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  1. JanOaki

    Buying: SUMMER 2020 RING

    Looking to buy a summer 2020 ring Thanks !
  2. JanOaki

    Buying: TRAUMA 7 MELEE AMP

    Buying a trauma 7 amp. PM me if you have one for sale !
  3. JanOaki

    Buying: Strong argonaut claw

    As the title says i am looking for a strong claw FEN. Pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks !
  4. JanOaki

    Selling: XTLC 800, Tier 10 (SOLD)

    XTLC 800 Selling this high DPS and high range rifle, already tiered to 10. Also has increased 10 % skill gain for laser weapons. Strong performer in events. Grab those mayhem vendor items before they are sold out! You can hunt with minimal armor with its very high dps and range. Items of...
  5. JanOaki

    Selling: Unique vain armor set (F) T2.99

    1) Vain Armor (F) Tier 2.99 for 5 pieces and 2 pieces T1.99 Only 1 female set in existence. You will get the hof for tiering up the remaining 2 pieces. Very well balanced armor, strong against a wide range of mobs. No problems hunting most mobs in game.I am using aug 5b plates but it is not...
  6. JanOaki

    Selling: xmas/summer/ boxes

    Selling boxes for 3.4 ped each. discounts for bulk buys..min order 100 boxes.
  7. JanOaki

    Selling: Unique BL1800 T10 (SOLD)

    BL1800 Due to a new business venture i don't have the time to fully utilize this amazing tool. So i am putting it up for sale. Now is your chance to grab this unique weapon already fully tiered to 10 ! You can be one of the top dpsers in game at as low as lvl 86. Be a top contender in events...
  8. JanOaki

    Selling: Angel Helm,Improved (F) SOLD

    Angel Helm Improved freshly looted Extremely well balanced armor. Add it to your current angel set for extra defenses and slowly collect a set ! PM offers. Peds/Deeds preferred. SOLD
  9. JanOaki

    Buying: Mod restoration chip / Mod Fap

    Looking to buy modified restoration chip and Mod Fap..Can pay pure peds or trade imp restore+peds
  10. JanOaki

    Buying: Neopsion MF implant perfected/augmented

    Looking for perfected or augmented implant...PM me if you got one for sale. Thank you!
  11. JanOaki

    Selling: Summer ring 2020

    Selling this amazing ring with following stats : 3% crit 8 % life steal 20 % crit damage No introduction needed for the best ring in game which will save you tons of money and makes hunting a lot more fun. Use with Xmas 2020 for best offensive dpp combo in the game or Xmas 2016 for best...
  12. JanOaki

    T10 Isis BL1800 for rent

    One and only BL1800 up for rent! With this gun only a handful of avatars can match your dps. 1)Pump out 300 dps with 10 dmg enhancers and 15 mg pills..287 dps with 10 mg pills .Get more done with less time! Time is money. 2)3.5 dpp with delta amp and 10 dmg enhancers with max crit and pills...
  13. JanOaki

    Buying: Pills 10mg

    Hyper,Deva,Accu.. PM me qty and price.
  14. JanOaki

    Buying: High DPS / high tier weapon

    100 DPS + Base dps for rifle and 110 + dps for handgun. PM me with what you got. Thank you!
  15. JanOaki

    Selling: SOLD

  16. JanOaki

    Buying: Sigyn (F) pieces/Imperial HAZEN (f)

    Need Following Sigyn pieces : Gloves,Thigh,helm,boots Need all HAZEN pieces ! PM here or in game.Thank you!
  17. JanOaki

    Buying: Summer 2020 Ring

    Pm me if u have. Paying pure peds!
  18. JanOaki

    Selling: Sold

  19. JanOaki

    Buying: mk1/2 sights

    Looking for of MK1/2 laser sight(s). Paying pure peds.
  20. JanOaki

    Buying: T6+ ML45 with good TIR

    Looking for ML 45 with good TIR. T6+ PM me with what you have please..thank you! Paying pure peds or ML45 T5+peds
  21. JanOaki

    Buying: Tier 7/8 comps

    Need lots!Paying more for bulk Pm me
  22. JanOaki

    Buying: Sigyn Female parts

    Need all parts except Arm and thighs. PM me with price. Thank you!
  23. JanOaki

    Selling: Lots of ESI big and small

    Selling ESI in bulk : 1)487 ped ESI (1650 %) 2)600 ped total TT small ESI (10-30 ped tt) selling all bulk 1600 %
  24. JanOaki

    Buying: Equus/Firebird

    WTB Quad wing equus/Firebird Thank you !
  25. JanOaki


    Giving out free rifle and BLP skills. Just bring me an Empty Skill implant and i will give you collateral and fill it up for you.