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    Selling: A101, A104, Halloween Boxes

    WTS A101 + 295 A104 +295 Halloween Strongboxes - sold
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    Question: Why are Eomon on a LA

    Hia, ive not been on much and may have missed something in an announcement. Im curious why Eomon have been spawned in a land area this year? also does that deduct from what should be caly loot which would in turn be added to a cld payment if it was on caly? cheers Dom :)
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    LA25 Osseo Outpost CLD Give Away

    To celebrate the relaunch of LA25 Osseo Outpost We are going to be giving away 3 x CLD and 3 X CLDx. Total of nearly 14,000 Ped. How to win one is simple, You need to get a HOF within the criteria below. All players start off needing to get a HOF within 5 digits either way of the weekly...
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    Selling: 10% faster extractor pet - Yog hatchlings for sale

    Selling 2 x mining pets 1 x Yog hatchling called Doug, he is level 13, fully fed with 1 x name tag ready for action. - 150 PED - SOLD PENDING TRADE 1 x level 10 Yog hatchling called Doug2, this one has a freshly unlocked effect, Fully fed with 1x name tag ready to go. 150 PED. Passive effect...
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    FYI: la25 Osseo Outpost Back Up & Running

    It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the reopening of LA25 Osseo Outpost (s/w Of New Oxford TP) The Land area is situated 1 x Tp jump S/W of new oxford or Bilton TP. [315 , 463] The mob maturity on the land will be aimed at Old to Dominant. There is an event running for LA51...
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    Buying: Renting weapon laser pistol

    Hia, I would like to rent a lvl 40-50 unlimited laser pistol to finish a few missions. Pm me what you gots
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    Selling: Lease / Renting Out Land Area - LA25 Osseocollum

    I would like to Lease my land area - LA25 Osseocollum Outpost The land area contains 1 X Osseocollum DNA and is situated s/w of bilton TP, It is currently unfertilized and unloved but has had some success as a stalker prowler LA in the past. With a good team behind pushing and advertising it...
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    Selling: Selling Osseocollum Lands. LA51 + LA25

    Hi :) my time in Entropia is limited now. I don't have the time to advertise and manage events properly It is time to find these lands a new owner, There might not be a better time to buy either, the mission reset should mean everyone can do Osseo missions all over again. With the hp of osseo...
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    Osseocollum Mega Markup event- Huge Prizes Up For Grabs

    Osseocollum Mega Markup Event Huge Prizes up for grabs LA51 - Osseo young Ways to win are Global Bonus & the Markup % 1. Firstly there is the global bonus, This is the PEDs paid per global. 1a. Global Bonus Band Loot Value Bonus In Peds A 50-89 1 B 90-139 3 C 140-299 4 D...
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    Buying: Buying Chronicle parts or set - M and F (L)

    Looking to buy parts possibly full sets of Chronicle (L). Male and female. Pm me here or ingame
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    Selling: Price Check For Rare Atrox DNA

    I have one rather rare Atrox DNA sample which is now going spare I am taking offers on it atm with the aim to sell it fairly soon. current offer is 15k please pm or post your offers thanks :)
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    Selling: Full Perseus (M) 800 ish TT

    —- SOLD Selling full Perseus (M) 800 TT few have tiers up to 2 Asking 155% — SOLD
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    Selling: Selling ADJ ep-41 & Imp 105

    Selling ADJ EWE ep-41 Military . Tier 4.9 - 3700 peds Also Imp A105 - 1750 peds PM me here or ingame
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    Buying: Renting Adjusted restoration chip or Adj 2350

    Hi :) Id like to rent an Adj resoration chip or adj 2350 for a week or so see if i like it before i buy one Pm me offers
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    Osseocollum. Whats missing?

    Hi everyone :) La25 Osseo Oasis has been inactive for a few years now with stalkers and prowlers roaming wild, causing havoc. These do huge damage up near lvl 100 so its little wonder most stay well clear. Id like to ask what maturity people would like to see on this land? I have begun...
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    ATROX Stalker and prowlers ON LA40?

    As the title says , would anyone like to see big atrox on LA40? Stalkers and prowlers are lvl 50, lvl61 Nice even damage, seems like a fair mob for platinum fen tokens I have a few regular hunters so would to ask first Opinions appreciated :)
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    Info: Doms hunting log

    Hi everyone :) I sold almost all of my skills and fun items years ago to buy land. I am now on a mission to get to and surpass my previous levels With the goal of hunting my own land. A lot has changed since I was hunting so id really like people to tell me what im Doing wrong, Or if this is...
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    Improved Genesis Star Excavator For Rent

    Change of plans. This can be closed
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    Big Dig Mining Event - Huge Prizes

    :yay:I would like to present a new event solely for the miners.:yay: This Will take place on La25 & La51 HOW TO WIN . 1) 15 Peds - If you find a global/ hof with 2 numbers the same and side by side. Eg - 55, 66, 122, 144, 221. 2) 25 Peds - If you find a claim worth 500 up to 999. 3) 100...
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    Atrox And Osseo Mission Motivators

    Atrox And Osseo Mission Motivators Active On LA40, LA25, LA51 To Ease the grind a bit I have decided to reinstate the Mission Motivators for my lands. These will be available on top of the Jackpot and 250% Markup Event here. Mission Rewards Are Paid Out On Completion Of The Missions. They...
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    Selling: Selling Ziplex p160 and p50 finder

    Selling Ziplex p160 and p50 P160 has tier 3.8 - 4.80tt sold - 1k peds P50 has tier .5 - 9.80tt - sold - 900 peds Both good fun finders. They are Ideal for completing missions quickly.
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    Buying: Buying Mining Land Area

    Would like to buy a mining land area. Possibly swapping for LA40 Atrox Valley Not in a rush would idealy like to do a swap or px with peds one way or the other. Pm me offers
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    Ziplex p160 price check please

    Hia :) Looking for a price check on a ziplex p160 (L) 16 ped ore drop 8 ped enmatter Decay is .07 ish for ores TT is 5.5 peds Tier 3 Thanks in advance
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    Atrox And Osseo Mega Markup Event Earn Up To 200% On Your Bonus

    A reminder to please use the new osseo only thread here This thread can be closed
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    LA40 & LA51 Atrox And Osseo - Big Buy In

    LA40 & LA51 Atrox And Osseo Big Buy In In the Interest of making things more interesting, I have decided to add a Jackpot prize pool for LA40 and LA51 It will start off with seeds of 400 and 500 peds for 40 and 51 25 peds buy in -> Winner takes all each 25 peds buy in I will...