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  1. Ferial

    Loot Tracker Tool

    There is a "difficulty" in solving the problem with tracking taggers. The upside is that it´s quite an easy problem to solve when tagger damage interval does not interfere with main weapon damage interval. The way i´ve "solved" it in my application is to simply check if damage incurred is below...
  2. Ferial

    Price Check Monria lost chapter 4

    it has no value since obtaining it through purchase does not progress mission.
  3. Ferial

    Question: Which effect has run speed on the gameplay / hunt / mining?

    The primary benefit run speed has for me is to reduce the time spent not shooting mobs, by getting from mob to mob faster. This gives more loot opportunities in the time spent.
  4. Ferial

    Revamp Dead Blueprint!

    I don´t see why my location is relevant at all. I don´t see how personal attacks will help your case in any way, shape, or form. If my government would "phase out" diapers I would have to find a different way of solving the problem of having poop everywhere. The same way I solve problems I face...
  5. Ferial

    Revamp Dead Blueprint!

    I believe that is the intention. Phasing out items by removing BPs would be way worse since that would be MA straight up taking stuff away from players. By removing components from lootpool they can claim "loot is dynamic, components may or may not start dropping again soon" I think this is...
  6. Ferial

    Revamp Dead Blueprint!

    I think it is funny how people seem to think that stuff stopped dropping because of some sort of mistake rather than being phased out deliberately :)
  7. Ferial

    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    That is some next level detail (for entropia) well done MA :)
  8. Ferial

    What is an exploit in Entropia?

    Per definition an exploit is to make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand. If you think that you are being treated unfairly by the system because the information provided by the system is incorrect, that is MA exploiting you, not you exploiting the system. As such your...
  9. Ferial

    What is an exploit in Entropia?

    It has been pointed out to you, previously in this thread, that 51 hit level = 7.1 hit and crit ability for non-sib (i would guess you were somewhere around 51.05 when this screenshot was taken?) so definitely no exploit there As for the display bug with ammo burn / apm: since the way that its...
  10. Ferial

    doing The Order of the Elder Gods

    Still no chapter. Do note that I had finished the killpoint quest chain prior to the implementation of the codex. Hope you are luckier than I am :) Good luck!
  11. Ferial

    Question: Average Markup used in Loot Algorithm?

    I recently re-landscaped my garden. I paid quite a lot for the dirt I needed to do that (despite going through a lot of vendors trying to find the best deal for the particular type of dirt I needed) I do like the example though, because it is an almost perfect example of what you need to do in...
  12. Ferial

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Top of the page : "Unwatch"
  13. Ferial

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    One of the main advantages to hunting in LAs is reduced competition. For LAs with unique mobs (with a decent lootpool) this means higher avg. MU. This higher avg MU can outweigh the tax in some circumstances. This however is not the only benefit to reduced competition. Other reasons for hunting...
  14. Ferial

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Well, then you are in for a treat, when it happens :D While not 40%, it´s still very low for the amount of kills of sub 1 ped mobs. (I´m usually not one to stop shooting at bad times. Very bad returns and boring hunting however makes it hard to stay motivated) It happens, occasionally, not...
  15. Ferial

    Think twice before buying E.L.M weapons

    E.L.M has their place in the economy. If nothing else, they are great for quickly converting UA into stuff that you can sell. There is however a problem, when people think they get more value out of a gun than they do. Great topic.
  16. Ferial

    Ridiculous weapon prices.

    DPP still matters, a lot. The post you quoted is just worded backwards. The emphasis should have been on the amount of extra kills (loot instances) you get for the same cost with the "superior" weapon. Rather than saying "you save 58.000 peds on 100.000 kills" It should have been worded "You...
  17. Ferial

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    The only thing i see is :"I blindly invested 20k into something I had not properly researched, now I am upset my investment didn't match my expectations"
  18. Ferial

    Info: Iron Challenge Reminder

    While I do agree with the notion, it doesn´t apply in this situation. You got a message in game, that said grace period is coming to an end. with a reference to a previous statement, which was also linked in said message. You get all the necessary information in that message. This is in my...
  19. Ferial

    a New Loot System, with AI, is coming

    I honestly would be very surprised if CGit would be allowed anywhere near the loot system., I think this is just a mutually beneficial partnership that will end up going nowhere :) EDIT: CGit being up and coming, and MA with it´s recent PR with the 600k crafting ATH, it is beneficial to both of...
  20. Ferial

    Suggestion: All Air Vehicles Need to Move Faster

    That is not true :D There are several locations in the universe that require a TP3, if i´m not mistaken still some that might require TP4.
  21. Ferial

    Question: What do you think MindArk's top priorities should be?

    There is nothing wrong with the current economy of the game. The problem right now is that we have had a lot f mid-high range players come back and not enogh new players
  22. Ferial

    Suggestion: Forced 6-Hour Game-Break a Day

    Generally I am all for "every individual having their own choice" in what to do. As a recovering gaming addict, however, I do realize that it´s not always an easy choice to make. When I was younger, I would forsake school, relationships, and even family, for gaming. It nearly cost me...
  23. Ferial

    Thark's Hunters Log

    I agree with you on the top range, given a decently big multiplier, but ending up at 92% on 167k kills is imo out of the ordinary unlucky (not saying it couldn´t happen) 92.5% on 120k for what op has done, however, is not out of the ordinary. It´s likely just bad timing on the "cut"