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  1. Nirfu

    I miss old Minopolis

    A new VU allways gives us time to do other things with our life while we wait. I surfed a bit and stumbled on this vid from good old Minopolis. Would be great to get that feeling back.
  2. Nirfu

    Why does this forum exist?

    I find more and more usefull information on other forums while here when checking what's new it's 80% Sell and Buy posts. On Arkadia forum you find a live conversation regarding space and spacetravel. On EF you find dev. posts from Kim. And now on EF I find Bertha Bots twin have a EBN news about...
  3. Nirfu

    Nirfu's Quad-Wing Spaceflights

    Vehicle: Quad-Wing with Heavy BLP gun for passengers use. Focus destinations: Fast trips to Arkadia, FOMA and CP. Trading place: Calypso, Twin Peaks outside bank/ring. Basic prices (from Calypso): - Arkadia 30 PED - RockTropia 30 PED - FOMA 17 PED - CP 17 PED Return prices(From destination to...
  4. Nirfu

    Is space flat?

    Now when space is comming will it be a flat space or a round space. Now VTOLS can move up and down, with a non-flat space we will need to be able to roll. I remember the old game Descent It was a horror to play since you didn't know what was up and down after 10 seconds of playing. So my...
  5. Nirfu

    Society ships

    I would like to see a big vehicle where you can fit in 20-30 persons. Like a roaming apartment. I think the vehicle/terminal building at the northern TP at Treasure Island show what I mean. Something a society could have for meeting place. It should stay where it is parked even if societie...
  6. Nirfu

    Clean up

    I looked in to the guides part of this forum, and most of t he guides in there is old stuff. I tried to post in that forum, but was not allowed. Shouldn't someone bring out the broom and do some cleaning in this forum? I used to be an information gatherer. Read everything in the forum since...
  7. Nirfu

    Tipping point

    So when a new player comes along what will he meet? I think one of the important things for us as a community is to state to take care of the new players. Not as mentors, more like raw modells. We need to show up close to where our new fellow noob is. If we show what they can becomme they will...
  8. Nirfu

    A PE role play, is it a good or bad idea?

    Is this idea A good or bad one? Please keep answers regarding good/bad in here and other thoughts regarding the actuall thread in that thread. :lolup:
  9. Nirfu

    PE the role play

    Scope I have this idea of making a role play based on Entropia pre VU 10. I hope at least some of you will find this amusing and worth to join. At least you will have something to occupy your mind with when you’r not able to log in. The outcome of this project shall be a load of PDF files that...
  10. Nirfu

    Donate a stol

    As oppist to this thread ( I here by start the Donate a stol movement. We meet at Twin and drop stols on the ground. Everyones donation is welcome. I will donate 500 EFD to anyone who...
  11. Nirfu

    My car changed my life

    This is how my car changed things for me. 1. Now when I mine and get a claim close to evil mob I drag it away to turret or water and then return unharmed and extract that claim. - Less income for MA/FPC since I only consume some oil and in worse case get hit but repairs doesn't cost much more...
  12. Nirfu

    RCE, what have been done so far?

    This is what Marco said in the beginnig of his CEO role for FPC So far I can't see much done to improve the real cash economy. Can anyone else identifie something? I would really like to see something from Marco or Hanne on this.
  13. Nirfu

    Gateway problem?

    If I manage to get one of my friends to joing Entropia, he will end up i Calypso gateway. How do I get in contact with him or he with me? Can he join a soc I'm in and then add me to friendlist? Therer should be other ways cause my soc maybe don't like to have noobs joining. It looks like he...
  14. Nirfu

    Deeds bugged

    Yesterday I was going to my apartment at TI. I didn't really remember what building it's in. So I did as usuall, looked at my deed. I can't find my adress anywhere on it. Anyone elese have the same problem or am I stupid? When howering over it the tool tip only says "???".
  15. Nirfu


    The vehicle people call a "Hummer" is actually called Saerimner and is a replica of the BAE Systems terrain transport vehicle which in Sweden is called "Galten". A Galt is a pig. In Viking mythology the pig Särimner is eaten every night and then on the next day he stands in his box, prepared...
  16. Nirfu

    Community statement process

    I sugest that MA change there way of work to avoid posts like this. Community statement process Assign one person who is responsible for the statement (statement owner). Being the statement owner...
  17. Nirfu

    Vehicles killed the TP run?

    Will a new proffession be to drive noobs to TPs? What price should we set on such a service? Will the future Mentor(if or when the Mentor system is back) be forced to drive his disiples to every TP availabel?
  18. Nirfu

    Vehicles, the new mining tool

    So when your out mining and get a global or HOF. Extract your stuff. Spwan you vehicle, put your stuff in the car and leave it. After 10 minutes it will be replaced in your inventory and you can run away again.
  19. Nirfu

    Now this is a vehicle game with RCE

    Looks like we got a lot. Cars, boats and airtransport. Who many of us asked for this? It still doesn't make sence... Yes this is a whiningthread, but try to keep your answers a bit constructive.
  20. Nirfu

    Adjusted Autoaim changed

    What impact will this have on us autoaimers? I have allways played in 3rd person, only after VU10 was introduced and autoaim didn't work I used 1st person for aiming. it feels like my way of playing got a real kick in the but here.
  21. Nirfu

    CND as future spaceport

    Somewhere deep in my mind I recall reading something about CND beeing the stepping stone to other planets if you travel from Calypso. Anyone else remember something like this being said, and in such case by who? I did spend some time searching for the answer by myself before posting this.
  22. Nirfu

    What's wrong with this picture? 1K EFD reward

    What's wrong in this picture? First poster with the same oppinion as me gets 1K EFD as a reward.
  23. Nirfu

    PLZ! A Rocktropia subforum

    I have so far considered this, hense the name, to be a Calypso forum. Now all is flooded with Rocktropia stuff. OK Rocktropia is what have happened, but couldn't we just move everything to two forums. FPC and Rocktropia. Now all is in a huge mix. If we see a diverse playerbase where some people...
  24. Nirfu

    Rocktropia in news?

    I did a news search on "Rocktropia" with Google and came up with 3!! hits. Shouldn't a new game release render more? Is it beacuse it's just a "beta" as many says here and not the real release? ND and MA should announce the release big, or? The first real planet in the fantastic Universe...
  25. Nirfu

    In need of some mining advice

    I picked up mining and did so out of 2 goals. Cycle ped and build my HP. I have picked a few spots to visit and revisit. Right now I find Belkar, Cumbriz and Lysterium. My runs are with 100 bombs each and I’m using an OF-105 and an OM-104. I move 50ish meters, stops, drops and wait for result...