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  1. danimal01

    (Suggestion) "Shared Loot" and Solo Hunter HoF lists

    When "Shared Loots" were just on big mobs or mobs that solo avatars could not hunt, it was okay; and it was a good thing to have around. Now a days, we have shared loot on just about every cotton picking thing there is to be had in EU, even on mobs that SOLO avatars are able to take down...
  2. danimal01

    Buying: SGA Parts...

    Purchasing SGA Supremacy Parts. Trading regular parts T2.9 + PEDs for the SGA version. Hit me up on forums or in game please. Thank you. DO NOT NEED HARNESS OR SHIN GUARDS ~Danimal
  3. danimal01

    Selling: Vampiric Cloak of Vitality (F) and Skildek Decimator

    Please make your offers here or in PM's for the two items. I will be taking offers for a few days and when I feel there are enough offers then a 24hr count down period will start for said item(s). (100PED sniping rule bla bla bla) I have the right to refuse any offers, for any reason...
  4. danimal01

    Achievement: I think I can post this here? :)

    It's been a long time coming but I have finally looted some item(s) of value in EU! :) :yay: It pays to be patient that's for sure, and when MA wants to pay out... they pay out in FULL swing all at once. This is by far my best hour of Halloween Mayhem, and my first time being able to compete in...
  5. danimal01

    Achievement: Winner of "Epic" EU Moment

    This is the first time I have really won anything spectacular in EU and I am very happy and grateful to be a part of this great "universe". You can see the link for the winners announced here...
  6. danimal01

    Selling: Old Skool Coat, Arson TEN, Combust VIII, Imp Hedoc, Supremacy T2 Set

    For Sale: x1 Urban Nomad Centurion Coat (M) x1 (Set) Supremacy Armor (M) T2.x UL -- All parts are Tier 2 and I tiered them all up myself. Tier costs were roughly 7000 PEDs for T1 and 13300 PEDs for T2. To my knowledge this is the only full Teir 2 set in game. Tier 1 Tier 2 x1...
  7. danimal01

    Achievement: Full (M) Supremacy T2 Set :)

    Going along with my first Achievement this is the follow up Achievement to that!! :yay: Am I crazy? Perhaps :) Total Cost: Tier 1: 7000 PEDs Tier 2: 13300 PEDs Link ~Danimal
  8. danimal01

    Buying: Small Shitty Appartment

    As the title states. I'm buying a small shitty apartment. Don't care about view or location but it has to be on Calypso and easy for me to get to. Offering 150PEDs. ~Danimal
  9. danimal01

    Info: Modified Armor Plating 5b - Decay tests

    I have now had enough time to test these plates. It would seem that anytime the plates absorb a c/s/i attack it decays accordingly (as it should), when it doesn't take a hit i.e. (0.0 damage) it decays at the minimum something like 0.01 PEDs. I tested this by wearing the plates on a mob that is...
  10. danimal01

    Uber: 7274 PED Mind Reaver Dominant

    My personal best! :) First was my Aurli many years ago and now this one.. just when I was starting to loose hope this thing pops up and gives me a nice smile. :laugh: I thought this was a regular 3 digit hof until my soc mates decided to inform me that I was an idiot and actually got four...
  11. danimal01

    Danimal's Rental Service - Rent High end "UBER" items

    Full Male Supremacy Set (Tier 2.x with exception of gloves - T1.7) I require a collateral of 150,000 PEDs in items/CLD's/PED's those are all acceptable forms of collateral. Currently the set is: Available Rent Start Date: MM/DD/YY @ 00:00 ----------------------- Mod.5b Plate Set...
  12. danimal01

    Buying: A204 Weapon Amplifiers

    Purchasing these and paying in PEDs. Contact me via IG or PM. ~Danimal
  13. danimal01

    Modified Armor Mark.5B Plate Set

    As the title states: Modified Armor Mark.5B Plate Set is now up for rent. This is the first complete set to date and is unique for the fact that it can block 3% of any incoming hits weither it be 500HP or 5000HP it will be blocked and turned into a 0.0 damage hit. I require a collateral of...
  14. danimal01

