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  1. Menace

    Question: Who's active? Who's recruiting?

    Just came back to EU after a LOOOOONG hiatus. Who's recruiting and active in hunting?
  2. Menace

    Migration globals!

    So I logged in to kill a dozen longtooth before logging out for another year. While I was online I noticed something VERY strange though... For whatever reason it appeared as though the global chat was partially broken. Last year and all previous years it was a constant stream of...
  3. Menace

    Your greatest time in EU?

    What period of time or event was the most fun for you? For myself the best was the Monomyth event. Can't remember who ran it but was so much better than any event MA ever put on. Coming home pre-logged in to the destination I thought we'd have to be at. One time I logged in at the tower in...
  4. Menace

    How's the game in general?

    Been a year since I've jumped online (other than a couple logins to keep account alive). How's the game these days? Still headed in the same direction as it was a year ago? I think my ava has 200k of hunting skills.... Skills worth less than ever? Any new "fun" things to do? Planets, etc...
  5. Menace

    A special request to all stations....

    This morning at 7 am one of the most recognized voices in rock radio in my area passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer. I listened to his show when I was a teenager, and today at 35 still listened. Iron Mike Bensson was a radio DJ at the most popular Rock radio station in the area...
  6. Menace

    Help: Avatar Creation Bugged?

    Co-worker just msg'd me this AM after the update. I told him to try different resolutions. Anyone else hearing this problem from others they may know trying to do the Monria thing or login for the first time? Menace
  7. Menace

    Help: Teacher Wanted

    Throughout the 5+ years I've been playing EU I've always simply deposited when I wanted/needed something. I've never really taken the time to "learn like a noob". I mean.... the first set of armor I bought was Ghost 3 days into the game... So was just wondering if anyone wants to teach a noob...
  8. Menace

    FYI: Smuggler Armor

    The Smugglers showed up at RadioArkadia's party a few minutes ago sporting some nice Smuggler Armor. Cheers, Menace
  9. Menace

    Question: Trapping vs. Economy

    Simple. How does trapping affect the economy? Not so Simple. Answer the question without tinfoil hat theories or assumptions based on personal feelings towards the act of trapping itself. Menace
  10. Menace

    Menace = LOCKED ACCT!

    *Plea to the community* I know many of us have opinions and some very strong. I KNOW many of you will voice them here and I expect such. I simply ask that you PLEASE keep vulgarities and extreme negativity out of this thread as I think it will become an important topic of conversation and I'd...
  11. Menace

    Breaking Bad

    Season Finale.... Brilliant! 5 Seasons of EPIC television! IMO BY FAR.... the BEST TV series ever put to air by a landslide! If ya haven't followed it.... start watching it from season 1! You won't regret it, and when you're done watching the 5 seasons you'll feel pleasantly "complete". Menace
  12. Menace

    Can we help?

    Is there ANYTHING that the community can do to help out with VU's? And I'm not talking "Please be patient" because that's always the scenario... I mean REALLY help! Does MA need a financial boost? Maybe we can all throw an extra $10 into the game x1000's of players that would really cover some...
  13. Menace

    whats happening to the profiteers?

    Noticing A LOT of the money making players becoming less active, downgrading gear, selling skills..... And its made me wonder..... Has EU become harder to profit in with the 3 main professions? Are these players liquidating gear in order to purchase LA's as they adapt to changes? Or has EU just...
  14. Menace

    Selling: Marcimex Slime

    I have 1 Marcimex Slime to sell. 1 PED TT with a weekly MU of 85000%. I did have 1 offer in game but the person logged/DC'd before we could finalize a deal so it's up for sale because my PED card can't wait too long. :( Add me in game and make me an offer if you're interested. Rob Menace...
  15. Menace

    Question: Restitution?

    So.... Hypothetical situation here.... Johnny Hunt A-Lot logs in to instance. Runs through to the Pyro boss mob and starts shooting with his modest rifle.... a few PED in he gets the message.. *Instance will be reset in 5 min....*. Well he's fired enough PED into the boss that he's "committed"...
  16. Menace

    Yo! Who's recruiting?

    Hey all..... Just wondering who's recruiting ATM? RL has left me in a postition where I'm too busy to really grind away at EU for a while but I'm thinking of looking for a group of like-minded players to hang out with during events, on Teamspeak, etc. I got 200k skills, 177 HP. Usually hunt at...
  17. Menace

    Last baby for Menace!

    This little guy came in at 8:26 am. this morning via C-Section. His name is Jacob "The Menace's MENACE" Vanderklok. 4th and FINAL one for the wife and I as this one came complete with a "tubal". :cool: So naturally instead of being at the hospital I'm about to login to EU. :) Menace
  18. Menace

    Mars One Project - Who's going?

    We got any Entropians signing up for the Mars One project? If so we'll all need to know so we can vote for ya in the future! I think if I didn't have kids I'd go. Menace
  19. Menace

    TEN Items?

    I've seen a TEN MF chip in discovery hof. Haven't caught anymore than that. Seems as though MA trying different means of handing stuff out in loot. Old days it seemed u could discover something at any time. SGA seemed like everything dropped in first 24 hours of a VU. Post SGA and after major...
  20. Menace

    Items, Modified loot, and filling the UL armor part void....

    So it seems like this vu is taking care of some business and lowering some mid level cost to play. We're seeing an onslaught of adj mark.5b drops. This should in turn lower the value of standard 5b plates. The 10 or so jag arm drops will mean more complete sets and a drop in value of a complete...
  21. Menace

    Country Music?

    Would you listen to a country rock show on one of the radio stations? We're not talking about "My dog died, an my truck won't start, an my wife left me for her brother...." kinda country. I'm talking new country rock. All up-beat. Maybe a little bit of the old rebel country thrown in the mix...
  22. Menace

    Comic Con Niagara Falls

    Did anyone go last year? Is the Niagara show worth going to? Menace
  23. Menace

    Ways to make RL money to cover EU costs.....

    Let's face it.... in order to REALLY enjoy playing EU you have to spend quite a bit (if you want to chase the HoFs, have nice gear, etc.) Figured I'd start this thread so other players can throw out simple RL ideas to earn some extra income without tapping into your day job funds to play EU...
  24. Menace

    Daytona 500

    Harvick for the WIN! Can I buy a Budweiser logo for my Valkyrie? Menace
  25. Menace

    So who's covering Post Work hours in North America?

    I really like the jukebox selection of music.... but not catching much LIVE action on this side of the pond (Canada). Would love to see some DJ's pull some all nighters or call in sick for work so I can listen to some live action... Or maybe some more volunteers from North America? Menace