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    Selling [Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk. 2]

    Selling [Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk. 2]
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    Suggestion: Forced 6-Hour Game-Break a Day

    to limit expenses u can write to support to reduce deposits limit to limit time spent u simply just uninstall the game and redownload it again (takes about 6 hours) i'm trying to figure out the motive of your suggestions you cant control you spend too much you want others to join you in...
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    Memorial Feature + Rental Pads

    i was dreaming. and this idea came to me. when i die, i mean in real life. a memorial of sorts. like a statue. one such already exists in game. BUT with a twist. even perhaps turn it into a investment venture. How it works? so we have bank loans, where the avatar places an item for a period...
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    Suggestion: Forced 6-Hour Game-Break a Day

    this is the dumbest most retarded suggestion ever, u either end up with alot of time when no one is logged on , or alot of events and times are fucked. dont forget some people have to work, and some people like to stay up and race thru events and then take a break the next day , or just log in...
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    Is there a good thread on understanding the EP world?

    EP 1: 00.02 per click Ep 2: 00.20 per click EP 3: 02.00 per click EP 4: 20.00 per click uses nanocubes, apart from the blueprint, no further markup (cheapest) - gives explosives as a result + residue & maybe BPs & maybe GEMS, Garnet, Opal, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond 4 types of 4 levels tech ...
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    Buying: Buy scope sight plate

    mk 2 sight x 2 + mk 2 scope smuggler plates
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    Entropia Universe 17.2 Release Notes

    makes things easier to tier, but that killed my collection dreams all the items i paid a hefty premium for with 3 digits on all 10 tiers are now worthless lol even to me... time to sell my crap and craft more ep 4
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    Selling: Mayhem un(L) Male set T2- 3% Increased reload -SOLD-

    henry babyoxide ha conatct me ingame for set, looking to buy
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    22 DAY CHALLENGE! 10,000 PED for 500 Total Global Value

    in case i wasnt registered Henry BabyOxide Ha
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    50 for 50 PED, 100 for 500 PED, 200 for 5000 PED! April Progressive Gambler by EntropiaInvest

    Henry BabyOxide Ha lol forget i already registered i think
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    Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

    loot is deterministic its not random so when u shoot a mob, decay is counted the return then goes thru an equation, if this player deposited money, he gets better loot, he he shoot and lose alot he gets better loot sounds like a loot pool to me its its random via a RNG, then MA is fked, bcos...
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    Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

    no point competing in any events at all if there is no chance based people with money and time will always win people without money or time will 100 % lose... and if you think about that, this game only welcomes rich people to "play" on entropia terms.. i have recently, deposit 7 k usd...
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    Henry BabyOxide Ha gambler not sure what my previous one was or if i even register lol
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    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    Henry BabyOxide Ha
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    EntropiaInvest All Or Nothing February SPECIAL

    Henry BabyOxide Ha
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    CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE ( Hunting + Mining ) March MEGA EVENT by EntropiaInvest

    Register "Henry BabyOxide Ha" Hunting : UGA , MINING : UGA
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    EntropiaInvest's Cold Treasure Vault (Hunting + Mining)

    Henry BabyOxide Ha
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    Santa's Secret Code - WIN UP TO 2,000 PED for every HOF 500 and Greater!!!

    Team: Henry's ATH Team Leader: Henry BabyOxide Ha
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    The Ambuliped New Edition @ OLA 17 The Salty Flats

    old team name: Henry's ATH Team new team name: Ultimate Henry ATH Team BIG18738 just so i get to use use just one team for everything can keep both if it doesnt cause issues,