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  1. wizz

    Selling: McCormick Safe (sold)

    Selling a McCormick safe. Capacity: 100 items Max Weight: 5000 kg SB TT +900 ped. BO +950
  2. wizz

    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip 10 + NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VI

    Selling the following items: NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VI, price 12,5k NeoPsion Mindforce Implant, Modified (sold) Electric Attack Nanochip 10, tier 2,99, price 5k Chip + amp package deal +15k buy out. I accept CLD's as part of a trade. Or maybe a nice BLP rifle. Also, feel free to make...
  3. wizz

    Selling: S.I. Scorpion T0.69 109/200

    As the title says, I'm selling a S.I. Scorpion Tier 0,69, rating 109/200 SB 100 ped
  4. wizz

    Unable to run Entropia Tracker suite

    Howdy, Since a short while I can't run the entropia tracker suite anymore. As soon as I open it i get a Microsoft .NET framework error message: "Root element is missing" I can open the tracker suite (client version and log in, but program status is "stopped" and when I press "start...
  5. wizz

    Divine Intervention Chip, is it bugged?

    Howdy folks, I bought a divine intervention chip and gave it a try. And then another try. And another one. Tried in total 14 times on me and a soc mate. But on none of the occasions did the chip revive. Now, I know there's a 70% chance, but 14 out of 14 fails doesnt add up to 70%. So I was...
  6. wizz

    Buying: Electric 11 chip UL

    I'm looking for an Electric 11 attack chip UL. If you have one for sale just let me know and maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks!
  7. wizz

    Buying: Buying Ozpyn Force F parts

    I'm looking for Ozpyn Force parts. Feet Shins Gloves If you have these lying around please let me know. Thanks!
  8. wizz

    Suggestion: buffed items to make loot less boring

    Idea :idea: Add unique buffs to (L) items. Certain mobs drop certain (L) items. Now, what if on rare loot event you loot that certain item but then with a random buff on it? The same could be said about crafting. On a rare craft you get that crafted item but then with a random buff on it...
  9. wizz

    Achievement: My 15th Birthday!!!

    Normally I don't have anything to post here, but today is a somewhat special day. Today is my 15th Anniversary in Entropia!! :wtg: For those interested I'll tell you my background story. Account created Jan. 8 2005. Born in Atlas Haven 15 years ago. I started project Entropia after reading...
  10. wizz

    Seasonal ring prices

    After the 27th Xmas 2019 ring dropped I'm watching with amazement at all the extremely high prices people still ask (and pay) for seasonal rings. How can it be that after SOOO many dropped rings the prices are still so inflated? You can hardly call seasonal rings rare anymore. Nor do they make...
  11. wizz

    Selling: 50x 10mg *Stims (pills)

    Selling 50x 10mg Stims/ Pills 5.50 each or 5 each if you take all 50. PM me here or in game if you want to trade.
  12. wizz

    Selling: selling FFA star

    Selling 5799 FFA stars for 100 ped. PM me here or ingame to make the trade. Thanks
  13. wizz

    How did your mayhem go?

    Well, again I tried to compete, and again it was rather useless. But even though it was a useless 10 hour grind I can't really complain. I finished with 6645 points. Considering that I did not get a SINGLE 250+ points (except from the 19 bosses killed) I think that's still a very nice result. It...
  14. wizz

    Selling: Viceroy armour (all the mats)

    As the title says, I'm selling all the materials to make yourself a viceroy set. 850 ped.
  15. wizz

    Selling: FFA stars

    Selling 3349 FFA stars for 50 ped.
  16. wizz

    Selling: 10mg Mayhem trader pills 6 ped

    Selling 10mg Mayhem trader pills for 6 ped each. 30 available.
  17. wizz

    FYI: Stacking pills still possible. Bug???

    Howdy, I was happily grinding away some mayhem mobs, chewing some pills I had in storage. I was also looking at combining some pills to get the max allowed effect. For example, +20% reload (+8% from ring) for a total of 28%. That would be nice! So I took a hyperstim (10%) and a neurostim...
  18. wizz

    How much fuel do we burn? $$$

    While flying around in my sleipnir feeling a bit guilty Knowing that the sleipnir uses 18(!) times the amount of oil compared to the truck I still had taken the sleip. But I simply felt lazy and didnt want to dodge mobs with it. Anyhow, I was just to lazy to further bother about it, but then...
  19. wizz

    Selling: Athenic Ring Modified

    Selling my Athenic ring Modified. +1150 ped.
  20. wizz

    Whining about loot

    What the fuck is wrong here? :confused: I dont easily complain about loot, but this is just plain bullshit. now, I dont mind losing, since hunting just costs ped. I know all that. But I'm about to make an achievement here in total lack of multipliers. Already at 11000/15000 into the plongu...
  21. wizz

    Selling: Calytrek Spirit MK.1 (UL)

    Putting my rifle up for sale since I've reached my goal with it and are now stepping back to Mindforce again. But as long as I got the rifle I just cant put it down since it's just such a beauty to use :cool: The calytrek Spirit MK1. is an awesome rifle! :wtg: With it's 62dmg it's made to fit...
  22. wizz

    Buying: NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VI or VII

    Looking to buy a NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VI or VII mindforce amp. If you're willing to sell, please pm me your price. Cheers!
  23. wizz

    HoF: Lootius be praised!! Hail lootius!!!

    Was just doing a daily, and then... The screenshot tells it all. :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::yay::yay::wtg::wtg::tongue2::tongue2::yup::yup: No loot theories. Just lootius. :wise: And lootius was mercifull! * For the record, this is my highest loot ever and has beaten my 2272 ped armax from...
  24. wizz

    Buying: Skeleton gloves yellow (F)

    I'm looking for a pair of Skeleton Gloves Yellow (F) If you have some in storage, I would love to buy them from you. Many thanks!
  25. wizz

    Selling: Fenris Assault Shotgun

    Selling a Fenris Assault Shotgun. Nice UL SIB BLP rifle, with 22 dmg and 48 attack/min. Tier 1.8. SB/BO +350 ped.