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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis Armor (M) full set

    Auction has now ended. Congratulations to the winner. I'm selling a full set of Adjusted Nemesis (M). All 7 pieces are at full TT value (listed below the pics). I am setting a start bid of +2400 and a buyout of +2700. I will run the forum auction for 2 weeks after the first bid comes in if...
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    Selling: Full Set of M Gremlin.

    SOLD Selling a full set of M Gremlin. Asking TT +300. TT values of set: Arms = 67.20; Shin = 73.40; Harness = 81.09; Thigh = 74.00; Foot = 68.20; Face = 61.30; Gloves =63.20 Total TT Value of the Set = 489.20 Feel free to pm me here or in-game. Thank you.
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    Price Check Terra Amp Blueprints (Complete Set)

    I'm not sure how to price these since you cannot see the markup of BP's based on QR. All in this set have a low QR. 1 has a QR of 12.9. 2 has a QR of 1.6. 3 - 10 all have a QR of 1.0. Any help figuring this out would be very appreciated. Thank you. Please note: This is not a sales thread...