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  1. Slapnuts

    ATH: 108k ATH

    There she blows .... a 108,000 ped Force Nexus ATH. Happy Slappy
  2. Slapnuts

    Mentorship Offered

    Hi, Been ingame since 2005ish and am offering Mentorship. Preferably to UK players due to my timezone but currently my only Disciple is Aussie and a super fast learner, so that works too. Look me up in game. Ideally I'll limit numbers to 5 but we'll see how we go. I'd like players that intend...
  3. Slapnuts

    Buying: i2870

    Looking for a i2870 at a sensible price! Slappy
  4. Slapnuts

    Selling: Unlimited Male Angel with Shadow Arms

    Taking offers on: Full unlimited male Angel with Shadow Arms (Harness is Angel SGA). Helmet is Tier 2 all others are Tier 1. PED offers only please.
  5. Slapnuts

    Selling: DOA Loudmouth SGA Edition

    Hi, I'm selling my DOA Loudmouth SGA Edition. It's currently at Tier 2.5. None have sold on Auction above Tier 0 so I have included price history of Tier 0 as a guide. SOLD - Can close thread Preference is for PED but will also consider CLDs. Offers can be made in thread or via PM. Ideal...
  6. Slapnuts

    Selling: DOA Loudmouth SGA Edition

    Moderator - Please kill this thread Clean Replacement Thread Being Set Up
  7. Slapnuts

    Crafting CLD

    Just got a CLD crafting ... but it dropped as a CLD BP with 8 clicks. Its completely unclickable at 1000 Ruga per click but thought I'd post anyway! Slappy
  8. Slapnuts

    Buying: Serum, Sema, Luna BPs

    Hi, Will take any Serum, Sema or Luna BPs off anyones hands at fair market prices. Cheers, Slappy
  9. Slapnuts

    Buying: Sema or Serum BPs

    As per title - I am interested in any serum or sema BPs. Or info on what they drop from. Feel free to reply or PM. Slappy
  10. Slapnuts

    Buying: Sema Arm Guard / Harness BP (L)

    Sema or Serum BPs Looking to acquire a Sema armour Harness(L) and Arm Guards(L) BP(L). Will pay fair market value.
  11. Slapnuts

    duplicate post - delete me please

    duplicate post - delete me
  12. Slapnuts

    Polite request For Clarity from MA / FPC / SEE ?

    Polite Request For Clarity From MA / FPC / SEE ? Hi, Being a simple chap I am rather confused on the realtionship between MA, FPC, SEE and the related jurisdictions etc etc. What I'd like cleared up is: I get the whole "you don't own anything" point - so put that to one side because...
  13. Slapnuts

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it ....

    I was having a browse and there is quite a bit of depressing stuff on here at the moment. I put it down to post-summer blues (although the Aussies and South Africans have no excuse being spring down under). So I decided to post something a bit fun. Its a mission ... slightly different to the...
  14. Slapnuts

    Drone Elites

    Hi, Can anyone furnish me with the coords of the Drone Elites? Cheers in advance, Slappy
  15. Slapnuts

    anyone know the avatar Silvarian silv advent?

    Hi, I made an error on an auction bid and bid 1000 ped for 14 ped of simple conductors. After logging a support MA advised that I get hold of the avatar to sort the problem out. Does anyone know Silvarian Silv Advent? He has apparently been seen at swamp camp hence I am asking in this forum...
  16. Slapnuts

    1k PED Auction Error - silvarian silv advent

    Hi, I'm an idiot. Just managed to bid 1k on 20ped worth of simple 1 conductors ... clearly in error. If you happen to know Silvarian silv advent can you ask him to get in touch or PM me his forum name so we can rectify the situation. I'm happy to compensate him for my error. Cheers Slappy
  17. Slapnuts

    Uber: MA Event

    Entered the MA Exa event on LA 51. All loot from all participants was contributed to the prize pool during the 90 minute event. A Sala M and F Harness were also up for grabs. Highest single loot wins. A little bit of controversy as there were Esto's in the event LA too so I guess MA's...
  18. Slapnuts

    Unlimited M4a

    Evening all. What do we think then on an Unlimited M4a full TT. None ever sold via ingame auction. Stats are: Damage: 37 HP Range: 61.6 m Attacks: 37 /min Reload: 1.6 sec Dmg/sec: 22.8 HP Power: 1405.5 Decay: 2.199 PEC Ammo: 7 Cost: 9.199 PEC Max.TT: 5110.00 PED Min.TT: 2555.00...
  19. Slapnuts

    Welcome Back Slappy! 2x M4a UL

    So having finally got rid of the dross we occasionally call RL and decided to drag my drunken butt back into Entropia I took a little punt on some Geotrek LP470's on condition ... yes yes I know, but like i say it was a punt! That threw up about 9k PED of HOFs which was lovely of course. Then...
  20. Slapnuts

    Selling: Powerful Wormhole Chip for LG

    Powerful Wormhole Chip now in ingame auction just intime for Land Grab! If you want to make me an offer pls PM me and if acceptable I will take it out of ingame auction. I WANT TO SELL THIS IN 24 HOURS TO FUND ANOTHER PURCHASE
  21. Slapnuts

    Selling: Weapons Trade

    Hi. I am looking to do a deal with someone / people which ends up with me having a DOA SH and ML-35. On offer I have: Adj V1 Camo Arms Urban Stalker Improved FF 8000 TI City Platinum Shop (Large) Wormhole Chip Some cash (not enough to buy either outright) Obviously I'm not saying this is the...
  22. Slapnuts

    A bit of fun ...

    Just had an amusing chat with a person on my FL ... who I am sure a lot of you know. The conversation was really about his history in the game, the good, the bad, the riches and being broke, the mining days, our hunts and ultimately his attempt to break into the world of the crafter! Sadly the...
  23. Slapnuts

    Selling: TI City Platinum Shop

    Large TI City Platinum Shop **REDUCED** For sale: Large TI City Platinum Block B Shop 5 Spaces: Large 75 indoors (or 89 inc shopkeeper) + 10 outside Maintenance Fee: 12ped a month Reason for selling: Had it over two years and just fancy doing something different with the ped. Start Price...
  24. Slapnuts

    Been out the game for a while...

    So can someone update me on what these items are trading at of late (i'm not saying if I might be buying or selling so don't reply if you are just trying to sell me one of them expensive or buy one of them cheap!) Wormhole Chip ML-35 Adjusted Hero EP-21 Defender Improved Cheers, Slappy
  25. Slapnuts

    Buying: Buying These Armour Parts

    Hi, Anyone with (M) Viking, Thunderbird or Salamander parts, I'm looking for the following pieces: Viking Harness Shins Arms Thunderbird Helmet Harness Arms Thighs Shins Salamander Helmet Harness Arms Gloves Thighs Shins Feet Thanks Slappy