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  1. Einstein

    Selling: Everything (including lot's of ancient stuff and skills)

    Hello, I'm selling everything that is left on my account. A lot of it is pretty old since I used to be quite active 10-15 years ago :o For skills just ask what you want, I have about 137K...
  2. Einstein

    Selling: Duchev - Complete log

    Hello all, I'm selling the rare collection of all Duchev logs. They are great part of Entropian history and it was the first time in history that we were able to change and interact in a story presented by MindArk!! Now more than 10 years ago!! All log owners united behind one message!! Good...
  3. Einstein

    Selling: All skills (142K)

    Hello all, It's been a while but I'm selling all my skills See screenshots:
  4. Einstein

    Selling: Full Viking Male

    Selling a beautifull set of Viking Male :yay: Looking for around TT+2K
  5. Einstein

    Selling: 500+ PED of Paint - All colors

    Paint Can (Black) - 2 - TT: 2PED Paint Can (Blue) - 366 - TT: 18,3PED Paint Can (Brigadier) - 1 - TT: 0,5PED Paint Can (Brown) - 1843 - TT: 129,01PED Paint Can (Brown) - 17 - TT: 1,19PED Paint Can (Burgundy) - 53 - TT: 10,07PED Paint Can (Burnt Umber) - 136 - TT: 20,4PED Paint Can (Cornsilk) -...
  6. Einstein

    Selling: Rare old clothes (M) colletion

    Boots: Urban Nomad Green Boots (M) TT+20 SOLD Urban Nomad Street Boots (M) TT+20 SOLD Underwear: Spiral Street Hotspot Briefs (M) - SB: TT+75 - BO: TT+100 SOLD Spiral Street Hotspot Briefs (M) - SB: TT+75 - BO: TT+100 Spiral Street Hotspot Briefs (M) - SB: TT+75 - BO: TT+100 Urban Nomad Grey...
  7. Einstein

    Selling: Mayhem Harness + Helmet (M)

    For sale: Merry Mayhem 08 Harness (M) - SB: TT+6000 - BO: TT+6750 Merry Mayhem 09 Helmet (M) - SB: TT+4000 - BO: TT+4750 Bidding ends 1 week after SB is met! Happy bidding
  8. Einstein

    Selling: Full (M) sets: eMINE / Phantom / Viking / Vampire / Gremlin / Knight / Vigilante

    The folllowing unlimited armor sets are for sale: eMINE (M) complete set - SB: TT+6000 - BO: TT+7000 Viking (M) complete set - SB: TT+2500 - BO: TT+2800 BID: 2500 PED Phantom (M) no feet - SB: TT+2400 - BO: TT+3250 SOLD Gremlin (M) complete set - SB: TT+175 - BO: TT+250 SOLD Vigilante (M)...
  9. Einstein

    Selling: Auction: Modified FAP

    Hello, To finally get rid of my mod fap I will start an auction: Start bid: 130K PED Buy-out: 175K PED Bid increements: 1000 PED End time: Saturday 23 June 2012 19:41 Payment in PED only Sniper bidding is not allowed. There will always be 24 hours bidding time after a bid. Payment has to...
  10. Einstein

    Selling: Modified FAP

    Best fap ingame! PM me with offers ;)
  11. Einstein

    Selling: Atrax Beach

    Yep yep the time has arrived :eyecrazy: I'm looking to sell Atrax Beach. It will probably be with alot of pain in my heart, I've owned this precious piece of land since the very beginning, more than 6 years ago!! However I've been too inactive the last years to have this much peds locked up...
  12. Einstein

    Atrax Beach: The Iron Version (With prizes)

    Dear Atrax Lovers, Long overdue, but better late than never! The Iron mission for Atrax has arrived. Weeeeeeee :yay: Everyone should get their ass over to Shinook Jungle and activate the mission! To make this grind fest a little faster I've decided to let the maturity of the Atrax at Atrax...
  13. Einstein

    FYI: Spawns still working!

    Let's start a thread with the mob spawns that are still respawing? Equus Prowler - Stalker in the middle of Atrax Beach. If anyone wants to work on their spawn theories or patterns... I think now is the time to do it :) Any other spawns?
  14. Einstein

    Info: Charybdis

    Ongoing battle! Pretty impressive stats :eek:
  15. Einstein

    Atrax Beach: For rent!

    Hellllooooo everybody! As some of you might know I'm the owner a little piece of land called Atrax Beach. Atrax Beach used to be one of the more succesfull and profitable Land Areas ingame, but the last year I seriously lacked the time and motivation to keep the land in the picture with events...
  16. Einstein

    Question: Who pays my withdrawels?

    Maybe this question has been answered before allready, I don't know but I was thinking since this Planet Partners thingie. MA and Planet Partnet share the income 50/50, but what about withdrawels? Who will pay? Is it divided equally between all Planet Partners? Is it paid by mindark? Is it...
  17. Einstein

    MA/FPC and social networks?

    Hiiiii, Doesn't it get time that MA get's involved a little bit and starts using social networks as a kind of promotional tool for this game/platform? Global or hof feeds to Facebook or Twitter could be one of the possibilities, but I'm sure there are many many more. Why is MA waiting so long...
  18. Einstein

    Currency on the new planets?

    Helllllooooooo everybody. Anyone remember if MA ever said that on all planets we will have the same currency (PED)? Or that maybe on other planets we will have other currencies with maybe even different exchange rates? Rocktopia Rupees Planet Cyrene Yen Etc etc? Could give a new dimension to...
  19. Einstein

    FYI: The Roadmap

    Bertha seems a bit slow today ;p Here it is: For the lazy ones:
  20. Einstein

    Q3 Financial report

    Anyone has seen it allready? The financial report for Q3 from MA? Can't find it on the site, and the last years it was always posted in november... Maybe they forgot it? Or did MA fire the bookkeeping guy?
  21. Einstein

    Atrax Beach: The big poll & The small event ;)

    Hello everyone, Recently we have seen alot of changes ingame. Alot of land areas have been changed as well, including Atrax Beach. That's why I present this poll to you, to see if there are any changes I could do that would make Atrax Beach a better experience for you :) Feel free to discuss...
  22. Einstein

    Selling: Riker UL1 (Unlimited)

    Hello guys, Selling 1 Riker UL1, unlimited. TT= 2854 Start bid is 2900 PED Buy-out is 3250 PED Will run for 1 week :D
  23. Einstein

    Selling: Full TT Imp Korss (L)

    Heya guys, I'm selling a full TT (1983 ped) Improved Korss 400 (L) Start price: 110% Buy-Out: 115% Will run for 1 week :D
  24. Einstein

    Selling: Bulk Korss

    Heya guys, Im selling of my bulk stock of korss looted during MM; 816 Korss H400 (L) 1 177.00 PED CARRIED 817 Korss H400 (L) 1 66.31 PED CARRIED 818 Korss H400 (L) 1 105.95 PED CARRIED 819 Korss H400 (L) 1 64.64 PED CARRIED 820 Korss H400 (L) 1 76.09 PED CARRIED 821 Korss H400 (L) 1 161.36...
  25. Einstein

    Want to skill for free?

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for some people that want to skill for free (I pay ammo + decay costs) and want to help me during MM. You need to be able to take down Feff Champion and Clan Warlord with ease. If you want to take up on this offer, join me on IRC (server: for...