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    Selling: Halloween & Easter Strongbox

    Selling 313 x Halloween Strongbox 35 x Easter Strongbox Please PM if you are intrested
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    Selling: [Easter Strongbox]

    Selling 35 x [Easter Strongbox] PM with offers
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    Selling: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    As title said, I'm selling my Adjusted Restoration Chip SB TT+4.8k BO TT+5k The auction will end 48 hours after SB it's meet. Only pure PED are accepted.
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    Selling: FFA - 1465 Stars

    Selling at .2/star who it's interested please PM or post here
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    FYI: All Rare loot - count by item

    Based on a suggestion from another thread, you can find below a list with all rare items recorded by Entropia Life website between 16 Mar 2013 and 13 Jan 2016. Unfortunately, 16 Mar 2013 is the oldest day recorded on "Rare loot" list. Aakas Defender Statue32 Aakas Fire Dagger65 Adjusted Armor...
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    MM 2015 results - as Entropia Life - Rare items

    Based on Entropia life - Rare item list, and just to have an idea, you can find below the top 20 positions of looted Mayhem Stars "Dazzling", "Radiant" and "Glorious", for both Solo and FFA Solo partial results FFA partial resuls Have FUN :yay::yay::yay::yay:
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    Selling: Selling HL18 SGA + more to come

    I am selling all my inventory! I'll starting by selling the "piece of resistance", the HL18 SGA. If I'll sell it, other items and skills will follow. If not, I'll stay in game hoping a renting system will be implemented in game, to avoid the huge collaterals amount asked for top gears. This...
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    Buying: Ares ring Improved

    Buying Ares ring Improved Offering pure PED Send me your offer and you'll never regret
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    Buying: WTB - Neurostim-A, X2

    As the title said, I'm looking to buy Neurostim-A or Neurostim-X2 Please send me offers on PM
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    Selling: Selling HL18 SGA

    I own this beauty since 2010, when i made the discovery. With all my hard, I must say it made my days in EU in the last 4 years. <removed> So: If you are tired to play 40h in EU competitions without any top 10 position; If you want to be in top 5 of any EU competiotion; If you want to kill...
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    Buying: Mayhem Harness and Helmet (M)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy Mayhem Harness and Helmet. Dracula
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 (UL)

    Selling this new fresh Emik Enigma L4 won at HM 2014 - Emik Enigma L4 Tier numbers: (113, 104, 106, 92, 95, 92, 101, 102, 97, 94) = 996 SOLD! SB meet. This auction will end on 11/27/2014 18:00 if no other bid will be received. PM here or ingame Regards, Dracula
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    Intrested in HL18 SGA?

    This is not a sale thread, but an information one. Achievements of HL18 SGA in competitions: 2011 – Marry Mayhem Cat 3 (Tier 4) – without any fap or dmg support Merry Mayhem 2011 Results 10th - Vlad Dracula Tepes - 13950 - Merry Mayhem Thigh Guards 2012 – Marry Mayhem Cat 3 (Tier 5) –...
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    Selling: MM Foot (M), Headoc Mayhem

    The following items are for sale: Accept only PED/CLDs MM foot (M) - SB TT+3k/ BO TT+3.2K (57, 79, 78, 108, 53, 123, 116, 89, 91, 103)=897 Headoc Mayhem - SB TT+2.1k / BO TT+2.3k (116, 105, 77, 106, 88, 89, 114, 72, 104, 105)=976 Headoc Mayhem - SB TT+2.0k / BO TT+2.2k (95, 81, 83, 71, 58...
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    Selling: Nanobots - Adrenaline

    Selling 7 adrenaline boosts for 140 PED each. PM here or ingame
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    Selling: Unlimited Quad-Wing Interceptor-Trailblazer

    Hi all, Because it's time to move on, I started this sale against my will, driven by the need for PEDs. I'll keep this thread open for a week, then, if not sold, it will be moved on the in game AH for another week. If SB it's met, the sales will end in 48h If the SB is not reached, I'll be the...
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    Selling: UL EWE LC-100 Frontier

    Hi all, I'm selling this freshly won UL EWE LC-100 Frontier. EWE LC-100 Frontier SOLD. Regards,
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    Selling: Angel Shine (M) t2.3

    I have an Angel Shin (M) t2.3 for sale SB TT+1000 PED BO TT+1100 PED Tier rates 68 168 158 143 104 146 107 100 71 171
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    Selling: Set Vigilante SGA (M) (w/o foot)

    Set Vigilante SGA (M) (w/o foot) As title said, I selling 6 pieces of Vigilante SGA (M) Tier: Helmet 0.2 Harness 1.0 Arms 1.0 Gloves 0.1 Thigh 0.2 Shin 0.0 Vigilante SGA Edition.... SB/BO: TT+1300 PED Current BID: NONE All pieces are full TT.
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    Selling: Esi 211 ped tt

    Selling 211.38 ped TT ESI. SB/BO 1600 PED (756.90%)
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    Selling: Set Vigilante SGA (M) (w/o foot)

    As title said, I selling 6 pieces of Vigilante SGA (M) Tier: Helmet 0.2 Harness 1.0 Arms 1.0 Gloves 0.1 Thigh 0.2 Shin 0.0 SB: TT+1500 PED BO: TT+1800 PED Current BID: NONE All pieces are full TT. SB removed. Bidder changed his mind The auction will end one week after SB is met
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    Selling: Nexnecis DNA Sample x1

    Selling my Nexnecis DNA Sample. Because i'm not in rush, i'll keep this thread until the new estate, promised long time ago by MA, will be sold or the BO it's reached. SB/BO changed SB: 20k BO: 25K I prefer pure PED, but also, it will be taken into consideration the offers containing items...
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    Selling: Set Vigilante SGA (M) (w/o foot)

    SB/BO Lowered! Selling Vigilante SGA (M) Tier: Helmet 0.2 Harness 1.0 Arms 1.0 Gloves 0.1 Thigh 0.2 Shin 0.0 SB/BO: TT+2000 PED All pieces are full TT.
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    FYI: Finaly - MM Results 2011

    First of all, we would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the 2011 Merry Mayhem event, either as a contestant, supporter, or cheerleader. The mayhem and the excitement were greater than ever! Now on the the part you have all been patiently waiting for: the results! Important...
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    FYI: Merry Mayhem 2011 Cat. 3 Top 50 Globals - Entropia Traker

    Lower is the top 50 result for Cat. 3, extracted from ET. The list is based on total globals/Player/Team recorded on ET between 12/26/2011 00:00 and 12/30/2011 23:59 UTC. I created this list just to have an ideas where you are.