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  1. Brad Numbers

    Uber: WOF USA 3.3k Proteron

    We were hunting for WOF today. This showed up!! ;) Thanks to everyone who showed up. We're back playing April 9th against Portugal. You're welcome to join support and hunt some Argonauts and Daikiba for your Iron Mission!! Time TBD, meeting 1 hour prior at Wolverine TP.
  2. Brad Numbers

    Uber: WOF USA 20k Neconu

    We were hunting in WOF today and this popped up. :yay::yay: Thanks to everyone who showed up to help!! You too can join in the fun!! Please apply here (a record to know who can join us)! Next match is Saturday/Sunday April 2/3 2011. We have not yet decided a time to play.
  3. Brad Numbers

    WoF Scoring Program

    Want to follow along with WOF during the matches? Perhaps everyone won't, but this is geared more toward people with interest in WOF and scores for a match. Anyone who wants to try it. Please goto: and download the (manual version) WOFScoring.exe. It...
  4. Brad Numbers

    WoF 2011: Team USA (OohRah!)

    Now Recruiting!! Welcome to WoF 2011 Team USA Registration. Will Team USA repeat as WoF 2011 champions? Will there be a more intense round than a 2 point win over DACH in Stage 4.2? Perhaps a 1 point win? Following the outstanding tournament run through the WoF 2010 Finals, will you miss...
  5. Brad Numbers

    Achievement: Extraction Unlock

    I was mining along, found a global :yay:, and got this unlock while digging it up! I hunt more often than mine ;).
  6. Brad Numbers

    Uber: Jag Arms M unL

    I looted a tezlapod about a week ago and this happened :yay: Thought it was a piece of shogun, lol. Never know what will drop when. ;) Thanks MA/FPC. Good Luck everyone! PS: Planning to hold onto this armor part for awhile.
  7. Brad Numbers

    Achievement: Avoidance!

    Hello! I gained avoidance yesterday! :yay: Thanks! It's taken over two years, without chipping in skills for it.
  8. Brad Numbers

    Achievement: 70 agi then combat sense

    Hey, Started on CP two days ago and made it to 70 agility. Then, just a few minutes ago, unlocked combat sense! Unlocked wounding at CP too :) Thanks to everyone, ahead of time. GL everyone in your skilling!
  9. Brad Numbers

    Discovery: Tier 1 - FAP18 - Mining Skill?

    Hey, Trying to tier some mid value things to see how tiering works without quite the risk. Tried once a few days ago and failed. Tried earlier and failed, but tried again and got this. Took the third time. But... notice, I gained mining skill?? BTW, took all the PED off my card and...
  10. Brad Numbers

    Achievement: Wounding - Medicine - MDA - MEM

    Finally unlocked wounding! I haven't chipped very much in - a few hundred handgun and rifle points for a quick boost, the rest is all natural. I just lumped a few unlocks over the last month or so together with this one. Also unlocked: Medicine, Melee Damage Assessment, and Material...
  11. Brad Numbers

    Uber: 1.2k Alekz Scope

    Last evening got a small Duru HOF, the #95-100 kind, and today, decided, perhaps I should click some alekz scopes with it. So I just tossed in the materials to click as much as I could and see what happens. (My very first solo EU global anything was an alekz scope, if I remember correctly from...
  12. Brad Numbers

    Achievement: unlocked Calypso Ground Assessment!

    It certainly has been an interesting day. We get a version of EU and the difficulty finding all the mobs. I'm mining along and this happens. Didn't even know I got the skill level until the light green text of a new skill caught my eye. I'm a casual miner, so this one was a long time...
  13. Brad Numbers

    Achievement: Coolness!

    Hey everyone, Finally unlocked Coolness! :yay: Thanks ahead of time! :D
  14. Brad Numbers

    Uber: first solo Uber - second solo HOF

    It was one of those days, what could go well? I thought all day what to hunt and with the Longtooth spawn, what about exarosaurs? the big ones would work. The first solo HOF was an aurli several weeks ago - 261ped of eye oil, wool, and little stuff. Our team has hof'd before, but that was...