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    Crimson Colours

    Hey guys and gals Tired of looking for paint from auction? Or just pissed off because they are rarely in stacks of 323? Well that's why I've decided to start a service where you can get your stacks of 323 paint cans hassle free. I'm still in the process of building inventory so it's probable...
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    Pet Training Service

    Hi guys and gals. Long story short: I have time and I do not need a high lvl pet myself. So makes sense to train a pet for someone else, right? Simple deal: you provide the pet and food, I will train your pet for you. Simple pricing: 3ped per day. I am online for an average of about 8h per...
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    Selling: Spacecraft Pilot Skill Implant. 0.91ped tt @ 16k%

    I believe all the necessary information is marked in the topic. 0.91ped x 16000% = 145.6 ped. So a final price of 145ped. Contact me either here or ingame Peter CrimsonGhost Boss.
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    Selling: Spacecraft Pilot Skill Implant (tt = 0.91 ped)

    *auction ended with no buyer* *Selling for 170ped, lower offers will also be considered* I would prefer it if you would place your bids on this thread so that everyone can see them. However, if you wish to remain anonymous you can contact me here on the forums with a PM or ingame: Peter...