beast - sold A104 - TT + 125 Hunnir - TT + 30 Lease message here or contact in game lucklylucy gunny smith
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    Selling: Mining Amp BP's with some nice QR

    Selling the following mining amp BP's Level 2 QR=77.8 SB=250 BO = 290 Level 3 QR=36.8 SB=160 BO = 190 Level 5 QR =100 sold Level 7 QR=100 sold level 8 QR=18.5 sold level 9 QR=3.1 SB=330 BO=360 level 11 QR=14.6 SB=900 BO=1100 offer in PM please
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    Selling: Twin Peaks Mall Store Floor 1 #7

    Selling store in Twin Peaks Mall. Floor 1 #7S. in middle across from service center. 60 points inside, 5 points outside currently 3 wooden kitchen tables inside and they are included if you want them starting bid 12K ped or 10 CLD's sale runs for 1 week or if I get an offer i like i will...
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    Selling: Large amount of tailoring remnants

    I have 1521.85 tt of tailoring remnants. looking to sell at 102.5%. will break up in amounts around 50k or more if needed. Leave message here or contact via PM or player register.
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    Lucy's Loot Lounge Twin Peaks Floor 1 S7

    I am back from my travels to various planets and I have restocked the store. Mostly guns and a few amps and sights. I will be adding more guns and sights/scopes/amps over next few days. In twin peaks floor 1 right across from service center. I have a couple of enhancers and healing tools...
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    Selling: ESI 573.88 TT for 675%

    it is sold