    Achievement: Full Modified Armor Mark.5B Set

    I have finally completed the modified 5B set! :) A few days ago I sought out to make a complete modified set .. not knowing how much time, effort, and PED it would take to complete. Today marks the first time ever in EU history that a full set has been completed. I guess you can call me crazy...
  15. danimal01

    Selling: Mark.6A ME Plates (FULL SET) and Mark.6A UL BP QR 30+

    As the title states: I'm selling my plates and BP. BP = 7k OBO Alferix Ingot x1 Melchi Crystal x6 Alien Blood x2 Alien Acid x3 Plate Set = 6k OBO Weight: 0.4 kg Protection Penetration: 12 HP Burn: 14 HP Firearms: 26 HP Total: 26 HP Economy Durability: 1500 Maximal TT...
  16. danimal01

    Selling: Mentor Edition Mark.5B Plates

    Selling a FULL SET of .5B Plates Mentor Edition. 5000 PED B.O. ~Danimal
  17. danimal01


    Calypso Land Deed Tokens Events103 Won out of160 Sat, 26 May 2012Robot Event (May 2012) x10Link Fri, 01 Jun 2012Argonaut Scout Event (June 2012) x15Link, Link, Link Mon, 17 Sep 2012CLD Feffoid Mania Event (Sep 2012) x18Link, Link Mon, 01 Oct 2012CLD Molisk Mania Event (Oct 2012) x20Link...
  18. danimal01


    Calypso Land Deed Tokens Crafting120 Looted out of240 Thu, 06 Sep 2012 16:46:22Calypso Land Deed Token #108 CraftingLars Smoker Eriksson Fri, 07 Sep 2012 12:58:25Calypso Land Deed Token #201 CraftingNarcissus nar cissus Sun, 09 Sep 2012 02:52:43Calypso Land Deed Token #22 CraftingIvan IronFist...
  19. danimal01


    Calypso Land Deed Tokens Mining164 Looted out of200 Mon, 21 May 2012 15:08:04Calypso Land Deed Token #5 MiningRafaele Meiersos Rocko Tue, 22 May 2012 17:51:23Calypso Land Deed Token #6 MiningEmilia Johannanox knox Wed, 23 May 2012 18:18:32Calypso Land Deed Token #21 MiningSyden Red Dagger...
  20. danimal01


    Calypso Land Deed Tokens Hunting272 Looted out of400 Thu, 17 May 2012 14:21:20Calypso Land Deed Token #187 HuntingFrikkie PestControl Wessels Fri, 18 May 2012 14:07:32Calypso Land Deed Token #17 HuntingGyorgy Mukac Makka Mon, 21 May 2012 10:58:03Calypso Land Deed Token #268 Huntingjo pedhunter...
  21. danimal01

    Achievement: 300K Skill Points!!

    Today I have hit my goal of 300k Skill Points :) Now onwards to maxing out my pee shooter hehe edit: this is all mainly hunting related skills only and not any of that other mining/crafting junk ~Danimal
  22. danimal01

    Achievement: Finally! :)

    I have become a "Gold Contributor" on :) Please do enjoy all the iron missions that are now updated for Calypso!! ~Danimal
  23. danimal01

    Selling: Shadow Thigh Guards (F,L) & Supremacy Thigh Guards (M, L)

    Shadow Thigh Guards (F,L) 87/154/174/63/168/145/99/54/59/114 Full TT: 102 PEDs SB: 250% BO: 300% Supremacy Thigh Guards (M,L) 36/7/27/42/41/40/51/24/23/21 Full TT: 309 PEDs SB: 230% BO: 330% Supremacy Gloves (M,L) Tiers Later Full TT: 287 PEDs SB: 250% BO: 300% Shoot me a PM on PCF or in...
  24. danimal01

    Untradeable Attribute tokens to Attribute Token Trader

    Dear Developers, Can you pretty please make it so that we can obtain fractional points for each attribute token that we trade in? As it stands ... some old players have most missions done and the new missions i.e. Primordial Longu mission chain reward with 50 Agility Tokens.... which I can not...
  25. danimal01

    Give me my hp back!

    Dear Developers, Why do you have to be so stingy about giving us our HP back? I don't care that the progress bar now displays what I "have" but what I really have is not reflecting this. I should have 230.4 HP but when I die from a drop or a mob I only can take a maximum of 230 HP damage. Can...