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    Selling: Paneleon Spec Imperium Armour (M)

    Selling Paneleon Spec Imperium Armour (M) Impact: 50 Cut: 17 Burn: 25 Thigh tier=3.55 (165/200) Helm tier=3.52 (91/200) Glove tier=2.53 (97/200) foot tier=2.37 (30/200) Arm tier=2.19 (35/200) shin tier=2.15 (33/200) Harness tier=2.06 (13/200) Buyout = +10kped Offers will be considered...
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    Buying: Paneleon Spec Imperium

    I already have a set but looking for better tier rates. My thigh/helm/glove are fine so looking for: Chest Shin Arm Foot I'll trade my shitty tier armour parts for your 100+ TIR and pay you 100ped. PM me here or ingame.
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    Selling: Halloween Ring 2020, ML-35 Adjusted, Imp evil

    I love these items but I'm playing less this year so It doesn't make sense to keep them. Halloween Ring 2020 Auto Loot 55M Lifesteal 2% Increased Reload 10% Increased run 10% Decrease Crit Dam 10% Increased Health 20hp SOLD ----------------------- Meckel & Loch ML-35, Adjusted tier 5.99...
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    Selling: Ghoul (M) tier 5

    Want to sell the highest tiered male Ghoul in game. Great all-rounder, and fantastic in mayhem events. Most set is tier 5 with a couple at tier 4: Arm 5.95 Shin 5.83 Harness 5.34 Thigh 5.72 Foot 5.52 Glove 4.69 Face 4.69 At tier 5 the stats are: Impact 31.2 Cut 18.7 stab 17.5 Burn 22.5...
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    Selling: Phantom(M) Tier 1, great tiers

    Full set of male Phantom tier 1.0 with great tiers: [Phantom Face Guard (M)] = 196 [Phantom Thigh Guards (M)] = 194 [Phantom Arm Guards (M)] = 191 [Phantom Gloves (M)] = 181 [Phantom Foot Guards (M)] = 148 [Phantom Shin Guards (M)] = 141 [Phantom Harness (M)] = 136 Price = +2200 SOLD Please...
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    Buying: Halloween 2020 ring

    Buying halloween 2020 ring, pure ped. PM me here or in game 'snake slither hellfire'
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    Ark forum problem

    When I go to all i get is the top menu bar and then everything else is black. This happens with chrome but if I use IE it's ok, but i'm not using IE just to read the forum lol. Just noticed it's ok in edge too. I know it's an unsecured site so tried messing with security...
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    Error recording annihilation bosses

    Was looking through some stats and found something strange, I really hope this is a problem with EL and not MA: Kal-Rahm The Cannibal A04 149 PED Sun, 01 Nov 2020 04:15:17 Annihilation Zombie 04 136 PED Sun, 01 Nov 2020 04:08:13 Kal-Rahm The Cannibal A04 149 PED...
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    Selling: Full Phantom(M)

    I have full Phantom (male) for sale: Price = +1900ped All sets sold. PM here or contact 'snake slither hellfire' in game.
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    Price Check Halloween Ring 2020

    Just wondered what you guys thought the new ring is worth: RIGHT HAND Increased run speed 10% Life steal 2% increased reload speed 10% increased health 20hp decreased critical damage 10% auto loot 55m
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    Buying: NeoPsion Mindforce Implant (adj/imp/mod/aug/perf)

    Looking to buy an adj or better neopsion implant, PM here or in game (snake slither hellfire) with your price.
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    Selling: M71a2, Adj Cause, Pills, GBR-34

    items sold
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    Maxing Adj SB-90

    I got to level 90 knifefighter hit (dam is 110) and maxed all the adj sb-90(L) stats except number of attacks. At lvl 90 I was 74/76 - no problem I thought, I'll get those last 2 attacks with 1 more level up. Well, I'm now 91.1758 now and still at 74/76 :( Can anyone confirm the blade gets to...
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    Selling: M71a2, Emik L2, Arson TEN, Paradox

    Selling the following itemsL Emik Enigma L2 tier 4.97 remaining tiers: 68,79,103,123,134 Price: SOLD ------------------------------------ Arsonistic Chip 3 TEN edition tier 4.67 remaining tiers: 72,130,115,136,141,119 Price: SOLD ------------------------------------ Omegaton M71a2 Tier...
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    Selling: Mod EK-2600 fap tier 2.8

    Selling a tier 2.8 mod 2600 Please PM offers here or ingame.
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    Buying: Buying or renting F-106 blueprint

    Looking for an F-106 bp, give me a shout here or ingame if u have one to rent or sell. Snake slither hellfire
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    Selling: Fulll Phantom (m)

    I have a couple of sets of freshly crafted Phantom (m) for sale. Price is +1600ped If you would like a set then please contact me in game 'snake slither hellfire' or PM me on the forum
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    Selling: High Tier L Blades

    Selling high tier blades with plenty TT remaining. With mayhem amps giving heal these can make a huge difference in events. -------------------------------------------- Armatrix SB-60 tier 10 TT = 118.52 Price = 200% -------------------------------------------- Armatrix SB-65 tier 6 TT =...
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    Buying: Improved EP-21 Defender

    Looking to buy an imp-21, tiers don't interested me. Please pm me here or ingame with price. Snake Slither Hellfire
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    Selling: Selling Shop, Ghoul, Mod Stark and more...

    Looking to free up some peds for a purchase, this sale will end when I have enough ped :) Peds are preffered but all trades will be considered. ------------------------------------------ Small (but upgraded) shop in Emerald Lakes Mall. Shop #8 on floor #2 in the middle near auction 135...
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    Some help with vu.16

    Thought I'd start a thread to help out people with the new camera/interface. There's a lot of info in the update notes and you could easily miss something or misread a system. This is not a thread for complaints, if you need help doing something ask a question, if you can answer a question...
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    Selling: Club Skills

    If anyone needs club skills for the new FEN mace give me a shout, I have 500tt I could extract if you have esi and peds :)
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    Achievement: Animal Looter 60

    Just got animal looter up to level 60 :) This unlocked scavenging & scientist :yay:
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    Thanks MA for loot 2.0

    For many years my hof list looked like a joke in comparison to other players of similar turnover levels. Since 2.0 came into effect things have started looking up :) There's so many downers on this forum that I thought I'd show a glimmer of hope for others :) Total hunt hofs on tracker =...
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    Selling: Omegaton M71A2

    Selling Omegaton M71A2, great rifle with 155m range. Tier 5.4 remaining tiers 159, 115, 61, 118, 71 Buyout = +5kped Please PM me here or in game 'snake slither hellfire'