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    Excuse me, but I was not provided with....

    If you die - you lose everything.
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    FYI: Current cost to make mod 2600/2350

    I'm interested about how did the price for mushrooms lately got up by ~30%
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    Consolidated release notes for 17.9.0, 2021/08/31

    You forgot Release Notes
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    Help: No respons from Support Dev.

    I'm not interested in what is happening here, but you can read ToU (3.1)
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    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    It's not only a graphic upgrade/ New better engine (UE5) = easier development for planet partners and MA than CE for this kind of games = there will faster fixes, more updates and a lot of development limitations on the planet partners will disappear :).
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    Why is Healing diminished while moving??

    Why did they run around when they can just stand still and spam to skill up? It's not logical i guess...
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    ATH: 592k click

    So it was an animal oil residue ATH :unsure:, congratulations!!
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    News: Marcimex Unrest

    [Calypso, 74518, 67178, 148, Marcimex] - Weak [Calypso, 70264, 71562, 212, Marcimex] - Watcher to Ravager [Calypso, 70590, 71922, 244, Marcimex] - Soldier (with some drones L8 around) [Calypso, 75138, 67095, 151, Marcimex] - Chaser
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    Help: Finding Out New Players Rate Of Return

    I'm back with noob returns! I travelled to Toulan, NI, Rock and Calypso, tried various mobs and i decided to grind snables till i die after the 124p global on them that i got before start writing the journal xD Total decay (ammo + decay on everything) My set is: tt pistol + ZX Sinkadus +...
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    Help: Finding Out New Players Rate Of Return

    Thank you for your advice! As for Bukin Rifle - i already obtained it, but i prefer to use "Z12 Barbarella" because it has lower decay and higher DPS (with 57.2% eff without ZX). I think it's good for 50-100 HP mobs. I will stick to this mob for now and post my progress later :)
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    Help: Finding Out New Players Rate Of Return

    Thanks! I guess i will stick to this mob for a long time and might post my TT return with more info :). But i will try hunt for a while in Toulan (mokhats and the other mob with high mu loot), the problem that is i'm having a problem with choosing the right weapon. should i go with tt pistol +...
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    Help: Finding Out New Players Rate Of Return

    This is todays hunt, cycled 112p (ammo+ decay) Animal looter = 2 tt pistol + zx amp => 65% eff with Harrier Assault, Adjusted (M) set Date Mob Maturity Ammo Armor decay Amp decay Weapon decay TT Return TT Return % 14.03.2021 Ostelok Young-Providor 24,75 0,3 0,71 0,3 24,3 93% 14.03.2021...
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    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Where you can find whole release notes?